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A Rose Wrapped Around A Broken Blade

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‘If you want to kill me, be honest. I will die.’


As rumoured, the Fourth Prince, who had seemed frail and meek when he was berated during their first meeting, had a rather picky and eccentric personality.


“There is only one thing I want. Make a place for me to be by your side.”


It was a reunion after 6 years, and a marriage proposal.


“If I fulfil your wishes, what will you give me?”


“I’ll give you my everything.”


A knight who lost her family to an enemy spy, was praised as a war hero.


A half prince who inherited the blood of an enemy country, was ignored as a shame of the royal family.


The couple’s marriage caused a stir throughout the Kingdom.


* * *


‘There is no need for love between you and me.’


Reasonable distance. 


Moderate affection.


A relationship where you know each other but nothing in detail.


“Adora, what’s really important is that I’m the only one who should know.”


It was like showing a beautifully wrapped surface.


The important part was cleverly hidden.


It was so pretty and so alluring that anyone could be tempted.


The man who reunited after six years was definitely different.


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