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A Bird With Broken Wings Is Bound To Fall

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Giselle, whose family and lover were killed and who was forced to become the Marquis’ wife, finally found a reason to live.


“Like this, I can’t lose myself and end it.”


She pretended to lose her memory and went on at her own expense for revenge.


Giselle did not stop.


Five years later, the Crown Prince appeared before her, who had already reached the end of her revenge, looking too similar to her dead lover.




“I won’t mess with the noble Marchioness anymore henceforth.”


Upon hearing the words Marquis Daihan wheezed, Giselle smiled. She was moved by his generous consideration.


“I’m sorry, I can’t apologize to you.“


Daihan could not bear to hold her hand, nor let it go, and said to himself sadly.


“When you’ve finished listening to me, you’ll leave me.”


She wasn’t able to laugh at those hateful words, as he only pretended to be doleful now. 




An old lover she thought was dead.


“You will enter the wedding hall today and become the beautiful new bride of the Marquis’ family.”


Michael looked at Giselle in her wedding dress and continued his words.


“An unfortunate widow will be all that’ll be left tomorrow”


The Crown Prince, who looked so much like the person she missed and loved so much.


“They said the Marquis couple looked so loving, so I wanted to see them.”


But a completely different person with that face…


“How affectionate you both are. Rumours have spread even to that distant kingdom.”


The Crown Prince reproached her with a resentful face.


The three people, entangled with each other’s regrets, did not stop to get what they wanted.



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