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A Slave Of Rubelfast – R15

  • Rank( ) 61, with 26529 Views
  • Author Lemon Frog
  • Translator Azalea
  • Editor Azalea
  • Genre(s) Fantasy, Korean, Romance
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It was unbelievable, but Ellier had died once and came back to life.


Additionally, she, though it may seem far-fetched, was the Emperor of this huge Empire, Pardinas.


The problem lay in that she woke up in the body of a certain slave girl, returning to 17 years in the past before she, the Emperor, died. 


“This toxic b*tch! Today’s events have made it clear that there isn’t any difference between you and a beast.”


The enraged slave trader placed Ellier in the middle of Rubelfast Square on display as a spectacle.


The surroundings were exceptionally clean and the people were particularly busy today. 


‘Ah… So today was the day the slave market opened…!’


The slave market was held once every fortnight, and was possibly a day where slave traders have been waiting for. It was also the day that she has been anxiously awaiting, as it was a golden opportunity to screw with the slave traders and escape from this agonizing place. 




“You’ve woken up.”


The door swung open suddenly, and a tall and handsome young man of a stalwart build entered.


It was a very natural attitude for someone who entered without knowing that Ellier had woken up.


‘Oh my God, how the hell did this happen?’


To her surprise, it was a familiar face.


Platinum blond hair that evoked sighs of wonder, amber eyes that were beautiful enough to be an ornament, smooth and firm skin that was tanned by the sun, as well as a big and sturdy frame that left no doubts that he was a knight…


That’s it. Even if she died and came back to life, she would never forget that appearance.


‘Isn’t that Slarkan Ventiark!’


He was the strongest political adversary in Ellier’s previous life.



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