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An Impure Childhood Friend Like You

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The Forgotten Princess, Myelle.


One day, while she was confined in the Star Palace, waiting for the day she would die, her childhood friend Ruderan suddenly appeared in front of her.


“Do you want to survive?”


“Of course.”


“Then, don’t resist. You must trust and follow only my words.”


Where did he learn to act like a nobleman?


‘He can act this way at any time.’


She was skeptical, but she held his hand for now. But the more she saw this man, the stranger he seemed.


“Why are you not surprised?”

“Why should I be?”

“You predicted the future, didn’t you? You’re not even a prophet!”


At first, she thought it was a coincidence. But Myelle soon realized.


‘It must be her.’


Did she reincarnate?


* * *


You were my first love, my childhood friend, the target of my inferiority complex.


I hate you a lot, but I also yearn for you desperately, and I can’t stand it.


Right now, those feelings…


‘It must be a desire. It’s obvious.’


Whenever he had the chance, he clung to her desperately, regardless of time and place.


He kissed her so sweetly and passionately that she had to open her eyes several times to make sure it was real.


She had to wonder if the man who used to speak only hateful words was really the same person.


“Haah… Tell me the truth.”


Myelle, who had barely pushed him away, asked with a gasping breath.


“Do you like me?”


“…Me? And you?”


The look in his eyes returned to reason, asking if she was in her right mind.


“You’re acting this way because you like me, right? Isn’t that it?”


“What did I do?”


“You keep kissing me and trying to get my attention. Are you going through puberty?”




The man burst into laughter, and his enthusiasm was enough to make anyone who heard it flinch.


“Even if you run around naked, I’m not interested in that side.”




“You still don’t get it? You don’t meet my standards at all.”


Myelle tilted her head in response to his repeated rejections.


“Then, why are you like this? Down there.”


She pointed to his lower body.


More precisely, his lower part which was so straight that it would bulge out from his pants… 




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