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Black Dwarf – R19

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Anna spent her entire life in a convent without any connections.


Once a candidate for sainthood due to her immense divine power, 

She thought she would devote her life to the Goddess and live a serene life.

However, she was expelled from the church due to the conspiracies of other candidates and was left in a difficult situation, with nowhere to go.


“Still, Anna, I hope you don’t think of yourself as someone who has nowhere to go.”


Fortunately, with the help of the kind-hearted Countess of Sinoa, she was able to marry her only son.


That was what happened during the three years Anna had lost.


The people of the castle were all polite, and the villagers were simple and honest.

Her husband, who married her at his mother’s urging, was always kind to her.


Although her benefactors, the Count and Countess of Sinoa, passed away, 

leaving Anna as the new Countess, and she was fine with it.


Because her life, which had been drifting aimlessly like a buoy, had finally come to an end.


‘The existence of this castle, the servants, and even the man who is my husband, are all lies.’


…You deceived me.



Genre/Setting: Western Fantasy Romance


Keywords: Fantasy, Western Style, Royalty/Nobility, Amnesia, Transcendent Being, Possessiveness/Jealousy, Competent Male Lead, Scheming Male Lead, Playful Male Lead, Kind Male Lead, Obsessive Male Lead, Devoted Male Lead, Polite Male Lead, Regretful Male Lead, Competent Female Lead, Wounded Female Lead, Apathetic Female Lead, Strong-willed, Mystery/Thriller, Story-driven


Female Protagonist: Anna

Once a candidate for sainthood due to her immense divine power, Anna was supported by the kind-hearted Countess of Sinoa, a regional noblewoman. However, she was eventually pushed out of the competition, expelled, and left unable to even set foot in the convent. Having lost her memory and her sight, she cannot see things in the light. One day, a man claiming to be her husband appears.


Male Protagonist: ???

He introduces himself to Anna as her husband, explaining that his mother was her benefactor, the Countess of Sinoa. He asserts that he is the lord of Sinoa Castle, that they have been married for three years, and that they are a deeply loving couple. Yet, none of what he said was true.


When to Read:

When you’re in the mood for a mutual redemption story that blooms amidst a chilling web of obsession.


Relatable Quote:

“Anna, I love you.”

She had once heard such a confession from him a very long time ago.


He has loved her for a very long time.



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