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Blood Moon Rising Over The Plains – R19

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The place I was in was a place where neither crying nor laughter occurred. I have wondered since when it started. At least since I was born, the world has been like that. There were no fights, no kidnappings. Android robots created anything that one desired, and the world had no need for humans.


“Then, what about the people? What do people do? If they don’t hunt, if they don’t work—”


“They do nothing.”


“In that case, what do they live for?”


“For nothing.”


The world I lived in was like that. So, Temojin’s many emotions were fascinating to me.


“What expression is that? I want to know.”


He said it was okay to be a deceiver with just a smiling face, he didn’t even get angry. But when talking about love, he got angry. 


Up until now, there were still many things I didn’t know. It was because they were things that didn’t matter.


“I want to know about you.”


So, now, I want to know more about this man.


“…Those expressions like ‘I’m going crazy,’ ‘I’m shaking right now,’ ‘I want to devour you,’ or ‘I’m really going insane…!’”


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