Chapter 12. Where the Luck Left



Translated and edited by Baset


Levion ruffled his hair as soon as he left the house of Leroy.


‘I didn’t mean to do that.’


Remembering the sight of her with another man at the exam site, he reacted harshly without realizing it.


Levion couldn’t stop himself, even though he knew in his heart he shouldn’t.


He was walking out the door with a deep sigh when he heard the Marquis’ voice. 


“Are you leaving now?”


Levion looked back at him.


“Yes, sir. It’s late and I think it’s best if I go home now.”


“Yes, have a safe trip.”


Marquis Leroy patted Levion on the shoulder with a nice smile and said;


“I’ll see you again soon.”


“Yes, you should go back in.”


Levion bowed politely and climbed into the carriage. 


At that moment, he realized something was wrong. 


‘There’s been talk of breaking off the engagement, but you want to meet again soon?’


The Marquis’ words felt strange to him.


Levion leaned back in his seat and decided he was overthinking it.


‘Letisha needs to awaken her powers soon…’


There had been talk of breaking off the engagement, but Levion had no intention of breaking things off with Leticia. He was just being harsh with Leticia thinking that a crisis might awaken her powers.


‘Come to think of it… how did I awaken?’


In the days when Leticia and he weren’t awakened, they would visit the Academy of Sciences to research what his ability could be. 


One day Leticia, who had been watching over him, said;


[Hey, why don’t you try a physical activity instead?]


[A physical activity?]


[Yes, why don’t you try using a sword or a bow?]


Levion thought it was ridiculous, so he dismissed what Leticia said at the time.


Afterwards, he decided to try using a sword, figuring there was nothing to lose. There was an intense rush of energy and Levion instinctively realized that this was his ability.


The feeling of breathing properly… no… the feeling of being alive.


Levion’s heart was so full that he shed tears. Next to him, Leticia hugged and rejoiced with him.


Knowing very well the emotions of that day, Levion wanted Leticia to awaken and become more magnificent than anyone else. Sadly, reality was different from fantasy.

When Leticia had failed to awaken, she began to look tired of trying and seemed to give up.




Still… she couldn’t stop sighing.




“Oh, come on! My hair’s all messed up!”


Diana told the worried Marquis Leroy that she was fine. But upon returning to her room, and looking in the mirror, Diana began to scream. No matter how much she grabbed and shook her hair, it fell out as soon as she brushed it.


Eventually Diana couldn’t resist having a tantrum and threw her comb on the floor.


“How dare you!”


Jumping on me while you have no powers.


Thanks toLeticia, she couldn’t see Levion for a while. Just the thought of it made her so angry that she couldn’t stand it.


“It can’t be helped.”


She could no longer wait and watch that walking mass of misery go on its way.




“Oh, my God! What happened to your face, my lady?”


The next day when Mary came to prepare breakfast, she saw Leticia’s face and was flabbergasted. She was surprised to see clear scratch marks on Leticia’s cheeks from when the sisters had fought and attempted to pull each other’s hair out.


“It just happened.”


“What the hell happened?”


“Diana was first…”




“It’s nothing.”


She couldn’t bring herself to say that the hair ribbon she’d received from Mary was broken. In the end, Leticia kept her mouth shut and turned her head away.


Mary, who had been looking at Leticia with pity, gently took hold of her hand. Surprised, Leticia looked up at Mary.


“My lady, I’m always on your side.”




“So please let me know when you’re having a hard time. I might not be able to do anything, but I can hold your hand like this.”


Leticia couldn’t help but smile at the sight of Mary looking at her with sincere eyes.


“Thank you, Mary.”


“Then how about a cup of tea in the rear gardens?”


“All right.”


As soon as she finished her meal, Leticia walked down the hall with Mary to go to the gardens. However, it was not long before they came across Diana and her maids.  Both groups stopped in their tracks.






They silently looked at each other for a while. Diana walked past Leticia with her nose in the air, as if passing a stranger on the street. The maids, following behind Diana, stared at Leticia with hostile eyes.


“No, how dare you not even say hello!”


Mary, who had been watching, gasped and gushed. When she tried going over to Diana, Leticia quickly caught Mary.


“I’m fine.”




“It’s because I had a fight with her yesterday.”


Leticia wasn’t surprised, she expected to be ignored to this extent.


It was just complicated.




“Why does she keep coming out of her room?”


“I know. I’m so nervous.”


The maids had trouble breathing properly when they happened to pass by Leticia in the hallway. They were afraid that her misfortune might spread to them.


Aware of their feelings, Diana raised her head slightly and arrogantly said,


“You will have to be patient. You won’t have to worry about that in the near future.”




“Yes. Just trust me.”


The maids’ faces brightened up at Diana’s confident words.


“As expected, there’s only the second miss.”


“That’s right. Oh my God, you’re so generous.”


As everyone cheered with happy faces, Diana arrived at Marquis Leroy’s office.


“Father, it’s Diana.”


“Come on in.”


The Marquis of Leroy, who had been sitting, stood up and welcomed Diana as soon as she opened the door and walked in.


“How are you feeling?”


“I’m feeling much better than yesterday.”


“Did you apply the medicine properly?”


“Yes. The truth is…”


Diana, who was facing an affectionate Marquis Leroy, slowly began to speak. 


“I’m here to talk to you.”


“Yes, feel free to talk.”


“I don’t know if I can say this…”


Diana showed clear signs of hesitation. Marquis Leroy waited patiently for her to speak.


“It’s alright, feel free to say it.”


“Actually… It’s about my sister.”


“Do you mean Leticia?”


The bandage wrapped around Diana’s wrist suddenly catches the Marquis’ eye.


“Come to think of it, when did you hurt your wrist?”


“Oh, that’s…”


As Diana tried to cover her wrist with a troubled expression, the Marquis quickly approached and carefully grasped her arm.


“How did you hurt your wrist?”


“It’s like…”




Mary was right, there were many of Leticia’s favourite flowers in the rear gardens. As she sipped fragrant tea while admiring the bright flowers, she began to feel better little by little. 


However, happiness did not last long. Upon entering the house, Marquis Leroy found Leticia with a ferocious expression on his face.


“I was told you have the ability to bring misfortune.”




Leticia couldn’t say anything. She had expected her Father would find out one day, but she didn’t expect it to be today.


Her breath caught in her throat, and she barely managed to squeeze out her voice.






“It’s really not, Father.”


“Do you still hang out with Duke Achilles? Didn’t I warn you to stay away from him?”




“Because of your association with that ill-fated family, your sister was injured!”


The Marquis of Leroy pointed to Diana with a face that was red with anger. There’s a bandage on Diana’s wrist that had not been there yesterday. 


“Diana, what happened to your wrist?”


Marquis Leroy blocked Letisha as soon as she tried to approach her sister. It’s as if he’s trying to protect Diana from something ominous.


“You’ve brought misfortune and you’re finally going to ruin our family.”


“What are you talking about?”


“Leticia Leroy.”


I felt my heart pounding faster and faster at his rough, emotionless voice. I was more anxious because I knew what he was going to say.


Leticia bit her trembling lip, hoping she was wrong.




“I am expelling you from the Leroy Family.”




“From this day forward, you are not my daughter. Don’t ever think about coming here again.”


The Marquis turned away as he didn’t want to see Leticia anymore. 


None of the family members, who had watched this whole scene, tried helping Leticia. It was as if they were saying it was all her fault that things turned out this way.


Only then did Leticia know.


The fact that her family had always wanted her to disappear.


‘In the end…’


My family is abandoning me.


She always vaguely thought this day might come, but she always believed it wouldn’t.


As always, faith betrayed her miserably. 




“Sister, is your wrist okay?”


Irene asked, worried about how she got hurt. Diana blinked with a strange expression on her face and soon smiled.


“Oh, this?”


Diana lifted her wrist lightly and began to remove the tightly wrapped bandage.


“Sister, you can’t take off the bandage.”


“It’s okay, I’m not hurt.”


Diana grinned and recalled today’s events.


She went to her father’ office, with a look of great hesitation, confided one by one the things that Marquis Leroy did not know. Leticia’s ability to make others ‘unhappy’. That she was still interacting with the Achilles family and even became close enough to visit them at their mansion.


[Is that true?]


[Yes. If you ask the coachman, he can give you more details.]


[Your sister is trying to destroy our family!]


Marquis Leroy’s gaze never left the bandage on Diana’s wrist, even while looking like he would explode.


[Then did your wrist get hurt because of your sister?]


[No, it’s because I lost my footing.]




[Actually…Yesterday she told me…]


She said she wanted me to get hurt.


The Marquis of Leroy felt ashamed of himself and went to look for Leticia at a brisk pace. He truly believed that Leticia was bringing misfortune on the family.


As expected, Marquis Leroy expelled Leticia altogether and she was forced out of the mansion.


“How refreshing it is to have someone with such bad luck gone.”


Diana laughed out loud, remembering Leticia’s forlorn expression as she was expelled. It’s a pity I won’t see it again.


That was when it happened.


There was a loud sound of something falling. Surprised, Diana and her brothers left their rooms and went in the direction of the loud noise.


There was a severely damaged bronze shield with the Leroy family’s coat of arms engraved on it. 


As soon as he saw it, the Marquis sighed irritably and said,


“You’re bringing bad luck even on the day you leave.”