Chapter 19. In Order to Move Forward



‘It’s weird’


It was strange no matter how many times she thought about it.


The man who stood firm in front of her in a quiet hallway where only the faint trace of moonlight had crept in. The dark eyes that only contained Leticia, and her slightly disheveled hair, still came to mind clearly.


[Don’t put up with someone hurting you or taking you for granted.]


His eyes were cool, but his voice was so gentle that it brought tears to her eyes.


Leticia could feel that he meant it as he spoke, and she couldn’t look Enoch in the eyes.


[No one deserves to be hurt.]


Enoch was always like that.


He would say the words she wanted to hear the most as if it were the most natural thing.


‘What kind of expression did I have on my face at that moment…’


Leticia thought she might have bowed her head with a melancholic expression, and thanked him for his words.


One thing was for sure.


[Leticia. Is that what I should call you?]


That face that called her name with a sweet voice that seems to melt Leticia even now.


Unlike the cold and dry impression of midwinter, the way Enoch looked at Leticia was as warm as the spring sun.


[Sweet dreams. Leticia.]


The moment Enoch called her name with a soft smile, she could hear her heart thump.


Her fingertips started to itch, so Leticia stood there for a while and nudged them.


So it was strange.




Leticia stared at her hand with a dazed expression.


She could still remember that feeling clearly and it made her face feel hot.


What was even weirder was that she didn’t hate the feeling.




It felt different from when Levion called out her name.




How can it be so different because the person who said it is different?


She tilted her head dubiously.


“I’m back…”


Leticia heard a wistful voice say as they sat down next to her.


Leticia turned to face Elle, who was sighing with a tired look.


“Were you able to return it?”

“No, I didn’t see him.”


Elle couldn’t find the man she bumped into that day even after searching for a long time.


After lying on the table for a while, Elle sat up again and glanced at the envelope. Aside from the fact that she hadn’t found her drawing, it bothered Elle that she hadn’t been able to return something important to the other person.


“I went to the place where I bumped into the man, but I couldn’t find him.”

“I’m sure you’ll see him soon. It’s an important item.”

“I really hope so.”


Elle, who was sighing a lot, looked at Ian and nodded to the kitchen. 


“I’m going to make tea. Do you want to come with me, Ian?”

“No. I’m going back to my room.”

“Yeah, of course.”


Unlike Elle, who went immediately to the kitchen, Ian sat there brooding for a while before he left. At that moment, Ian’s face looked a little dark


Leticia watched his back in silence, his face was hiding some complex feelings.


‘What’s the matter?’


There didn’t seem to be anything wrong with Ian when they went to look for the man who had bumped into Elle. But it kept bothering her, so Leticia got up and went to Ian’s room.


Leticia walked down the hallway. She knocked on Ian’s door as soon as she arrived at his room.


“I’m coming.”


The door slowly opened after the short answer.


Ian opened the door with a dry look, his gray eyes widened as soon as he saw Leticia standing in front of him. He didn’t seem to have expected Leticia to show up.


“What’s going on?”

“I’m just wondering how you’re doing. Can I come in?”



Ian quickly stepped aside in confusion.


Leticia nodded lightly and thanked him as she entered.


Ian’s room looked frugal and simple for a child from a noble family. The room reminded her of a study, without a single personal trinket and filled only with books.


Leticia was looking at the bookshelf and pointed to one book.


“I’m guessing that you’re preparing to be an Imperial civil servant.”


She’d seen Emil reading and studying various books in order to prepare for the Imperial civil service. It was clear that this was one of them.


“You mean this?”


At Leticia’s words, Ian took out the book, flipped through it, and put it back.


“It’s nothing.”

“Weren’t you interested?

“Rather than interested…”


“I think I should.”


His brother Enoch became an Imperial knight to revive the family, and his twin sister Elle was preparing to enter into her field of interest.


Ian was at a standstill because he didn’t have anything he liked or wanted to do. 


“This is the only thing I can do.”


Fortunately, he was a little bit smarter than most people.


He wasn’t very happy about it.


He still hadn’t found the job he was meant to do.


‘I envy you.’


Ian murmured as he slowly patted his book. 


Unlike him, who was unable to move forward, Elle knew exactly what she wanted to do.


He was feeling anxious.


A bitter smile spread across his face at the sinking feeling. Ian quickly changed the subject because he seemed to have said some useless things.


“Do you want to have tea with Elle?”

“Yeah, sounds good.”


Ian nodded and went with Leticia to the kitchen.


Before reaching the kitchen, Leticia suddenly stopped walking. Ian stopped and looked at her in question. Leticia opened her mouth.


“Why don’t you find something you like, not something you can do?”


“I’ve never been able to find anything I like either, but…”


Leticia was briefly lost for words, then looked straight at Ian and continued.


“Let’s look for something we like together.”


There was a warm smile on her face as she talked to him. Ian felt a deep sense of comfort from it.


Ian always felt like he was lagging behind because he wasn’t good at anything other than being smarter than others. He felt sorry for himself and had trouble facing his family.


Perhaps that was why Leticia’s words were such a great comfort to him.


It was a common phrase that anyone could have said. Strangely, he could feel the sincerity in her words, and they didn’t sound like common words.


They sounded rather special.


“I understand why Elle likes Ms. Leroy so much.”



Ian smiled instead of answering, looking at her as if he was saying what he me