Chapter 3. There's no way she’s incompetent



“Miss, you’re back.”


When Leticia arrived at the Leroy residence and entered her room, Mary, who was cleaning the room, greeted her with a happy face. But that was short-lived. As soon as she saw the blood on Leticia’s hands, she froze. 


“Miss, did you hurt yourself?”




Leticia, who was confused for a moment, looked down at her hand and sighed. It seemed like she got blood on her hand when she used the handkerchief on the man’s injured hand. 


“How did you get injured? Please be careful.”


Before Leticia knew it, Mary had brought a towel and wiped her hands. Not wanting to make Mary worry any longer, Leticia spoke quickly.


“It’s not my blood.”


Mary looked at Leticia with curious eyes, then Leticia explained the story briefly. After listening to the story, Mary heaved a long sigh of relief.


“I was worried that you were hurt. I’ll wash the handkerchief.”


“Oh, that’s…”


Leticia scratched her head with a troubled expression, and then a low voice echoed in her ears.


[It will get blood on it.]


She remembered the man who cherished the ugly handkerchief which had a lot of stitches sticking out.


Unlike his cold impression as if he was standing alone on an icy lake blooming in the middle of winter, he was kind and sensitive. Leticia’s heart felt warm somehow, and she said with a faint smile.


“I gave it to someone who needed it.”


“Wasn’t it your prized handkerchief, Miss?”


Mary’s eyes widened as she asked the question, but Leticia couldn’t say that she had taken the wrong handkerchief. 


“Don’t worry. There’s another one.”


“I’m glad you said that.”


“Anyway, I’ll have to prepare a gift for Diana in advance.”


“What will you get?”


“You want to know?”





Mary waited for Leticia’s reply with a twinkle in her eyes. But Leticia only smiled.


“It’s a secret.”




“Happy birthday, Young Lady Leroy.”


“I wish you a happy birthday.”


That night, on Diana’s birthday, the most prestigious nobles and their families came to celebrate. 


“Thank you very much. Thanks to you, I’m going to have the happiest birthday of my life.”


Dressed in a fancy dress and the most fashionable accessories, Diana was smiling brighter than ever.



Leticia, who was watching from a distance, slowly approached Diana.




Diana, who was having a pleasant conversation with the guests, looked back.



As soon as their eyes met, Diana’s face turned sour. However, she quickly smiled and asked,


“What’s the matter, sister?”


“I want to wish you a happy birthday.”


“Oh, really? Thank you, sister.”


“Here’s your present.”


Immediately, Leticia presented the gift she had prepared. However, as Diana looked at the gift box, her complexion wasn’t good. Leticia noticed it immediately and asked,


“Why don’t you open it?”




“I’m very curious.”


“Would you mind showing it to us?”


The noble ladies by Diana’s side said with expectant looks on their faces. They urged her to show them quickly, and Diana had no choice but to open the box. As soon as she opened it, a sigh escaped her lips.


“Ah …….”


Inside the gift box was an emerald brooch crafted in the shape of a four-leaf clover. It was a simple but pretty design. The noble ladies covered their mouths with fans to stifle their laughter. 


“Did you choose it yourself?”


“I think it was popular ten years ago.”


 “But still. I think it’s pretty.”


It seemed like friendly remarks, but there were sharp thorns embedded in it. As Leticia tried to speak, Diana snapped the box shut.


“Thank you for the gift, sister. I’ll use it well.” 


However, contrary to her words, her expression was cold.


A Young Lady, who was watching the scene, said with a sigh of disappointment.


“If I knew this would happen, I would have brought another gift.”


“Huh? Why?”


“I remembered Young Lady Leroy said my brooch was beautiful, so I prepared it for her birthday.” 


The gift box the noble lady presented contained a brooch full of gorgeous jewels, elaborately crafted that was far better than the one Leticia had.


“Oh, my God! The brooch is so beautiful! How can you make such a fine brooch?”


Leticia shook her head helplessly as she watched the scene. It was the moment when she thought she chose the worst looking brooch in the world. She had the urge to hide it right now. Trying to hide her mixed feelings, Leticia was thinking about taking her brooch back.


Diana, whose eyes immediately met Leticia’s, smiled brightly and said to the Young Lady.


“Thank you so much for the gift. I’ll cherish it.”


The Young Lady nodded in satisfaction as she hugged Diana tightly in her arms. Leticia’s head dropped even lower as she watched them.


Diana suddenly crossed her arms as she looked at Leticia and spoke.


“I’m going to go to my room with my sister to drop off some souvenirs.”


Behind them, everyone saw the image of the two sisters who were very close.




As soon as they walked out into the hallway, Diana looked around to see if there was anyone there. Seeing it was empty, she shook off Leticia’s hand and threw Leticia’s gift back to her.


“Next time, don’t do this to me. Who asked you for it?”


Her sharp tone naturally made Leticia unable to answer. It was a meaningful gift that she had chosen herself, but she didn’t expect Diana to hate it so much. 


“But it’s your birthday and I wanted to give you a present.”


“Then give me the right one.”




“Who gives something like this these days?”


The moment Diana saw the gift that Leticia had given her, she was so embarrassed that she even felt the urge to throw it away on the spot. However, she had no choice but to endure it because of the stares of those around her. Eventually, thinking that she couldn’t go on like this, Diana spoke about what she was holding back. 


“Don’t come to my birthday party next time.”




Leticia’s blue eyes widened as she looked at Diana. Diana’s expression didn’t change, as if she didn’t say anything wrong. Leticia grabbed the gift tightly in her hand and said,


“I’m your sister. I’m your family. But you don’t want me to celebrate your birthday?”








Diana laughed as if she was listening to a funny story. At first, she didn’t doubt that one day Leticia’s ability would be awakened. She was a kind and proud sister who took care of her siblings more than herself, even during the times when the family’s financial situation was tough. But as time went by, Leticia’s ability was nowhere to be seen, and people’s buzzing only increased. 


“Don’t you shame the family enough?”


“What do you mean?”


“Are you asking because you really don’t know?”


How could she not know? The look in Diana’s eyes said as much.


“You don’t have the ability, haven’t you noticed? I’m very anxious to get stuck here and there somehow…..”  




“I feel sorry just looking at you. No, I’m embarrassed.”


With that, Diana passed by with a pat on Leticia’s shoulder. Leticia looked down at her present. It was a brooch that she had prepared months in advance for Diana’s birthday. But it got thrown away, and came back to her.


‘It’s embarrassing…’


It was a fact she already knew. But when she was asked directly, it felt different.


She nodded her head helplessly in misery and wretchedness. 


‘It’s okay.’


Leticia bit her lip tightly to swallow her tears. But she couldn’t bear feeling this small and useless. 




“It’s been a long time, Marquis Leroy.”


Marquis Leroy was happily watching Diana’s birthday party, which was going well. As soon as he turned around at the familiar voice, he froze. There stood a good friend of his late parents who had passed away. He was like a godfather to Marquis Leroy.


 “Master Seos!”


Since Marquis Leroy didn’t really expect him to come since he didn’t come out of the magic tower very often, he was a little confused but couldn’t hide his happiness. Seos approached with a gentle smile.


“Thank you for coming, Master Seos.”


“It’s your precious daughter’s birthday, shouldn’t I come?”


Marquis Leroy’s expression grew brighter as he said what seemed to be obvious. It was not long before he quickly looked around to find his daughter. Seconds later, he spotted Leticia and Diana coming into the banquet hall and introduced them to Seos. 


“Master Seos, this is my second daughter, Diana Leroy. “


“Hello, I’m Diana Leroy.”


Diana pink hair, the symbol of the Leroy family, and brilliant eyes. And a confident and strong expression. Diana was as fresh and bright as a flower. A smile of affection spread across the Marquis’s face as he looked at Diana.


But the moment he looked at Leticia, his cheerful expression disappeared.



“Leticia, say hello.”


It was a completely different voice than when he introduced Diana. It sounded cold like he was addressing a stranger, not a family member. What was more surprising was Leticia, who greeted casually as if she was used to it.


“Hello, my name is Leticia Leroy.”


She said with a desperate smile and a slight tremble in her eyes. She looked pitiful with her deflated appearance. After the greeting, Leticia looked at the Marquis and Seos, then said cautiously, 


“Excuse me, but I’m not feeling well, may I be excused?”


Marquis Leroy clicked his tongue at her words, as if he was not pleased.


“You can’t celebrate your sister’s birthday? Get going then.”


After getting  permission, Leticia nodded helplessly and left.


As soon as she saw Leticia go, Diana said, “Father, can I go too? I want to enjoy my birthday.”


“Of course, Diana. Go ahead.”


When Seos saw the difference in treatment, he said,


“You seem to care for your second daughter a lot.”


“My family has been revived since the birth of that child.”


“But that kid is a problem.”


“You mean your eldest daughter?”


“Yes, I’m frustrated that her ability is still not awakened.”


Seos swept his chin with a puzzled look on his face at Marquis Leroy’s words.


‘That’s strange.’


He looked at Diana and Leticia again, wondering if he was looking at them wrong. If Diana’s power was the faint sunlight leaking through the curtains, Leticia’s power was the radiant sun itself. 


‘There’s no way she’s incompetent.’


He wondered why her ability hadn’t awakened yet when her energy was so strong.


‘I’m gonna have to talk to that kid.’




It was a very long time ago. Before Leticia was born, Marquis Leroy had a very hard time financially because his new business venture was not going well. As if that wasn’t enough, his wife was weak after giving birth to Leticia, and was diagnosed that she no longer would be able to conceive any more.


However, the business that he thought was going bankrupt prospered, and the Marchioness became healthy and later gave birth to Diana and 3 other children. And good things happened in constant succession. It was as if they received compensation for all the time they had spent in hardship. Then one day, the couple started discussing how things turned out the way it did.


After much deliberation, they realized that after they had Diana, everything worked out remarkably well.


“How great a blessing Diana is to us! I’m always grateful to God.”


It was tea time with Seos after Diana’s birthday party. Leroy had a small look of satisfaction on his face as he took a sip of tea. Seos, who was sitting on the other side, said nothing for a moment. He then suddenly became curious and asked,


“What is your second daughter’s ability?”


“It rains flowers.”




“They’re very beautiful.”




Leroy laughed and said he wanted to show Diana’s ability to Seos next time if there was a chance.


But Seos didn’t laugh, instead he drank his tea. 


‘He is too wrapped up with his second daughter.’


It was not that Seos didn’t understand him, but it didn’t look good.


“Your eldest daughter seemed really sweet and kind.”


“What’s the use? She doesn’t have any ability. It’s a shame.”


As soon as Leticia’s name was mentioned, Leroy frowned with unpleasantness.


Seos looked at Leroy and spoke in a slightly judgmental tone.


“Don’t be too harsh. She’s your child after all.”


“I wasn’t like this at first. Ability or not, a child is a child.”


However, as the other children developed their abilities, he started to compare Leticia with them. He hoped she would develop any ability, even if it was something useless. But it seemed hopeless and he gave up. Marquis Leroy nodded his head firmly as if he had already decided.


“So I’m going to break off the marriage between Leticia and Young Master Levion.”


“Break off the engagement?”


“Isn’t the second daughter better than the first who has no ability?”




For a moment, Seos was speechless. Then as if he realized something, a heavy sigh escaped his mouth.


“Don’t be foolish. What if the child has a special ability?”


Seos still didn’t know what Leticia’s ability was, but he was sure it was extraordinary. However, Marquis Leroy didn’t even pretend to listen to Seos’s words.


“As what I have seen until now, she’s definitely incompetent.”


Seos’s expression hardened at those words. It seemed as if Leroy had already hardened his heart.


Soon Seos said with a sigh.


“Marquis Leroy, don’t just believe what you see in front of you, look wider.”


He could see himself going into hell, so he spoke more sternly and bitterly than ever. Nevertheless, the little Leticia seemed to have no ability.


‘Apparently not today.’


It was the moment when Seos tried to tell Marquis Leroy that his eldest daughter was indeed capable as well. But he didn’t think the Marquis would listen to anything he had to say right now.


“It’s been a while since you’ve been here. It’s a waste to sit still. I’ll show you around.”


“It’s not like the first time I’ve come here. I’ll look around myself.”


The Marquis, who was watching Seos as he made his way naturally to the garden, let out a long sigh. 


‘When is she going to develop ability anyway?’


Everyone was envious of the Marquis. Starting with Diana, who grew up beautifully, his clever third son, Emil, his fourth son Xavier who excelled in martial arts, and Irene, who had magic talent.


However, Leticia, who had not had any ability, dragged down the Marquis, who was the center of envy and admiration.


 [But your eldest still hasn’t awakened her abilities, has she?]


[Why aren’t your eldest the same as the other children?]


[You must be worried about the first daughter]


He felt an unbearable anger at those words. He knew better than anyone else that it was a mockery under the guise of worry. 


“I can’t do this.”


He thought it would be better for Diana to marry Levion, since his second daughter, who had more abilities would attract more good things than the first daughter, who had none. 


“I’ll have to talk with Marquis Levion soon.”


He planned to break off the engagement of Leticia and Levion, and let Diana and Levion get engaged.