Chapter 1


the typical ABO world, Alphas take dominance. Omegas are only accepted as a reproductive tool in the hands of Alphas. Omegas have no freedom, neither access to the average education, the worst they have no human rights — the meaning of their life is reproduction. 

This beautiful Omega was used as a pawn by his family, married with a temperamental and highly profile Alpha. 

At the beginning of their marriage, Omega, like all others, also fantasised heavily about living happily ever after — the two of them would grow old together as any lovely couple. However, in reality, his Alpha only treated him as a pet, like a beautiful ornamental canary, and also capable of giving birth as offerings. Only when the husband was in a mood, he would take Omega into his arms and tease a bit rarely; however, most of the time, the husband was not in the mood. No matter how Omega was whipping and crying or craving Alpha’s pheromone and comfort. Alpha was able to walk away from Omega without much remorse during Omega’s rut period. 

In the past, there were once or twice, in fact, many times that Alpha enjoyed watching Omega suffering from heat and abled to the ground sweating profusely. For the husband is a top-kind Alpha, who could never be affected by Omegas. By all means, only he affected his Omega to the point of being harmful, yet, an Omega like him could bind his Alpha. 

Therefore, one day, the beautiful Omega dropped his love of his Alpha forever. He no longer desires love from his husband. For the sick to keep their nominal marriage, Omega started focusing on being a trophy husband. Around his husband, Omega learnt to smile and talk without lifting his head. He didn’t dare to look at his Alpha’s face every time they spoke. Not surprisingly, his husband was satisfied with his efforts to match what the Alpha wanted him to be – a perfectly competent canary. 

Until one day, a strange virus suddenly spread among Alphas.

That day, Omega came back home from a walk. By the time he got home, a wired fragrance had swept over his face. Every corner of the room is filled with his husband’s cold and overbearing pheromone. Yet, the pheromones were a hundred times stronger than usual, which almost made the Omega faint. 

Omega came to his own room by following the smell. Omega often slept alone in his cosy room since his husband was always busy with work and only wanted him when he needed it. After a while, the room became a privileged space to him. 

His room’s door was open; Omega stood still there with his eyes widening in shock.

Peeking into the room, he saw a scene of confusion over by his closet. The closet was wide open, and the clothes inside were scattered and basically all carried out. He found his tall husband was curled up on his twin bed, piling his worn garments in a circle around him. Alpha piled up a nest with his pyjamas squeezed in his arms. Alpha buried his face in a collar, sniffing desperately while his shoulders shrugged and a huffing trill came out of his throat.


The scent of Omega came close slowly to Alpha like electricity. He jerked his head up, eyes and nose all red from crying. His lips were still trembling. Then, noticing his wife’s face was beyond belief, as well as the fare to get closer, Alpha finally could not stand the aggravation. So, he behaved like a beast without security, whimpered and howled and pounced on the Omega. He even tangled Omega with his arms and legs. Omega shrieked, and the two rolled into a ball on the ground.

“You …… you, why…. why… how come… you just came back now ……” Omega heard his arrogant husband crying and shaking voice continued, “I, I was so afraid that you were leaving me…..”





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