Chapter 10



One of the medical specialists knocked on Omega’s door gently. Omega gathered himself and opened the door to review the final schedule and training plan for his Alpha. 


“According to our research, the elite alphas with a long-history noble family background usually experience unpredictable conditions during their rut period,” one medical expert’s tone was gentle and calm. He continued, “In some ways, the similarities between omega and alpha are, in fact, very much the same.”


Omega nodded, “I have noticed.”


“Some like to make nests to gain the sense of security, some like to store large amounts of food in the lead up to the onset of rut, some will be insanely hostile to anyone but their partners. In short, each alpha behaves differently during the rut period. Moreover, there are some strange cases. For example, an Omega tried to make their Alpa sign the divorce papers during the rut after the couple had fallen out.”


Omega’s heart suddenly jumped fast, his eyelashes flickering slightly as he maintained still and asked, “And then what happened? Did that Omega succeed?”


The medical specialist hesitated, and instead of answering Omega’s question directly, he started another conversation and said, “You know what? Perhaps, the human brain is similar to a tree. It has layers of branches, growing in many different directions. Eventually, it develops its own priorities. Those who are good at analyzing or fast thinkers might have more than hundreds of ideas within one second. However, the rut period could block everything. As you have had experience with it for a very long time, I believe you know that when someone is in the rut period, they stop thinking similar to a dead tree because all the energy was sucked by the physiological response. So, what were you thinking in the past when you were in the rut period?”


In the recent past, asking an omega estrus-related questions would have been seen as sexual harassment. Omega ignored whatever the repelled feelings he had and answered, “all I thought about was my partner.”


Partner, partner’s touch, the action of bonding, prayed for partner’s comfort and affection, expected his partner to satisfy his insatiable desire, his flesh and blood burned to the ground by the heat inside his body. No matter how calm and rational one might regularly be, at this point, without the help of medicines, an omega could only become a beast controlled by instinct and pheromones.


“That’s right, your partner, your bonded partner.” The medical specialist said, “A million branches of thoughts and ideas, all forced together into one bundle, the end of the branch, called the bonded partner.”


He continued, “Perceiving only the partner, all the nerves exist just to perceive everything about the partner. Some have commented that omegas, including alphas nowadays, have their IQ reduced to the level of a toddler as soon as they come into heat, which is actually inappropriate. Because at that point, when they are in heat, the only thing they can hear, see, and touch is their partners. All others do not exist anymore. But only…”


“…their bonded partner,” Omega interrupted and muttered.


“Right,” the expert said euphemistically, “so that omega ……”


“He did not make it, didn’t he?” Omega went on, ” because his partner must have sensed what he was thinking and what he wanted to do.”


The specialist smiled, and after a moment of contemplation, he said, “Never mind, anyway, that’s not the point of the discussion today, right? The plan for Sir is here. Other than that, we would like you to take detailed notes on how he reacts around the time of his rut. So please forgive the difficulties we researchers have …… and the necessary curiosity ……We need more data and evidence for future research.”


“I understand, I understand.” Omega nodded, “Thank you for all the help.”


The specialist let out a massive sigh of relief, “Thank you for your understanding and cooperation! But, unfortunately, we have no data and record of alpha at your husband’s level. Therefore, if you can share any, it would be an enormous help for the entire nation. Really appreciated.”


After seeing the expert team leaving, Omega sighed at the schedule and then returned to his room. 


Alpha learned his lesson from last time; he didn’t dare to stray too far from his Omega and worked from home these days. It was close to Alpha’s rut period; Omega got ready for grocery shopping by the late afternoon. Then, Alpha heard the noise at the doorway. He dropped his pen, then ran downstairs and stopped Omega, “Where are you going?”


Omega looked up at Alpha confusedly with a bag in hand, “I am going to the market. To get food for us.”


Alpha gripped the handle of the escalator and drew a deep breath. He did not know when his rut would come. However, he already got restless and anxious feelings in his body at the moment. 


“I’m coming with you,” Alpha said, “which market are you going to?”


Omega: “…… huh?”


“I said, ‘I’m coming with you. Together!’” Alpha repeated patiently with an expressionless face, and he actually repeated it patiently again, “Do you understand?”


What more could Omega say? He could only sit stiffly in Alpha’s car and point out the navigation to him.


“Here, this market,” Omega said with his head down.


The market Omega liked was not anything higher-end but a common market in the neighbourhood. Alpha looked a little concerned. Then, Omega hesitantly explained, “There’s nothing wrong with the shop in the neighbourhood. It has a good variety of fresh produce and lots of food.”


“I didn’t give you enough money?” Alpha teased him with the end of his eyes and asked back in a flat tone.


You have given more than enough,” Omega said silently in his mind, “but I don’t see anything wrong with not using the money you gave me.


Once they were in the shop, Omega walked familiarly first to the instant food section. He got some ham cut into small pieces and some toasted bread to make a simple sandwich. And glucose sugar balls that tasted better after frozen …… There were also instant food kits for the rut period, but Omega never got them, because he disliked the ingredients containing only fat and sugar.


While Omega was selecting the products, he noticed Alpha got another shopping cart and, to Omega’s surprise, there was already a mountain of food in the cart.


Omega was so confused by seeing what Alpha did; there were too many meat and dairy products in Alpha’s shopping cart. “Sir? What are you doing?” 


“Stocking up on supplies,” Alpha answered while checking the ingredient description on the turkey leg. His tone actually sounded serious, “Why? What is wrong? I think we’re going to need all of these.”


Omega said nothing back but wished to smash Alpha’s face with the fat turkey legs, “he doesn’t get it!


“In fact, we don’t ……” But, Omega tried to explain, “we won’t need that much ……”


“We need to store all the food in our bedroom, don’t we?” Alpha replied with a straight face. Omega saw no emotions on Alpha’s handsome face, and Alpha’s firm tone continued, “We need to pile all the food up in our bedroom! To make a nest!”


Pile all the food up to your ass!” 


No, wait!” Omega realized all of a sudden, “Nesting or eagerness to make a safe place with all food and supplies is one of the Alpha’s rut period’s symptoms. Which means Alpha is in heat at this moment.” Omega gathered why his husband’s pheromones were kind of anxious ten minutes ago but calmer after taking all the food with him. “He was worried that the food was not enough at home, I suppose.” Omega did not give any attention and allowed Alpha to buy enough food for more than six months. 


At the end of their shopping trip, Omega saw a vast satisfaction on Alpha’s face.


Alright, the satisfaction. 


Alpha started busy building a nest in their bedroom the moment they got home. He did not care about the oil stains on his expensive jacket, nor the helpers’ hands. So next, he blocked the food, surrounded by the piles of towels and tissues around the bed. Shortly, there was a wall of food inside Omega’s bedroom. In the meantime, Omega noticed Alpha’s pheromones changed bit by bit while he was building the space; his pheromones became more rolled up, hungrier, and more robust.


Omega could run away at once, but he left the piece of the agreement up in Alpha’s face. In the agreement, Alpha agreed not to touch Omega without Omega’s permission and try everything to control his own desire. 


However, as the specialist mentioned to Omega, most people could not control — Alpha was sitting on the edge of Omeg’s twin bed with his watery eyes. His desire, love, and passion were overwhelmed with the rolling-out tears. 


“Why are you standing over there?” Alpha asked softly, and Omega could hear the forbearance in his voice, “come over here, come closer to me. Would you? Please?” 


Omega’s hands were shaking, but he still pointed at the agreement, “but…” Alpha scanned the piece of paper with little concern and resumed gazing at Omega with red eyes. “I am sorry, but,” Omega said, “Don’t you remember you agreed on this?”





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