Chapter 11



Alpha was like an ant on a hot pan, the word “crawling”
was written all over his body. He looked at Omega with entreaties and desires. Alpha wanted to cry as his eyes were glued to the agreement held in Omega’s hands.


“Honey!……” Alpha’s bony fingers gripped the sheet anxiously and hard, his pheromones gurgling like a pot of water boiling into the air. “Honey!..Honey!!!”


Omega took a deep breath with the air in the room. Soon, he started feeling dizzy; Alpha’s pheromones, like a hummer, smashed his body and head harshly. First, however, Omega had to stand still to hold his ground. Then his hands hastily grabbed the door, and yelled at Alpha, “Stop moving forward! Just sit there and don’t move! ” 


Omega’s command was like an invisible but unbreakable iron chain to Alpha. Alpha, like a beast, pinched at the back of the neck to the point of death, instantly stiffened his spine and dared not move again. His eyes widened helplessly, he stared at Omega dully as tears dripped down his face .


“Okay, alright, that’s it …… that’s it, don’t move around, do you understand?” Omega carefully and slowly approached Alpha. Omega felt like a gifted animal trainer. He considerately sat down next to his husband, “don’t move around, alright?”


The motion of him sitting was like a flying flower, floating unnoticed onto the beast’s tail, but the beast still burned hard like a red-hot iron. The mattress trembled violently. Alpha shivered dramatically, and he did not turn around. Tears were like a waterfall non-stop rolling down Alpha’s face, a purring cry suppressed to the core of his throat. Omega did not doubt that if he lifted the ban, he would be instantly eaten alive by his husband. 


Omega was kind of frightened by Alpha’s pheromones. The agreement was already damp with sweat from his palms. Omega said as mildly as he could, “Okay, sit over here and look at me… . it’s okay, you can do it.”


Alpha choked out a loud, sobbing hiccup from his nose. He turned sharply to look at Omega, his body leaning forward uncontrollably, longing for a comforting kiss from his partner, “Honey!” Alpha’s eyes were red and already swollen from tears. He gazed intently at the love of his life before him, with his entire face wet with tears. Omega started to worry Alpha would become dehydrated from crying.


Omega couldn’t help but reach his hand over Alpha’s cheek. His smile tinged with a bit of an unconscious heartache. “How come you can cry so much like this ……?”


Alpha sniffled and sobbed in reply, “I don’t want you to leave me…! I am afraid of you leaving. Stay with me, please! Please….”


“Why are you afraid?” Omega asked softly, “You …… you remember what you did to me in the past, don’t you?”


Alpha’s intense breathing stopped for a moment.


He held a breath in his throat, immediately clogging his cheeks with red. He’s tall and lanky body started cowering backwards as if to shrink into a small ball in front of his slim Omega. His gaze became timid. 


“Honey ……” Alpha was shedding tears again too fast, “I…I don’t know, Honey, don’t ask me …… I don’t know …… “


How dare he not know after crying his guilt out like this?


Omega sighed, “Forget what I said, you …… ugh, don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you, neither leave you. You can lean over now.”


Alpha came over as if he had been pardoned, crying while sticking his head in Omega’s arms. He was taken back by Omega’s question. So, he did not strip off Omega’s clothes right away but rested in Omega’s arms for a while.


Omega held Alpha who was like a limp tiger or lion, all flashy fur, a mass of scalding heat and a thousand pounds of heavy muscle and bone. He stroked Alpha’s hair and coaxed patiently, “Did you realize what you have done wrong in the past?”


“I do! I do!” Alpha whimpered in a small voice.


“Now, if you know what you have done wrong. Don’t you think you should do something to make it over? Like, take some actions? ” Omega asked coaxingly.


“I know! Will do. I will!”


“Then take a look at this agreement,” Omega unfolded the paper in his hands, “you signed this and agreed on. You can’t just cry but not try to do anything, right?”


Speaking of which, Alpha seemed to lose his temper. He didn’t say a word but shook his head vigorously.


Omega was a little surprised and said softly, “What’s wrong? Why are you shaking your head?”


“I did not want to agree on the arrangement. I did not want to say yes to ……And now, I am saying that I don’t want to follow the thing.” Alpha cried more. “I did not sign my name. I did not sign it! I want you right now!”


Omega fell silent.


I never thought he was going to play this trick at this point.


Omega did not want to lose his potion and persuaded, “Honey, be a good husband, will you? Let’s just try to follow the schedule for the first day at least, okay? Then, if you can try to follow it, I will kiss you as an award. But, if you don’t, I won’t kiss you. I won’t touch you. And you are not allowed to come closer to me.”


With the severe threat, Alpha finally huffed and sat up, waiting to hear what he should do for the first day of his heat period.


Omega soothed the back of Alpha’s neck with pheromones. Then, he started making the progress of the schedule on the agreement. Their final goal was to help Alpha spend his rut period without Omega around. For example, he could be able to go to work or go out for events. Therefore, with medical exporters’ help, their first planning stage was to help Alpha walk around the house without Omega.


“You’ll sit at the dining table downstairs in a few minutes, okay?” Omega asked. “I’ll go to the kitchen and make some food for us. Then, you can wait for me at the table for about ……”


He was just about to say “about half an hour” when Alpha’s expression went completely off, and he was shivering with tears, clutching the corners of his shirt, which made Omega change his tone: “Wait for me for like several minutes, okay? Soon, right away! Don’t cry. Stop crying!”


They were hand in hand and walked out of Omega’s room. Omega was soaked with sweat. He settled his husband down in a chair to keep him from getting too anxious; Omega placed a piece of his own clothing in his arms.


“I’m going to make food,” Omega counselled, “Just sit here and don’t go in the kitchen, okay?”


Alpha nodded tearfully but watched as his Omega turned and took a step, his breath and body heat fading away, and all he had to hold on to was a shirt. Immediately, he was on the verge of spinning in place, wailing and crying.


Omega walked over to the stove, closed the frosted glass sliding door and began to prepare the belated dinner. Alpha’s pheromones were almost able to materialize into a pair of anxious palms slapping against the glass door. 


Omega had no choice but to ignore them. After ten minutes or so, the pot was boiling with steaming soup, and he was about to turn for the flavouring bottle when he was scared by seeing the shadow on the glass door. 


Outside the door, Alpha was crying miserably, pressing his face firmly against the glass, tears spreading everywhere and even imprinting a clear and distorted human face on the frosted glass.


Omega felt speechless.


He craned his head over, shoulders shaking, and laughed silently for a full three minutes, even as tears came to his eyes.





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