Chapter 12




It was about time; Omega hastily pulled the glass door open. As soon as he went out, he was hugged by his whimpering Alpha.


“Honey! Aw… honey! ……” Alpha cried out in pain, crying loudly while trying to finish his broken words, “What are you doing in…there? What were you doing in the kitchen?…”


Omega quickly held his hands out and touched Alpha’s drenched, pitiful, but still handsome face. Omega did not know to laugh or cry, then said, “I am right here! I am right here! Why are you still crying? Stop crying, please, alright? If you stop, I will give you a kiss as an award!” 


Feeling the kiss landed on the face, Alpha immediately stopped crying with a hiccup. He sobbed and said, “Okay… I will stop.”


Omega wrapped his arms around the back of Alpha’s neck and pulled his head down. He slowly got close to Alpha’s lips and noticed his lips were wet. But he didn’t really care too much. He kissed Alpha loudly first and asked, “Is that okay?”


“No …… no ……,” the Alpha whispered, “well, no ……not enough…”


With a smile in his eyes, Omega arched his graceful brows as he slowly leaned towards Alpha, he pressed his month to Alpha again unskillfully. He had his hand on Alpha’s face. He felt the twin plushness of Alpha’s lips, the hard press of his teeth, the impossible smoothness of each other’s skin. Alpha’s spine immediately went limp from the kiss. He let out a pouty “hmmm” through his nose. His heart felt like it was going to melt as his lips and teeth pressed deep, and their skin nuzzled against each other.


While lips parted, Alpha stared at the Omega with tear-stained eyes as if he hadn’t recovered yet.


Omega’s face was flushed. The smell of the two mingling pheromones was in heat, which was enough to set the whole house on fire. Later, finally, Omega forced his composure and said, “…… That’s still not enough?”


Alpha looked at Omega for a long time, his lips trembling slightly but then suddenly howled.


“Honey!! Honey!! Honey!!!!!!!!” His howl took Omega by surprise, “Oooh …… honey! I …… I …… ah ……”


“What’s wrong? What’s the matter?” Omega wasn’t sure whether he should cry or laugh with Alpha to comfort him. He softly asked, “You want more kisses? Aww, be a good boy, don’t cry, please!”


Alpha cried too much that he couldn’t speak anymore. Omega was confused and finally failed to ask what the hell was going on here. Alpha was much more obedient with the schedule after the tiny meltdown. Even though he was still not where the experts wanted most of the time, Omega was impressed by the slight improvement this time — Alpha was more controllable on the sexual desires. 


The third rut period finally came to an end. And, on the seventh day’s early morning, Alpha’s mood changed the moment he opened his eyes.  


From the lingering memories, Alpha clearly remembered how he had been taken into bed by Omega last night and how he had been put to sleep by Omega reading a storybook to him. It felt ridiculously humiliating to Alpha.


He sat up and pressed the corner of his forehead hard. However, Alpha noticed that no other uncomfortable feeling was left on his body beside a splitting headache. But it still took a long time for him to remember every detail about the six days in the rut period.


“Oh no…” memories came crashing into Alpha’s mind like a tidal wave. He pinched the bridge of his nose, his face expressionless in silence for a long-drawn time.


Omega had long since gone back to his own room. There was only a mellow warmth left on the bed besides Alpha. Alpha knew he was not happy to see the half-empty bed. But he was in the aftertaste of his rut period. Immediately, Alpha took a deep breath, pushed down the faint displeasure in his mind . He got up and changed. Then, he called for his wife and, looking down upon at Omega, he asked indifferently, “The plan and the schedule did not work, right?”


Omega knew he could not hide it from him. Without the heat, Alpha was back to being the usual cold leader. And there was nothing he could do to hide anything from such an Alpha except to respond, “Yes, you don’t seem …… to be quite comfortable with such a plan. “


Alpha looked at him calmly and actually said nothing, merely nodding, “I see, you may leave now.”


Omega was taken aback, and after a moment’s hesitation, he decided to ask the question that had been on his mind for a long time.


“Sir,” he called out softly, “may I ask ……”


“Go ahead,” Alpha stopped his pen on a document.


“……So,” the Omega deliberated again before asking, “the expert told me something earlier about an omega who tried to make his husband sign the divorce papers while he was in heat. Do you know what happened to them after?”


Alpha raised his eyebrows and looked at his Omega with his deep gaze for a moment, and said, “Why do you ask? Why do you want to know?”


“Because the expert didn’t tell me how it turned out in the end,” Omega said, “and I …… was just curious.”


Alpha pondered for a moment, pulled a brand new report from under the table and dropped it into Omega’s arms with a raised hand, “Read it yourself.”


Omega took it handily and unfolded it. There was only one news item on it, which was underlined in red. He couldn’t help but mumble in confusion: “…… The night before last, a male omega was walking near his home when accidentally bitten by a large fierce dog on his leg and abdomen. His injuries were serious …… We would like to remind all residents to be careful outside…… I’ve seen this news earlier. But what does this have to do with divorce ……”


His face all of a sudden turned pale, and he suddenly closed his lips, unable to speak at once.


“Ah, so, do you understand it now?” A sarcastic smile appeared on Alpha’s face. Omega was not sure whether it was mocking the omega or the alpha who had lost his mind and was no different from a beast for the abandonment of his partner, “This is the outcome! The media was able to cover the original news after layers after layers of filters and suppressions. Does it satisfy your curiosity now?”


A layer of sweat had percolated on Omega’s forehead.


Looking at his Omega’s back as he turned to leave, Alpha tried to get back to the reports and documents he was reading to sign. As the nib had lingered in the air too long, causing the ink to stagnate and fail to write. Alph casually flung the precious jewel-encrusted pen into the wastepaper basket and yanked a new one out.


Too slow for this progress.


Now is the time to take a …… new approach.






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