Chapter 2



Omega stood stunned.

His husband was crying and whimpering, as well as nestling him hard into his arms. If his body wasn’t hurt by the hug, Omega would have almost suspected he was in a dream.

“Sir,” Omega sounded out carefully, “are you feeling alright?…”

Omega, the truffled husband, had no permission to call his husband’s first name. So he called Alpha “Sir,” which was a respectful title to call, moreover, vague, like their marriage.

Alpha was still huffing and puffing non-stop. His nose turned red, his lips were covered by tears. Without wiping off the tears, Alpha rushed to kiss Omega in panic and directly started sucking Omega’s tongue. Alpha’s overwhelmed, furious pheromones impatiently wrapped around Omega’s body. His hands were covering the gland at the back of Omega’s neck, as he wanted to melt the gland and let his pheromones invade Omega’s body completely.

Too warm…” Omega covered in sweat, his body stayed stiff, his hands were at a loss, and he simply gripped on the corners of his own shirt. Finally, he was trapped on the wall in a corner by Alpha. He found his body and his painful gland were forced by an anonymous power releasing a trace of his own pheromones at last.

Usually, Omega could have the same desire for sex for the bond he had with his husband. However, besides the rising body temperature, Omega was not in the heat of his husband’s strong desire.

Omega’s thoughts were somewhere else, “Is my Alpha sick?“, he wondered what really went wrong while his husband was giving him a long French kiss.

Alpha kissed Omega repeatedly. At the end of the kiss, he whispered quietly, “give me a hug”

Omega was horrified by what he had just heard; he was too worried to do what he had been ordered. Without feeling the arms around him, Alpha’s very relaxed body all of a sudden became intense again. He clenched his teeth, forced to resist from the throat and came up a sob. With a sobbing voice, he gently repeated, “why?… Why don’t you give me a hug? Why?!…”

Omega felt mute.

No matter how he had been treated by Alpha and lived in fear around him, Omega still kept a soft spot for him. And that weak spot was brought out by his husband’s endless tears. He put his arms around Alpha in a hurry, tenderly rubbing his broad back to ease Alpha’s intense shoulders.

“There, there…” like comforting a mistreated kid, “it’s alright, it all alright.”

Alpha MUST be sick!” Omega raised a voice in his heart, “or, he might be drugged by any of his political enemies. But, Lord, this is serious! I have to call the family doctor right away!

Alpha’s forehead was already covered in sweat from crying. His perfectly combed hair was stuck together with the sweat, slinging messily to the side of his handsome face. He stared at his Omega intently, “hold me a little tighter, will you?”

“Sure…” Omega could tell his husband was unlikely to attack him at the moment by smelling his pheromones; so boldly, Omega squeezed a little tighter as he was told.

“More, please.”

“Well… okay..”

They never had this close physically before, even during Omega’s rut period. Alpha pinned him to the wall, and got much closer with dissatisfaction. Omega noticed his husband’s long eyelashes were blurred together with tears. When Alpha’s cheek touched his, he heard Alpha begged, “more tied, hug me closer… and, and, your legs….”

“My legs? What is wrong with my legs?” Omega was puzzled.

Alpha’s throat knot rolled with Omega’s gaze. He started rubbing his hard lower body to Omega’s legs with false embarrassment on his face.

“Let me feel your waist….” Alpha said.

“No! Stop!” Omega refused.

Alpha burst into loud tears but then tightened his lips quickly. His face turned much redder as he was abused by the whole world.

This is ridiculous,” Omega thought, “he is actually upset!?

“No, no, I mean, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings,” Omega tried to ease Alpha by massaging his back. But his action was too awkward. He started reaching out to Alpha’s forehead to move away from the messy hair, “I suppose we should go to the hospital first….”

On finding a sense of fear in Alpha’s eyes, Omega stopped talking after discerning he might have said something wrong.

“NO— No—!!!!!!!! I don’t want doctors!” Alpha cried out to the point of almost faint on the floor, “I DON’T WANT DOCTORS! No—No— I am not leaving you! Don’t leave me alone! No doctors! No——“

Omega began having a headache, “I am not leaving, I am not going anywhere! I did not say I was leaving you, didn’t I? I will be here with you, alright? I am here!”

Omega neglected the superiors and inferiors between them. He started grinding Alpha’s back hard and tried to get things sorted out as soon as possible. He moved his body towards the phone. Sadly, no matter where he moved, Alpha made the same move. Omega had no choice but held Alpha, moved together like conjoined twins towards the cell and called the doctor’s office.

Phew, alright! The doctor should be here soon. Once they are here, this is their problem then.”

But soon, a  bitter smile grew on Omega’s face; while Alpha was arching and pouting around in his arms, Omega could not help but think of how his husband would behave after recovering from this madness. 





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