Chapter 3


“..What, virus?!” Omega asked aloud in surprise as he hugged his husband’s head in her arms. 

Alpha was not happy about his Omega’s attention being sucked away by other notions. He sniffled and rubbed all the way up to Omega’s neck again, nibbled gently around on the neck’s side, and tried to gain Omega’s attention back.

Omega had to comfort him quickly: “alright, alright, bab …… no, good boy; there, there. The doctor is talking about you…..”

Oops, Omega almost called his husband – baby.

The Beta doctor stood ten meters opposite from the Alpha, who was in heat. He pointed at the cell phone and called the Omega. Based on experience, the doctor knew the Alphas who were infected with the virus could be the most threatening and aggressively beast-like during their rutting period. Without the comfort of their partners, virus-infected Alphas would be highly insecure. They were too vulnerable that they could be broken from whatever their partner’s unconscious mean words. Consequently, virus-infected Alphas would fight back intensely if anyone dared to approach their partner, no matter the gender nor Betas, even another Omega. Therefore, their longtime private family Beta doctor could only communicate by phone with Omega after backing up ten meters away repeatedly — all the way back behind the scope of the sense of smell.

“In fact,” the doctor said on the phone, “this is a recently discovered virus that only targets Alphas. Especially those that had knotted relationships with Omegas. At the hospital, we have received several similar cases months earlier. But, the last few days seem to have had more outbreaks.”

Omega was stroking the back of Alpha’s neck while listening on the phone. He had just found his husband’s love for being touched on his back neck, for they hadn’t been this close before. Alpha was so pleased by the touch on his neck, that soon, he started to sob and purr like a big cat. The bitter-but-happy feeling hit Omega once again. 

“So, what’s it going to take to alleviate the symptoms?” He asked, “Is there anything we can do at the moment?”

The doctor coughed lightly and said cryptically, “Just release your pheromones. Please do what the Alphas usually do during Omega’s rutting period.”

Omega was taken aback and stopped bothering to placate the Alpha. He asked hastily, “And, how long will this rutting period last?”

“It varies from three to five days, which depends on the individual Alpha’s fitness,” the doctor said, “from our observation: the rutting period can be longer for those most fitted Alphas, which is the same as the most excellent Omegas.”


Omega was stunned by what he had just heard and suddenly realized something, “But, what about my next heat cycle? ……”

“You will no longer have the rutting period in a traditional sense,” the doctor smiled, “and the bonding heat will no longer bother your sanity. Only your Alpha’s pheromones can lure you into intercourse with him …… by any means possible. “

Omega looked down, and he was locked with his husband’s red eyes.

No more heat, no more irrepressible sexual desire, and no more regular heat cycle…

After feeling the sight from his Omega, Alpha lined over and gave Omega a deep kiss, then went to catch Omega’s tongue without a pause. His lack of security made his pheromones were overbearing, as making a cocoon so that his Omega in front of him would never turn into a butterfly and stay in the cocoon forever. Alpha did not care about the outsider in the room. He huffed and stubbornly wrapped around his Omega, pinning him into the sofa hard.

The doctor was embarrassed, “…if you have nothing else to ask, I’ll have to head out ……”

“No, wait! Wait a minute!” Omega shifted the Alpha away, finally got himself to break from the abrasive, sticky french kiss, “I still have a question about Mr. ……” He turned to Alpha, “Can you just stop for a minute and let me finish my questions?! Can you? Could you, please? Would you please be a good boy?”

“Doctor, is there anything I can do to stop his madness? Anything?…” Omega called out with Alpa’s heavy blazing hot body on his. 

“No, there is nothing,” the doctor moved far away from the doorway, step by step, “your husband has a bill on such viruses in his hand currently, and all scholars across the nation are stepping up their efforts to work with this virus. But at this stage, there is no solution to this problem.”

“So, what should I do with him!?” Omega was covered in sweat, “I know there is no sense to Omegas during our rutting period. But! But look at him! Look at my husband! You know how he is! He still has work to do. He cannot be like this for too long, and…” Omega interrupted by Alpha’s kiss again, “Oh Lord, there, there, please don’t cry anymore, please stop crying…You have work to do, let me ask the last question…Doctor, what should I do with him? “

The doctor shook his head and said respectfully but not helplessly, “As I just mentioned: how Omegas used to live, how Alphas are now living. That’s all.”

“…… That’s it?”

“That’s it.”

After finishing up the conversation, the doctor took his hat, bowed slightly, turned around and left through the foyer.

Omega stood, frozen in his stance.

How Omegas used to live, now how Alphas will live ……” he repeated these words in his heart unpleasantly.

There was a sudden chill on the side of his face. While he was wondering if there was a leak on the roof, he saw Alpa on his side, crying and sobbing. 

Alpha’s lips were trembling, his whole body was shaking, and his tears couldn’t stop welling up in his eyes, and then converged and fell down, but he held back from speaking.

Omega took his hands against Alphas’ chest rapidly and put his arms around Alpha swiftly, “I am sorry, I am so sorry! I was just asking questions about your health, no others….”

“…… you, you ……” Alpha huffed and puffed, cried his chest like a bellows, “you ignored me …… I’m …… so sad …… I’m going to die……”

Omega sighed, came over and took the initiative to kiss Alpha’s side face awkwardly.

Alpha’s cry finally went into a low voice.

Omega unbuttoned his blouse. The crisp sound of metal clashing echoed in the space. And he unbuckled the belt of his pants, bared out his pale body. Because of the heat and sweat and flushed with attractive pink colour.

Alpha started straight and slowly closed his mouth.

Omega asked, “Do you?…”

Alpha had a drop of tear in his eyes but had forgotten to cry. He couldn’t even say the words and pounced on Omega’s neck and licked it hard.






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