Chapter 6



“Reversion?” Alpha paused his movement of pulling out the pen cap; he said emotionless, “what a bold attitude!”


But, don’t you think the name is pretty accurate?” Alpha’s friend laughed, “oh well, you better hurry up because the bill is already drafted on my side.”


Alpha sneered, “so, this bill, by all means, is to make sure all the decisions that Alphas make and no matter what Alphas do in their rut period have no legal effect?”


“No, it is not that extreme,” said the friend, “but given the state that Alphas do whatever Omegas say in the rut period, we still have to guard against it, in my opinion. Just think about it; if your Omega tells you to kill yourself or jump from the roof during the rut period, you must do it, right?”


“I get it. However, we still should not rush the Alpha’s bill.” Alpha ignored his friend’s banter. He shook his head, “we have revised Omegas’ proposal about their rut period, in total about 34 times in the past. It was settled until the Omega Association stepped in. The association gathered the community’s public opinions to pressure the government and finally issued the legal act. It took a very long time if you still remember.”


His friend said disdainfully, “That’s all because those old men are too stubborn! They insisted ‘Omega has to marry the Alpha who had sexual activity with.’ They never likewise considered rape cases and other possible extreme behaviours. At the bottom line, we all know Omega should be allowed to remove the knot and wash the mark. I still don’t get why those old men can be this backwards.”


“So what?” Alpha asked, “now we are going to push the legal action at this speed, only because Reversion is a virus that targets Alphas? Yet, there is no surface work to cover. Are you sure we are not going to be called out for double standards?”


His friend was stifled by the question.


“Those are two different topics!” the friend shouted in anger, “We, Alphas are elites in all fields. There will be no good outcomes if we are used by the wicked people! Although you and I do not need to worry about being used to threaten our high ranking and high-profile families, but how about the average Alphas?”


Alpha answered smoothly, “I don’t want to get into how many logical flaws in what you just said. Maybe 95% of Alphas support your proposal; however, only 5% of Omegas can share your views….”


“The mainstream society never cares about Omegas’ opinions…” his friend scorned, then his tone turned utterly frivolous, “they are still just minorities.” 


“Thus, what about the Betas?” Alpha’s eyes raised coldly, “Because people like you largely exist among the decision-making groups, that it is correct or normal that Omegas’ voice is never being heard. You absolutely forgot who the majorities are!”


His friend went quiet.


Alpha continued, “You cannot ignore the fact that the mainstream opinions and media are more and more in favour of Omegas in recent years. Precisely from elite Alphas are unwilling to share power and authority and enjoy overriding the other two races. Many Betas never speak up but are increasingly sympathetic towards Omegas and want to speak out on Omegas’ behalf in various social events. Now, everyone is talking about the Reversion. Still, if there is nothing wrong with the bill itself, but if the government pushes the bill in a hurry to protect Alphas’ rights and will only trigger the criticisms. Do you understand?”


Alpha’s friend was silent for a while and finally let out, “dear me!”


“Ah! Alright! I just finished my rut period a few days ago, and my brain is still limping…. Okay, you know what, you have a point! I will deal with the Legal Department.”


“Well… oh! And…” Alpha suddenly paused.


Omega appeared at the door and was about to knock on the door. Omega was fully dressed. His shirt buttoned all the way to the top. Alpha saw his face was pale, his lips were red and swollen, and his hair was damp, which seemed like just after a shower. Their gazes met. 


“I will talk with you later; I have to go now.” Alpha hung up the phone. At the moment, he only had a bath towel on his waist and started rushing through the pile of business on the desk. But, seeing Omega approached, a bit of a complex feeling was raised in his heart. 


Alpha got married for status and the circumstances as he was getting older; his family hurried him to find an excellent Omega to match. On the other hand, it was a time that his Omega family was trying to find immeasurable political patronage for themselves. Then they got matched and married. At the beginning of their marriage, Alpha already knew about the unrealistic affection Omega had towards him. However, a marriage with an Omega to Alpha was only meant to have a notion of releasing the sexual desire and of killing time. There was no love nor affection. He only considered his Omega as a pet, to play with and bully around. He enjoyed seeing Omega’s fear, tears and imploring. He thought this was all the meaning to be an Omega to please all the needs of Alphas. 


After some thinking was done, Alpha was honestly shocked by his Omega during his rut period.


As the connection was ten times more sensitive between Alpha and his Omega during the rut period, he sensed the affection, moreover, tolerance to the point of indulgence from Omega. “Is it because he loves me?” Alpha thought, “No. No. Definitely not! He might just pity me.”


“You are just in time.” Alpha’s voice was still calm. 


“What a joke! I don’t believe he would pity me,” Alpha continued his thoughts inside. 


“I have to warn you,” Alpha continued, “I have just learnt this virus might continue for some time. So during this special time, you should better do what you used to do and behave normally. Do not think about anything that never belongs to you. Do you understand?”


Omega’s lips trembled indistinguishably; he was silent for a while and finally said, “yes, Sir, I understand.”





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