Chapter 9


“What is this?” Alpha questioned Omega
with a mocking smile at the schedule in front of him, “is this a training schedule?”


Omega sat across from Alpha, somehow apprehensively. Omega seemed polite with kindness in his eyes, looked straight up into Alpha’s eyes. A goodwill pheromone released from Omega, “Yes, it’s a schedule for the rutting period, as you can see. Because if you want to avoid the effects of estrus as much as possible while the antidote is still being developed, I suppose a training plan would work the best for our situation. For example, what we can do to avoid during the rut period or what we can do before the rut period.”


Not sure whether Alpha got what Omega tried to express, neither did he pay any attention to what Omega said. Instead, his sharp gaze gently swept over Omega’s fair and beautiful face. A considerable number of omegas had some androgynous beauty. He noticed his Omega’s amber pupils, calm and honest expressions, which diluted the feminine temperament away from him. Alpha couldn’t take his eyes away from Omega for a moment, then he turned back to stare at the time scheduled on the paper. 


He has exquisite handwriting,” Alpha gave a high assessment to Omega in his heart.


Omega started feeling uneasy with Alpha’s silence. He thought the divorce would come easier if his husband could get rid of the extreme reaction and dependency syndrome during the rut period. But Omega forgot the most critical point – alphas were notably independent species that did not like to be told what to do. Alphas might follow orders from their superiors, but they would never listen to any orders from an omega. Omega slowly said, “Sir, if you disagree with the plan, we can try…”


“You don’t need to call me Sir all the time,” Alpha said vaguely.


“…Sorry, what?”


Alpha let out a sigh, then his eyes dropped. Omega could not see what kind of expression he was making but could only hear him say, “I told you that I won’t let you feel unappreciated ……I won’t look you down anymore.”


The rest of the words were pushed out of Alpha’s tongue, “I know you don’t want money, neither your family has troubles that need my help. But, I want to let you know that you have the same status as me in our own household from now on. You can do anything you want except in my study room. You don’t have to call me Sir, understand?”  


Omega was taken back by Alpha’s words.


It was true that he didn’t want money. Omega was never a person of wealth; however, he had some savings. He did not take Alpha’s money because there was no trust and simple agreement in the world they lived in. If he took Alpha’s capital, there would be more drama and benefit-based relationships developed in risk. Therefore, he refused the money for building a path for his own freedom in the future. 


Of course, in the past, Omega would choose to trust and depend on Alpha.


It could only happen in the past. 


All the thoughts were messed up in his brain. Omega replied softly, “No, Sir. I suppose that is too impolite to address you without the title. And it would be hard for me to change after so many years.”


Alpha didn’t say anything and gazed at his humble Omega for a while; something unknown built-in Alpha’s gut. Then, finally, he pushed the schedule away and said in a quiet voice, “A team of dedicated medical experts are coming this afternoon. So, I will ask them to refine your schedule.”


“I see. Thank you, Sir.” Omega was released a bit at last.


In the afternoon, while the beta medical experts were discussing his schedule for Alpha’s rut period, Omega was finally able to take the time to call his family. Considering he still couldn’t leave the house without permission, though communication was no longer restricted.


“Hello?” Omega paced anxiously around the room. He called one of his cousins, an omega and most close with among his families. His cousin was older than him and also in a relatively better marriage than him. Therefore, Omega thought he could ask some questions to the older cousin, “Hi Sis, it is me speaking. Can I ask you something?”


His cousin was surprised to receive a call from him, “You can finally make phone calls now?! Oh my goodness! Yes! Ask anything away! I am on my way to pick up kids, but I am here for you!”


Omega hesitated for a moment and finally changed the wording and asked politely, “Sis, maybe you know …… Do all Alphas cry during their rut period?”


He was curious about this question because of what happened with Alpha the other day with the high-pressure water guns. Omega still could not forgive other people’s judgemental looks when they were surrounding his husband in heat. He did not understand. Was it because his husband had a way too high profile? 


His cousin did not reply immediately, as she was deliberating her words, “…… Well, not necessarily.”


“Not necessarily?!” Omega said surprisingly, “Don’t all alphas cry?”


“Of course not, my dear little brother,” Omega’s cousin replied rightfully. “Some do, and some don’t, it’s about 50/50, other than that, they’re all doubly dependent on their Omega, making it impossible to go to work or do anything for days on end. But, well, it’s no different from when we omegas used to be in heat, so we can finally celebrate and sing!”


Omega: “Where did you get this data from ……”


Omega’s cousin: “The data came from the housewives’ parties. Everyone shared what their alphas had changed into during their rut period. Haha! Finally! Finally is our turn to relax and just to give all those sucker alphas a taste of what we’ve suffered before. We all agreed that they deserve it!”


Omega confused, “Wait, some cry, some don’t?…… Then, what about those who cry particularly miserably and are on the verge of dehydration?”


Omega’s cousin, all of a sudden, alerted, “There’s no such alpha! Or if there is, their Omega won’t talk about it, I suppose. So maybe the alpha who cried too much did some shameful shit behind their omegas, and then their guilt made them cry like the end of the world?”


Omega kept in silence for a bit, then said, “Alright, I see …… Thank you, sis. I will visit you and the kids when I get a chance. I’m sorry! I have to go now!”


Omega hung up the phone in a hurry, sat on his tiny cot, zoomed out at the blue wallpaper. Eventually, he fell into some serious discussion alone.


Based on what his cousin’s said, alphas usually retained their memories and nature during the rut period that they were not wholly beyond control nor become someone else. Therefore, all the tears and everything his Alpha did during the rut period were not out of his command.  


Omega smiled bitterly after coming to the realization, “So, Alpha knew what was happening to himself precisely from the first day.”


In the blink of an eye, another month had passed, and his Alpha’s rut would be here soon.





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