Chapter 15



The second practical test was held the next day at an outdoor performance hall.


It was the same place where the 1,000-meter race was held, but there were huge iron bars on all sides, which had not been seen before.


This was to prepare for any possible danger.


Only one student was allowed to enter the performance hall. All the others had to wait outside the bars.


“The second practical test is a duel with a wild boar.”


The instructor’s voice made all the students look nervous.


“If you want to give up in the middle of the test, raise your hand and say so. The instructor will go in and take action.”


Filina’s gaze was not on the instructor. Her head was moving constantly as if searching for someone.


“What you need to know is that you are responsible for everything that happens in the exam room. If you get injured or lose your life here, the Military Academy will not take any responsibility.”


The instructor’s words caused people to gulp down their spit.


Of all the events held so far, the exam in which the most number of candidates were injured or lost their lives was the one being held today.


” As soon as you successfully pass the second practical exam, the third and final exam will follow.” 


This was the reason why people got injured a lot. Because they would have to take the third exam right away after the second test before they could recover their strength. 


“There will be a total of three wild boars in the last test. The test takers are free to accept the duel in any way they like. The use of weapons is fixed, so please feel free to perform the test to the extent allowed.”


The instructor then took questions from the candidates. He answered people’s questions in a friendly manner, but chastised those who asked the same questions, “Why don’t you look like a tiger and concentrate?”


Filina stepped back a little more in a slightly relaxed atmosphere. It was to find Leon.


She wondered if he would wear a mask again today. His hair seemed to be a little shorter than before.


She wondered why he wore the mask. 


Filina’s legs were moved back more.


There were so many people that it was difficult to see every single face.


And since all the instructors were in a row, it was impossible to leave a certain distance.


She kept shifting her feet back and her heels hit someone’s shoes.


As she was falling back, a firm hand supported her shoulders.


Filina tried to apologize, but the man bowed down and whispered in his ear.


“Who are you looking for?”


Filina quickly shook off his hand and turned her head.


The corners of his eyes, curved into the shape of a half-moon, was the first thing she saw.


The red irises that resembled her own, the navy hair reminiscent of the night sea, and the smirking expression that followed underneath it all seemed to symbolize this man.