Chapter 79. I don't have a choice

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Oboro, stripped to her underwear, was crying bitterly.


“Wow, that’ s amazing. A lot of things are coming out.”


In the meantime, Casca pulled off the suit that Oboro had been wearing and pulled out a number of tools, including a grappling hook, a chain sickle, a smoke ball, explosives, and shurikens.


At first glance – no. For all intents and purposes, it was a scene that could only be described as a kind of strip search.


Rarara-ra-n~ rarara-ra-n~ ran ran-ra~”


A little further away from them, Ilse was preparing a strawberry smoothie, humming to herself as if she didn’t care.


Strawberry smoothies are her favorite drink, and she is so obsessed with them that she makes them herself. But is it something that she would choose to make, even if she had to watch her fellow troops being mistreated?

She didn’t want to get involved in that matter, even if it was a cruel thing to do so.


–And then.


“Well, what are you doing?”


“Oh, Shizu, you’re late.”


As soon as he returned, Shizuru found himself in a confusing situation.

Turning towards him with a smile on her face, Casca threw the dagger she had pulled out to the side and pointed at Oboro, who was covering her face and crying silently.


“Oh, I was just wondering how Oboro always manages to get all that stuff out.”




“And then I got curious, so I stripped off her clothes for good measure.”

Why is that so?


“……Why didn’t you ask her directly first?”


“It’s a pain in the a**.”


She was beyond violent and rude, a wild person.


There was so much he wanted to say, but there was no point in trying to reason with Casca. He rubbed his forehead and took off his jacket and slung it over Oboro’s shoulders, as it was obvious that he was talking into a horse’s ear and not a cat’s ear.*




Oboro’s eyes were moist with tears as she clung to him, while he gently patted her on the back.

After all, if one was left with Casca alone, they would be in trouble.


“Hah…..Cassie, give Oboro her clothes back when you’re done. I feel sorry for her.”


“What’s this…..huh? A picture of Shizu taking a bath.”




A treasured photograph, hidden away in the depths of her suit.

As soon as Casca discovered it, Oboro moved like a bullet.


A Shinobi is, first and foremost, an individual who needs to be agile.

With a speed that was difficult for even Shizuru to see, she leapt at Casca.






Oboro was easily grabbed by the head.




“What are you doing, you dumba*s?”


She easily restrained the flailing Oboro and muttered in disgust.


Even though Oboro was a high ranking member, she was no match for the monster that was Casca, who was one of the strongest in the Black Maria.


In any case, it was too pitiful to be stripped to your underwear and then be held down.

So Shizuru, with a wry smile, stepped in to intervene.


“Well, both of you. We’ve got a lot to talk about, so can we just get this over with? Please.”


“Oh? Okay, whatever.”


It seems that she was just playing with her, so Casca lets Oboro go without any hesitation.

Oboro was like a toy to her, and therefore she was a little more forgiving.


–She placed the photo in her pocket, though.




“……Oboro? Why do you look so devastated?”


But when Shizuru asked, Oboro just shook her head helplessly.


There was no way she could have told him that she was carrying around a photo of him taking a bath for the rest of her life.


“So let’s share some of the information we have gained from our encounter with the Fafnir mercenaries.”


Mary rang her handbell in response to Shizuru’s statement.

A simple chorus, with no particular meaning.


“First of all, there is almost no risk that they have any clues or details about us.”


From what he had seen, inquired about and observed, he was sure of this.

The documents that were taken from them are just a bunch of papers that are of no use if one doesn’t know the key words.


If they had any useful information about Black Maria, they would have led reinforcements to the Capital by now.


“That’s probably why. They are clearly unaware and underestimate us.”


However, that’s not too surprising.

Wickerman was a notorious bounty hunter who was well known throughout the kingdom of Si Levant.

The other members of the seventh unit were also first-class wanted criminals, with half of them carrying bounties of ten gold coins or more.


Under normal circumstances, it would not be surprising if the 7th Corps was considered to be the most elite of Black Maria.


In fact, Wickerman was once known as one of the best in the mercenary guild. He was more than capable of being the head of any black market organization or crime syndicate.


“I see what you mean~. Now that they’ ve beaten Mr. Chackerman, the rest will be a piece of cake! I wonder if they think that we are like him~ Umau ma~”


“It’s Wickerman, Il. Don’t confuse him.”




Shizurul corrects Ilse, who was absorbed in her strawberry smoothie, but it was unclear how much she heard.

The name of the deceased Wickerman may not hold importance.

For Ilse, who loved fun and interesting things, people who were already dead are equally boring.


“Oh! So those Hannibal b**tards think I’m weaker than that caterpillar!? I’m going to kill them right now!!”


“It’s the Fafnir Mercenaries, Cassie. And we’ll have to wait, please.”


Shizuru lets out a sigh of exasperation and calms down Casca.

If she does get into trouble now, it will be extremely troublesome.


“Our objective is not only to eliminate Fafnir. It’s also important to recover the documents that they took from us.”


“That’s a pain in the a**. Why don’t we just beat the sh*t out of them and make them talk?”




As if to indicate that she wanted to interrogate them, Oboro took out a few tools, holding them between her fingers.

Shizuru, who did not like to hurt people, let out a sigh again, unwilling to do so.


“There are six of them in Fafnir. I’m sure that if we captured one of them alive, we could find out where the documents are.”


“So let’s do it now! And then we’ll enjoy ourselves here for a while!”


“I’m begging you, Cassie.”


Too impulsive and short-tempered, Casca can be dangerous if not kept on a tight leash.


“Don’t stop me. Let me do what I always do.”


“As I said before, it’s not like the slums, if there’s a murder or something like that it’s going to be a big deal. You can’t just walk in and do what you always do.”


“So Troublesome~ yadda yadda”**


“…… Don’t be too selfish or Richelieu will get mad at you, okay?”



When she heard the name, Casca, who had been thrashing about, stopped moving immediately.


“Anyway, we need to do some preparation before we start. It’s not a place we’re familiar with, so we’ll have to be more careful than usual. I’m hoping that Il, who has been in and out of various units, will be able to take care of that.”


“So good~ Yum~”


Ilse sucks up her strawberry smoothie with a chugging sound and gives a thumbs up.

He smiled lightly at her and left the table.


“’We’ll have everything ready to go in three days. I think we’re all going to have to deal with one or two members of the mercenaries each.”


Just don’t think too much about capturing them alive.

You can keep them alive if you think you can handle it, or you can kill them if you think it’s too difficult.

I’ll leave the details to your discretion.


–Shizuru rubbed his forehead lightly as he continued.

He didn’t seem to be in the mood at all, and he said one last thing quietly.


“I’ll make sure I catch one.”




*The saying to horse is derived from an japanese idiom which means that “it’s no use trying to reason with an unreasonable person.”

** Yadda Yadda means “Nope” I kept it in japanese cause it sounds better that way lol.


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