Chapter 82. As planned/ Unexpected

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“Um, Shizuru, ……where is…..Mary today?”


Clarissa asked Shizuru, who was quietly sipping his drink across the table from her.

In response, Shizuru tilted his head lightly and chuckled.


“Mary is with an acquaintance. You can’t bring a child into a bar at night, of course.”


He had a good point, and it was something that was obvious after some thought.

Clarissa regretted asking such an idiotic question, her cheeks flushing a little.


–And then.



“(The way you drink and eat, it’s so beautiful……)”


He sets down his glass, carefully carves the meat with his fork and knife, and brings it to his mouth.

It was a simple action, but the gestures are so refined that she couldn’t help but feel as if she’s in the presence of a nobleman.


But there was none of that haughty, condescending air that is often associated with people of such high status.

Shizuru was gentle. The air he gave off was gentle, warm, sweet and pure. His appearance, his voice, his expression, his smell, his attitude, his words, everything about him is very attractive.


She couldn’t resist the urge to ravish him.




With a quick swipe of his tongue, Shizuru licked his upper lip.

The red tip of his tongue peeked out, and it was so seductive that it frightened her.




He held a charm so bewitching that she could almost taste it at the tip of her tongue.

Clarissa felt a dark urge welling up in her heart at the sight of him, a man with a feminine beauty mixed in, a person on the edge of contradiction, and for this reason she was attracted to him.



–Four distinct pairs of footsteps walk down a deserted street at night.


“I am sorry for the trouble. Thank you for showing us the way.”


The woman in the blue scarf, Oboro, said with a slight bow to Roa and Hawkeye, who were walking ahead.

At her words, Roa turned around his head. With a bright, innocent smile, he waved his hand in the air.


“No, no. It’s okay, Sinoa-san! When in trouble, we should always help one another.”


A look of genuine kindness.

Giving them the alias she used when she worked in the tavern here, Oboro bowed again respectfully.


“…… my apologies for the inconvenience.”


“No need to worry. We were going the same way anyway! Right, Hawk?”


“Yeah. So don’t worry about it.”


Muttering quietly, Hawkeye also turned around.

He looked at Oboro, who was following a few steps behind him, her eyes lowered in shame.

And walking beside Oboro was Mary, the little girl that Shizuru, the young man he had just met a few days ago, had with him.


According to her, she is an acquaintance of Shizuru and is looking after Mary tonight on his behalf as he had some matters to attend to.

But she got lost while looking around the city and couldn’t find the place where they were staying, then she saw Roa and his friend and called out to them.


“….When a friend of an acquaintance is in trouble, it’s not nice to ignore them.”


“That’s right! Besides, it’s not safe for a beauty like Sinoa-san to be walking around at night like this, is it?”




Her face flushed from the compliment, and she pulled up the fabric of her scarf to hide her face.


Seeing Oboro’s gestures, Roa felt that she was a cute person.


“So, Sinoa-san, what is your relationship with Shizuru-san? Are you his?”




When Oboro saw the little finger that Roa held up, she blushed even more.

Hawkeye poked Roa lightly on the head, no doubt in response to his disrespectful attitude.


“Ow! What was that for, Hawk?”


“That’s what I should ask. You’re being rude to someone you’ve just met.”


“Oh,……I don’t mind……,and Shizuru-san and I are just friends……”


Finally, Oboro replied hesitantly, her ears turning red.

However, it was obvious that she had feelings for Shizuru.

Eventually, unable to stand the shame, Oboro turned her head down and covered most of her face with her scarf.


And besides that.




Mary walked beside Oboro.

She had a vacant look in her eyes and has been muttering something to herself for a while now.


But her voice was too quiet to be heard from their position.

It’s also important to note that the movement of her mouth was so subtle that they didn’t even know she was talking.



“…..well. If you don’t mind Sinoa-san, I would like to ask a question.”


They had walked for a while, and the blush had faded from Oboro’s face.


Then, with a slightly more serious look in his eyes, Roa spoke up.


“Yes …… if I can answer.”


“Well, it’s just a simple question, really. I’d like to ask you about the customs of the Japone.”


Her black hair was rarely seen in the kingdom of Si Levant, while her skin tone was extremely white with no trace of any disease.

Because of her appearance, the fact that Oboro was a native of Japone was subtly revealed in the conversation that they had before they started to show her the way.


Therefore, Roa wanted to confirm with her the details of what Shizuru had told him earlier.


“The customs of Japone? I would be happy to tell you what I know.”


“Thanks. The other day, I heard from Shizuru-san, that there are regions where people have three black moles tattooed under their eyes to ward off evil.”


Roa tapped his fingertips under his left eye and told her so.

‘Oh, he said that.’ As if she knew what he was talking about, Oboro raised her voice.


–As a native Shinobi, Oboro was familiar with the customs of the various regions of Japone, which were part of the knowledge she needed for her undercover work.

However, as far as she knows, there are no places where black moles are uused as protection against evil.


However, she was aware of the fact that Shizuru had passed it off as a Japonais custom.

And that they will probably direct this question at herself as well.



As planned, Oboro nodded in agreement with Shizuru’s lie.


“Indeed, there are.”


“Oh! Where is it? We want to know about it! Can you tell us about it?”


Roa’s eyes widened slightly and he approached Oboro.


She was about to respond with the answers she had prepared beforehand.


–When suddenly. A silver knife, reflecting the moonlight, gleamed without warning.




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