Chapter 83.Snap

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The thread of reason was about to snap.


“I see……That’s an interesting story.”


He had lightly brushed his black hair, making a soft sound.

The ears, hidden by the hair, peep out and give off a soft fragrance at the same time. Aromatic.




Tilting the glass, lips wet with liquor.

His cheeks are slightly flushed, as if he is starting to get drunk.




Clarissa’s gaze, her consciousness, was completely fixed on Shizuru.


She didn’t want to take her eyes off him for even a moment.This image of beauty, conveyed through sight, is something she does not want to lose.


To even blink would be depressing.




A bewitching smile.

She felt as if the bottom of her stomach was being tickled sweetly.


Thirst. Thirsty ,so thirsty, she couldn’t stand it.

After wandering around the desert, she finally found an oasis and stopped in front of it.

That’s exactly what Clarissa was feeling at the moment.


“Oh, um, your……glass is empty, would you like another…..?”


“Thank you for your concern. I’ll have some”


He smiled softly and nodded with a slightly odd tone in his voice.

His eyes held a moisture in them that was not there at first.




Clarissa-who had been hungrily observing Shizuru’s every move with her eyes, unconsciously started salivating.

She was sure that if he kept going like this, he would soon be completely drunk.


“(Oh no, it’s dangerous now, if Shizuru-san gets drunk, I–)”


She didn’t know what she would do.

While desperately suppressing the dark impulses raging violently in her chest and managing to remain calm on the outside, Clarissa’s body trembled sweetly from the core, imagining the possibility of a future that would come to pass in a few minutes.




The image of her devouring the sizzle was vividly projected in her mind.

But she held on. She was not sure if she’ll be able to think of anything else, but she clenched her teeth and kept her composure.


–It was at this time that she remembered the medicine packet she had tucked into her pocket.


She placed her trembling hands on her knees, trying to calm herself down a little, when a rustling sound, similar to the rustling of clothes, rubbed her ears.


Searching through her pockets, her fingertips touched a small, triangularly folded medicine packet.


“(This ……)”


It was given to her during the day, or rather she was forced to take it.

A girl with light blue hair dropped her package when she bumped into her as they passed each other in town.

As a thank you for chasing the girl and returning the package – a fast-acting, aphrodisiac.**


[It’s a very good drug, made by a very good doctor, and it works very well. I’ll give you one as a thank you for helping me.]



She was carrying a bag bearing the name of one of the most reputable apothecaries in Labyrinthos.

She was probably an employee there, an apprentice doctor or something.


There’s no reason to be lied to, even with props, by someone she’s just bumped into.

Clarissa therefore had no doubt that this was the real thing.


With this she can–Shizuru, without fail–!!





A moment later, as if possessed by the desire that was screaming at her, Clarissa was ready to act.

The hand that was not holding the packet. A sharp pain flashed through her fingers.


Reflexively, she looked down.

When she looked, her finger was stuck on a nail tip that was sticking out of the table.


A bright red drop of blood swells from the wounded index finger.

The bright crimson color and the pain pushed Clarissa’s reasoning back a little.


“(—–Oh,—- what am I–!?)



Her face, which had been red from drinking, suddenly paled.

She realised what she was about to do and felt so much shame and self-loathing that she wanted to run away from the scene.


–Gently, he took the wounded woman’s hand.


“Are you okay?”


Before she knew it, Shizuru had left his seat and was next to Clarissa.

They had been close enough, even across the table from each other, but now they were less than half that distance apart.

At the very least, she could reach out and touch him.

In fact, Shizuru was touching Clarissa’s hand.


Soft, warm.

Skin so fine it’s hard to believe he’s a man, and well made nails.


Then Shizuru took Clarissa’s bleeding finger into his mouth.






Clarissa’s shoulders shuddered and an indescribable sound escaped from the back of her throat.


A warm tongue, hotter than her fingers, licked the wound.

The fingertips, stroked by the tongue.


“(What is this?)”


A slightly rough feeling. There was no pain at all when the wound was touched.

Instead, a sweet sensation crawled through her fingers and all over her body, and she was unable to even move.


“(It’s being licked clean.)”


Confused and unable to think clearly, it took Clarissa a long time to properly understand the situation.


Then she recalled the moment when Shizuru ran his tongue over his lips.

That tongue was now sucking her finger like this. Licking off the blood that oozed out.


The awareness of this situation slowly sunk in.

The thread of reason in her mind was quickly stretched to the point of severance.


“…….ha .You’ve stopped bleeding.”


Eventually, the sensation of Shizuru’s tongue slowly left Clarissa’s fingers.

What she felt at that moment was a sense of loss and intense loneliness, as if her whole heart was missing.

“Oh…..does it still hurt?”


Clarissa looked down at her saliva-soaked finger, tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

Shizuru, who mistook this was due to the pain of the wound, tilted his head in concern and asked.


Clarissa was about to ask for more licking, but barely managed to contain her words.

How can she say that?


What did he think of her silent, slightly open mouth?




Shizuru gently dropped a kiss on her finger, which had stopped bleeding.


“It’s a spell to make it stop hurting.”


Shizuru said, smiling, as he reached out to touch her lightly.

Clarissa’s eyes widened. The shock hit her so hard that she thought her heart had stopped for a moment.


And then – snap!

Clarissa heard the sound of the thread of reason, which had been barely held together, snapping easily.


Pouring the aphrodisiac into a glass of alcohol was as easy as it gets.



*huh is usually a sigh( Just in case some didnt know) unless followed by ? or !.

** An aphrodisiac is a substance that increases sexual desire, sexual attraction, sexual pleasure, or sexual behavior. Basically a drug to get people to do stuff in bed.


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