Chapter 84. Snapping


A thud.

It was only after hearing the sound of something falling right next to him that Roa noticed something was wrong.




A glance towards the source.

The next thing he knew, his partner Hawkeye was lying on the ground like a puppet with a broken string, his body twitching.




The blood was flowing freely from his neck as he fell.

Even in the purple moonlight that poured down from the night sky, the colour was horrifyingly red.


Unable to speak or move, Hawkeye simply twitched.

The location of the wound and the vast amount of blood on the ground.

It was clear to anyone who saw him that he could not be saved.




The scene was unexpected.

The unpleasant sensation of a pool of blood at his feet.


Looking down at his mortally wounded partner, he was completely paralysed.

He was so confused by the suddenness of the situation that he could not even open his mouth.


–Therefore. He, too, will meet the same end.




With a blow to the back, Roa was thrown to the ground.

Inevitably, he fell into the pool of blood. The disgusting warmth, the distinctive metallic smell of blood, and the impact of crashing into the hard ground all struck him at once.

Thankfully, the pain he experienced somehow brought him back to his senses.

Unfortunately, he returned to his senses too late.




Someone was on his back.

Their weight was light. Much lighter than Roa, who was small for a man.


“Mother, Mother”


The person on his back kept muttering something in a muffled voice.

But what they were saying was too quiet for Roa to hear.


“Mother, Mother, Mother”


“Gubuh ……?”*


There was a rush of pain and a scorching heat between his shoulder blades and spine.

It took him a moment to realize that he had been stabbed with a knife or something.


He tried to scream and flail, but could not move at all.

The weight on his back was light and not very strong, but he was pinned down firmly to the ground and could not speak.


“Mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother–”


“Gah, Guh, Ah, Ow”


The knife was then pulled out and plunged into another part of the body.

This happened repeatedly.


Each of the stabs avoided the hard bones and pierced the gaps in the skeleton.

The stab wounds were clearly the work of someone familiar with the structure of the human body, including the fact that they were inflicted with minimal force and with perfect precision.


However, there is nothing that can be done about it, even if Roa was given such information

“(What is this……..What the hell is this?…!?)”


As the pain and blood loss took its toll on his consciousness, Roa was unable to speak properly and inwardly questioned himself.

Of course, there was no reply. Instead, the knife, for the umpteenth time, plunged into his back.




The pain of the stab was no longer noticeable, and he knew he was dying.

There were at least seven fatal wounds. Even if he survived this moment, he would not be able to get medical attention in time. It would only prolong the suffering.

Those were the kind of stabs that were being inflicted on him


“(This is how it ends…..)”


It’s been six years since his childhood friend invited him to leave the village where he grew up.

It was a lot of hard work, but the result was a successful climb up the ranks.


Everything that they had accumulated together was about to come to an end so easily.

What a disappointing end.




They grabbed him by the hair, lifted his head and put a knife to his neck.

He saw the hand that held the knife. It was the hand of a small child.


“That’s it, mother. I did my best today.”


A voice came from right behind him. It sounded like a child’s voice.

In his dazed state, Roa thought that there was someone else with him besides Hawkeye, but his thoughts did not go any further.

The knife held towards him ripped out his throat.




The last thing he saw was his own blood spurting out and spilling all over the ground.

He fell into an eternal sleep, unable to leave even a single word behind.





It is not the way things were supposed to be.

As she looked at the Mary who had stabbed Roa to death, Oboro sighed.


The plan was not to kill them here.

They were to be lured to a suitable place, captured and held as prisoners for interrogation.


Shizuru said that they could kill him because he would make sure that one of them would be caught, but he was only doing this to put Oboro and the others out of danger.


It is much more difficult to capture them alive than to kill them. In addition, the opponents are skilled enough to have destroyed the Seventh Unit of Black Maria. There was no need to underestimate them.


But it’s always better to have more than one person to interrogate.

Therefore, Oboro intended to capture Roa and Hawkeye.


Since the Fafnir mercenaries were interested in Japonais, they would certainly be interested in her if she appeared since she was a Japonais.

The reason Mary accompanied her was because she thought that if she took her along and told them that she knew Shizuru, it would make them more careless.


It was a good plan.

However, Oboro’s brow furrowed in regret as she realized that she shouldn’t have brought Mary along.


“I’m done.”


Mary, covered in blood, rose unsteadily on her feet.

Oboro’s ears, which could hear even the sound of a dog whistle, caught the faint murmur of her voice.


–Mary’s mind was highly unstable.

Raised without any affection until she was twelve, she could only stay sane under the care of Shizuru or Beth, the only people she opened her heart to.


“Mother, I finished. I’ve done my best. Praise me, Mother, praise me.”


Even though Oboro had told her what to do, she had ignored it.

This is because Shizuru said it was okay to kill them.


Love Addiction.


This was the most appropriate way of describing Mary’s condition.


The reason why she performs the work of Black Maria is not for money or for the organization.

She simply wants to be praised by Shizuru and to be loved forever.


That’s all she wants.


“Mother, I’ve finished……will you pick me up? Can we go home? Right?”




Mary ran off down a narrow alleyway as quickly as she could.

Oboro tried to chase after her, but she stopped immediately.




With a fed-up look in her eyes, she gazed down at the bodies of the two dead men.

Unfortunately, this road is not far from the watchmen’s night watch route.


That means that someone has to clean this up.

And there’ s only one person who can do it.




Oboro was one of the few people of comparatively high sense of decency among the members of Black Maria, which could be counted on one hand.

That is why she often gets the short end of the stick in these situations.



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