Chapter 60. The avenger clings


The first thing she heard in the morning was the chirping of birds through the open window.

 The next thing she felt was the feeling of someone gently stroking her hair.

 Ludmila who was sleeping till now, woke up like a bubble which rose to the surface.


 The first thing she noticed when she woke up was the weight of her eyelids, followed by the feeling of sluggishness in her body..

Her body temperature is always lower than normal due to the ice magic in her eye.

 That was why she was born with low blood pressure, and that’s why it was always hard for her in the morning, but even with that in mind, she felt particularly sore this morning.

 However, she felt somewhat comfortable with the soreness.

 The thoughts that left her feeling sleepy were not well organized, and she was about to fall back into sleep.


“Good morning, Ludmila”.

When she heard his voice, all the sleepiness and lethargy left her. The feeling of heaviness was gone, and her eyes opened with a snap.

Ludmila’s eyes were now unobstructed, and she saw Shizuru looking down at her with a smile on his face.

 The feeling of her hair being stroked with his fingertips.
 And, for some reason, she realized that she was sleeping on Shizuru’s thighs.


 After grasping the situation and staring vacantly at the Shizuru’s face for a while.

 She recalled what happened last night.

 Thin sheets hung over her naked body.

 The heat remaining in the lower abdomen and slight discomfort like pain and itching.
 They clearly told her that what happened last night was not a dream.


Ludmila’s face turned bright red.

 She felt shame remembering the scene where she spent the night with Shizuru and devoured him.

 At the same time, some excitement filled her as well.
 A young man with a beautiful appearance, and she did whatever she wanted with him for the night.

“Let’s go take a shower? Do you want me to wash your hair?”

 His voice tickled her ears and brought her back to reality.

 Ludmila finally realized that she was in a terrible state after being told that.

 She felt extremely ashamed and turned away from Shizuru.
 and muttered in a dying voice.


 She felt a bit luxurious to take a bath early in the morning.
 While taking a shower, Ludmila was wondering if she was the only one who thought so.

“Is it hot?”

“No… it’s just right”

Ludmila was prone to hot water poisoning and preferred to warm up quickly in hot water.
 The sudden change in temperature may not be good for her, but she liked it, so it couldn’t be helped.

“Hey, Shizuru.”


Without looking back at Shizuru, who was washing her hair behind her, she spoke quietly. She was embarrassed to look at his face. It drove her a bit crazy to say that yesterday she had a much more extreme experience than this.

She thought Shuzuru might not be able to hear her over the noise of the shower, but he didn’t miss a beat and spoke back to her.

 For some reason, this made Ludmila very happy.

“I… can’t stop taking revenge. I hate them. I can’t stand them. I can’t forgive them for killing my parents.”

“… I see.”

 Shizuru’s response was short, but she felt like he was telling her that she could do whatever she wanted.

“But I’m sure I’ll get depressed again like yesterday.”

 Ludmila’s vengeance was nothing but to make someone else feel the same way as Ludmila herself.
 In other words, it is a chain .Unless it is cut off somewhere, it is nothing but an endless cycle .

 Ludmila finally realized such a simple thing yesterday, and she could not break the chain.

 But she couldn’t accept the new chain that wrapped around her with a snort, nor could she ignore it as if it weren’t her business.
She takes revenge under the heavy pressure of steel.

 Ludmila was not strong enough to walk barefoot on such a needle-covered road.

 That’s why.

“If I get hurt and break down… will you comfort me again?”

 It relieves the pain. Ludmila found the pleasure like a narcotic drug.
 She asked Shizuru if she could have it again.

 He smiled very gently and nodded.

“If I can get rid of your pain even a little, it’s inevitable.”


 At the positive words, Ludmila’s heartbeat jumped.

 She felt as if her spine had been patted with feathers, and her shoulders trembled.

 Her heart beats faster now that they were alone in the shower.
 She could feel the frustrating sweetness underneath her navel.

“Well, then…”

 Ludmila slowly looked back at Shizuru who had turned her on. She put her hands on his chest, exposing her slender body which was wet with hot water.

 Her eyes swayed with deep emotion. She asked, with her head slightly tilted upward.

“Is now… okay?”

 It was more than half an hour after they left the bathroom.
 In the end, Ludmila, who was poisoned by hot water, was cured by Shizuru’s healing magic.


“We had a lot of fun yesterday, didn’t we?”

 A smile that seemed to make a sound effect.
 In the west section of the royal capital, she was dressed in a famous high school uniform.

“You looked forward to it yesterday!”

Her fluffy, wavy brown hair sways, and her left eye, which was brown like her hair, and her right eye, which was green and reminiscent of sickness, were tinted with curiosity.

 Eliza smiled cutely at Ludmila, who stood expressionless in front of her.


“Yesterday was fun…”

“Don’t be a prankster or I’ll shoot you.”

 She had a muzzle on her brain.

“Huh!? Hey, don’t get angry, Ludmila! Isn’t that a cute joke that makes you want to kill me? Also, did you have a gun like that?”

“Goodness, it actually made me want to kill you very much. And I bought this one just recently. It’s perfect for self-defense, because you can hide it in your skirt and if you don’t like someone, you can shoot them right away. …… Oh, you know, just like now.”

“Oh my gosh! Don’t raise the firing pin! Help me, Beth!”

 It was too late to reflect on her bad behavior.

 Eliza tried to break away from the situation where she was about to be shot in, she lightly knocked on her forehead twice.

 She collapsed for a moment and her personality switched.
 When she looked up, there was no trace of Eliza, and in her place was Beth, who looked up at Ludmila in front of her with half an eye that seemed to be lacking in cuteness.


After the changeover, she half-heartedly spat out the usual swear words.

 Staring at Ludmila, who was taller than her, Beth pushed the muzzle away with her fingertips, sighing.

“It’s terrible. How stupid are you to cry at a gun with no bullets in it? It’s not easy for a good girl like Ludmila, to shoot people.”

 Somewhat derisive, as usual, she said that in her twisted tone.
 The good girl’s part was very stinging, but she was still laughing through her nose.

“You got garbage on your hair….”


Beth’s hand reached out to Ludmila’s hair as she lowered her empty pistol, distracted by the personality switch.

 Her fingertips plucked out the smooth black hair. It was not the same as Ludmila’s hair, which was dyed a deep blue, but it was Shizuru’s hair.


 Beth snickered and threw the string of black hair away rudely.
 She walked away with a hard thud as she slipped past Ludmila.

“It’s really terrible.”

She left a small, abhorrent swear as she passed.


“…I hate you so much.”

She clutched the hem of her skirt so tightly that it threatened to tear the fabric apart.

Mary stared at Ludmila with red eyes and spat out her vindictiveness with a face that looked like she was about to kill her.

“My mother’s clothes smell like yours.”

The corners of her eyes were covered with tear stains, as if she had cried herself to sleep.

There was nothing but hostility visible in her eyes.

“Don’t try to take my mother away. Don’t take my mother away from me.”

A pleading command in a trembling voice.

 Mary’s dependence on Shizuru was so profound that she was on the verge of lethal tenderness.

 She couldn’t even fall asleep without him in her life.
 Last night, she cried so hard that Beth had to nurse her to sleep.

“If you try to take my mother away again–”

The two knives hidden in the back of her clothes were pulled out with a crunching sound. The tip of a broken sword she received from Shizuru was pointed at Ludmila.

“–I’ll tear you apart.”

Her light green eyes had no hint of humour in them. She was determined not to let her only family be taken from her, even if it means killing someone.


“I’m sorry. I want Shizuru, too.”

On one knee, at eye level, eyebrows slightly lowered, Ludmila said so.

 The poison had been poured out of her, and so had she.

 In order to continue living the way she is, in order to get her revenge, she needs Shizuru’s support – and more than that, she wants him.


 Her words were cut short.

 They were interrupted by the sound of metal screaming in her ears.


The knife stopped by her neck, and the tip of the knife trembled.

 It was going to cut off Ludmila’s carotid artery, but it was blocked by the dagger between the stripes.

“Don’t disturb me…!”


 Mary glared back at the sudden intruder ,Oboro.

 However, Ludmila looked down at Mary silently and pulled the knife in a slightly frightened manner, perhaps because she felt something about her, she shook her head.

 Then she ran to Shizuru, who was making breakfast with Cheshire.

“…oh, I thought I was going to die… I survived.”

 Obora nodded and disappeared as Ludmilla lightly thanked her with cold sweat on her cheeks.

 …Was it just a coincidence that she looked a little worse than usual?
 Only Oboro herself knew the answer.

 By the way, Camilla has been in the dungeon since last night, so there was no need to worry about contact.


“Hey, Cheshire. I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to pass on your offer to arrange for the boss to transfer me to …… the fourth unit.”

 The breakfast table was greeted in an atmosphere that felt a little prickly.

 Cheshire smiled sadly at Ludmila’s words.

“Oh, that’s too bad. I thought I’d make new friends. Can I ask you why?”


 Sometimes she wasn’t confident that she could get along with Cheshire and Camilla.

 If she stays here, it’s no joke that she will probably fall down with a hole in her stomach, or she will be killed before that.”

 –And above all.

“Probably because I can’t. I’m leaving.”

 While looking sideways at the Shizuru feeding Mary pancakes. Ludmila told him so with a woman’s face.