Chapter 10 Part 1



Act.3: School’s life.


I managed to pass the oral examination, and my application was finally accepted. Due to the fact that the process would take awhile, we returned to the villa to rest. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door and came in. 






Hearing daddy’s anxious voice, I sat up in a hurry and tried to stand up. While fixing my dress, daddy pulled me into his arms and tightly embraced me.


“Alicia~. I was really worried. Daddy tried his best to finish his work and came to meet you!”


I was squeezed painfully to Daddy’s chest as he both hugged and cried at the same time.   


“Father! I can’t breathe! I’m fine now so please let go of me!”


Hearing my pleas, Daddy once again squeezed me tightly into his embrace then finally let me go, unwillingly.


“Are you sure you’re not hurt anywhere? When I heard the news my heart sank like I was on the edge of dying! You’re not hurt anymore?”


“Father, I’m telling the truth so please believe me, I am fine now… So please calm down.”


Daddy was uneasy while checking me from head to toes, making sure I had no wounds.  He raised both of his hands, sofly squeezed mine. As I thought, he must have really worried…


“ Is that so? If I was the one who did the protection spell then that couldn’t have happened to you.. How pitiful, my lovely daughter…”


“Father, I’m really alright… Don’t worry.”


As I thought everything would be solved as I softly talked to him, Daddy suddenly grabbed my shoulders.


“Mo,mo,moreover! What do you mean by enrolling??? Where is Anne-Marie??”


“You’re late to notice, Stephen.”


Her voice came from the direction of the door. Mommy arrived at the right time. 

Daddy finally released me from his hands and stood up.


“Anne-Marie! Aren’t you too cruel? You didn’t even answer my calls!! How could you do that to your husband?”


“Haven’t I perfectly conveyed my feelings  through my words? I told you that I allowed her to enroll in the academy. Even if you say something now, she already passed the test and I already finished all the paperwork.”


“How could you? Don’t you forget that Alicia can’t see!? Not to mention the one who dared to touch my daughter hasn’t been caught yet. Don’t you think that it’s irresponsible of you, leaving her here in this dangerous place?”


“I am and I was against the idea at first! However, didn’t I tell you earlier that our action won’t do any good to Alicia? We couldn’t help but give her a hand anytimes we’re close. We can’t continue like this. The Rector also promised that if Alicia is officially accepted as a student here, she will tighten the security and carry out the whole investigation in return. Moreover, this is what Alicia wanted.”




Daddy became speechless at Mommy who got upset and expressed her frustration in one breath. 


Trying to ease the atmosphere, I softly announced the winner this time was Mommy, and turned to where Daddy was standing and told him in a lively voice. 


“Father, I  really am a selfish person. And mother  only did that for my sake. I also have something I want to discuss with you. It has been awhile since the 3 of us gathered, how about having some refreshment together?”


“Alicia,… You’re right. It has been awhile so let’s talk. I’m acting like this because father is only concerned about your wellbeing. Just please don’t forget that I love you with all my heart.”


“Of course, father. It is true that I am also worried because the criminal hasn’t been caught yet. But it’s one of my purposes to do it with my own hands. However, I promised Lady Rector that I would leave the investigation to her. About that, can you ask her to let me do it?”


“I can but…”


“Moreover, I am so thrilled! Father, I can finally go to school! Can you feel how happy I am?”




Looking at me shrugging my shoulders, cutely expressing my excitement, daddy couldn’t help but pull me into his embrace. But right at that moment, mommy hit him on the shoulders and separated us. Daddy seemed to become upset at her doing that. 


“Now, let’s have a fun refreshment, then see what you need for your new semester, we can send it to you from home. We need to get the best things for Alicia. The only thing left is the protection spell. To annoy the criminal, let’s get you a special maid.”


Mommy seemed to agree with Daddy’s decision. 


“That’s right. I’ll have the Rector give her the biggest room that is located in the highest security place here. I’ll have a word with her right away. Then I will trust you with picking the maid and everything else.”


“I understand. Anne-Marie, we have to give Alicia the best environment, aren’t we?”


“Of course, dear.”


Mommy left without having a sip of her tea. I turned my attention to daddy and began my discussion about the investigation with him.


“Father, is it fine now?”


“Yes, my lovely Alicia, what’s wrong?”


I told him everything about what happened. I also want his advice about what or how I should do next. 


“So that’s what happened, of course I believe you. If you are so sure about the feeling of the stamp on that student then that student is definitely suspicious.”


“But I am so confused because Lady Emilia  really is a kind person.”


“That Lady Emilia you mentioned must be the daughter of Baron Fredcécht. There are a lot of rumors around them, both good and bad. Even if you’re so sure about the lady, we can’t be sure that her family is good.”


“What do you mean by that, father?”


Daddy started to talk in a serious tone as I straightened my posture. 


“Right now, that family is thirsty for a strong connection. Those rumors that you heard before back in our house are also their doings by using a lot of money. I think their purpose is to have a strong connection with the Royal family. I can’t say that Lady Emilia is innocent and does not have anything to do with them, but I am sure that the Fredcécht family has bad deeds toward anyone who gets in their way.”


“Oh my… Then, there is a chance that Lady Emilia is not doing it because she wanted to but because she is being pushed to?”


“It is a possibility. You’re going to investigate here from now on, am I right?”


“Yes. The moment when I felt the sign was only a brief moment, but Karl said that there was no light coming from her wrist…”


“So that is the reason why you became so confused and lost confidence in your judgment.”


“Yes, father.”


I lowered my head, and replied in a small shaky voice. Daddy patted my head. 




“No, I just thought that it was as expected of my daughter. But you must know that your judgement is never  wrong. If you say the lady is the criminal only based on your senses, it wouldn’t end well for you.”


I was taken back by what daddy said.


“What do you mean by that?”


“Baron Fredcécht, their family overall, desired a strong political position among the nobles. When we think about it, if you ‘accused’ their daughter to be the criminal who harassed you just by your feelings and without any physical evidence, your action would have damaged Prince Karl’s reputation. I don’t know if the lady wished for this or not, the accident would likely end up with you two’s engagement being canceled, that would be her chance to become his marriage partner. Everything will happen as they wanted.”




“However, you calmly thought through the situation and did not make any hasty move, your action must have spoiled their perfect plan. Which also means that the main key for the Fredcécht family to achieve their goals is you, Alicia.” 


“‘The main key’, you say?”


“We cannot push out the possibility of another person being the criminal, but I am sure that everything would come to light when we start investigating. The Knights and the Law department will likely be involved in this case. If the criminal ends up to be an outsider, the Knights will deal with it, but if it is a person from the inside, the academy’s rector would publicly announce it. I can’t say anything right now, but if the evidence you find points to lady Emelia, she alone will face the consequences. However, if I find out that the Baron was the one who is behind everything, you have nothing against your father giving them the harsh punishment they deserve, right? ..To their existence..*mumbles*” 


Saying something so horrific but in a jokingly tone, Daddy’s face must be really dark right now. I gave him a bitter smile as a reply.


“Thank you, father. For now, let’s not start the investigation with the conviction of Lady Emelia’s guilt. I will search for the evidence by myself. Of course, Kate and Karl will be helping me. Even though you told me about Lady Emilia and the Baron Fredcécht family acting strangely, I still wish to give my all to find out the truth!”


“As expected of my daughter.”


Daddy laughed softly and patted me on the head. 


“Understood. Then let Kate follow you to school. If it’s her then she already knows about the whole situation. What’s left is your protection. I’ll get you a female knight from the Knights department.”


“Yes, father!”


“But promise me If something happens and you cannot deal with it, you must call your father immediately.”


“Of course I will!”


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