Chapter 3 Part 1


—• Karl’s determination•—


On the way back from the Duke’s residence, Karl couldn’t brush off what happened today. 


Everything was fine until her hand left mine and she headed forward. Alicia was only running toward the goal, but she didn’t know that the wolf (beast) was waiting right in front of her. I could not forget what I saw because it was really really horrible. Nevertheless, she was innocently smiling at me before making a jump to the goal. 


That is the first time Karl understood that her life could be endangered because of her blindness.  

Alicia was safe this time because Karl used the forbidden magic to kill off the beast on time.   But when no one is around hox will she escape safely in those kinds of situations? Just to imagine it terrifies Karl.

For Karl, Alicia is his first friend and at the same time,…..his first love. 


From the day they met 2 years ago, how many times had the two of them played and chatted, it is not strange to say that only in front of her can he show his true self. Black hair and red eyes are Royalty noticeable features and the fact was known amongst people. Whenever he goes, people greet him when they realize he is from the Royal family but people don’t even know which prince he is. At their first meeting, Alicia didn’t sweet talk to him like other nobles do, it would be understandable because she’s blind, she talked back to him just because she found him rude. Karl felt like Alicia was looking straight to his soul. For him, who is sick of how fake the nobles are, what she did was..special. Moreover, it was the first time for him to be able to properly introduce himself. Only with her, he can be the 7 years old boy, not Karl the Prince. 


Alicia is really adorable.

Maybe she doesn’t even realize but, with her long shiny platinum blond hair, her small face, and how her big and clear purple eyes reflect the sky, no one would deny the fact that Alicia is a transcendental beautiful girl. When Alicia smiles, Karl feels like holding his breath. 

And to have witnessed the lovely Alicia, running towards the direction of the beast while smiling was terrible. She can’t actually see a thing, so even if being told there is a wolf in front of her, she wouldn’t understand how horrifying the situation was. 

Something like that was right in front of her, how close it was from her, how dangerous it was..Alicia will never be able to understand its true meaning. 

When Alicia asked him to teach her magic, she was okay even only with defence magic, but a different feeling sprouted inside Karl. 

—-You can’t even protect Alicia by yourself!


Inside Karl’s head, from now on Alicia’s safety plan is being calculated, and he decides to follow his decision until the end.


—• The secret magic training days•—


I met Karl at the usual place and we began our secret training the very next day after the accident.   


– Alicia, Let’s try using magic shall we?

– Yes! teacher!

– Stop with that teacher thing. I’m studying too.

– Fufu, alright. But really, thank you.


As I gave him my thank you while smiling, Karl then replied to me with a curious voice.

– For what?

– The same thing I told you yesterday, it is difficult for me to use magic, so no one in the Duke’s residence would tell me about it. If things get out there will be biiiiiig trouble.

– Hahaha! So you’re saying  the Duke will get angry if someone teaches you magic?

– It’s possible. 

– Let’s definitely keep this a secret.. Father also told me not to get on the Duke’s bad side.

Karl suddenly changed from cheerful to a really hard voice. 

– Why is that?

– Why, you say.. Don’t you know the Holsten Duke’s family is known to be the guardian of the Royal family. If someone in our house does something bad, the Duke is the only one person who can lecture us. 

– Is my dad that great?

– I heard…the Duke himself saved my Father many times when they were students. That’s why Father can’t say a word back to him.    

– Father…

I can somehow imagine how daddy was when he was a student. 

As I sigh, Karl tries his best to follow up.

– Bb..but, Cloud said the two of them have a great relationship! But it would be troublesome to be lectured so let’s try our best keeping this secret!

– You are right! Okay! 

Just like that, we practiced magic while keeping it a secret from my parents.

Karl did his best in teaching me, but I couldn’t seem to grasp how it works even with that much explaining.

– It’s no.. I told you, you have to put your hand like this to use magic. -Karl fixed my hand position while explaining.

– Like this?

– Hmmm, I can’t seem to feel your magic Alicia.


First off, in order to feel magic, I practiced on how to release it from my inner body. But it didn’t turn out well.


– this?

– No. If you ask how it feels then it is like the Duke casted a protection spell on you.

– Father?

–  Yeah, maybe the Duke himself casted it in order to protect you. Do you have any idea when?

– This morning Father came to my room, he gave me greetings and kissed me on my forehead like usual. Maybe that time?

Karl answered mischievously to me titling my head.

– That must be it. I feel more at ease with this. You quite a tomboy you know.

– That’s again!? I am already a lady!!

– Sorry sorry! Hey, shall we try it one more time?

– Okay!


We practiced mostly everyday, but it all ended up a failure. I wasn’t even able to release a little bit of magic. However, not everything was a failure, it’s not that much but it seems I was able to softly stamp on his hand with magic. 

Karl explained, the stamp seems to be invisible but lightened up when I touched it. Just like when you released your magic, the stamp place gets hotter and redder than the other body part. And in the moment the stamp will lightly glow. 


– It’s pretty.

– Hmm?

– Alicia’s stamp is really pretty when it shines.

– Really?

– Yeah, I wish you would be able to see this..

– I can feel it’s getting hotter when I touch it.. Are you okay?

– It’s not that hot. Just thinking that Alicia’s stamp is on my hand, it makes me happy.

Karl said it in a feverish voice then hugged me. 


Time passed by, and it has been a year since we started practicing magic. 

Even though I am still unable to do any attack magic or defensive one, but the time I spent with Karl was really enjoyable. In the end, the only thing I am able to do is stamping, it can be considered magic at least, but just  that gives me some hope. I still have to be protected by someone else, but as Daddy once told me what the Mage  told him: if you keep learning you will be able to do it someday. It was supposed to be me and Daddy’s secret but I ended up telling Karl our conversation. 


Our lessons came to an end, to show my appreciation I bowed my head down and thanked him. Why am I doing this? Because today is the last day of our training. 

– Thank you Karl, for everything you did.

– Why so sudden?

– I heard from Father. You, as a prince, have a lot to study, like sword and magic training, and others.. But you still gave me some of your time. And to think that I can no longer meet you everyday like this anymore is quite upsetting.

– Alicia..

– But of course, I’ll keep practicing everyday. And I don’t want you to overworked yourself for my sake. 

I moved towards where Karl’s voice was and smiled. After a little bit of silence, Karl gave out a small sigh. 

– So you heard, Alicia. I was told by my Father yesterday too. As a Royalty and a Prince, I have a duty to fulfill. There are a lot of things I need to know and I am scheduled to be taught by Duke Holsten himself from now on. 

To think Daddy is going to become Karl’s teacher is quite wholesome. I was surprised, made a blink and looked towards Karl. 

– Oh my! My father will?

– Ye..yeah, Duke Holsten is famous throughout the continent for his achievements and his powers. His excellency promised me that he will teach me well. But it is sad that I can’t  meet you like this anymore. Still, we can have a tea party next time. I think it will be okay to do that. 

– Yeah! I’m excited!


Just like that our last training day came to an end. 

When we bid our farewell, I could not bring myself to say “see you tomorrow” like I did until now. We are still children, we can’t do anything to change what the adults have decided. 

Regarding myself, I heard from Daddy that new lessons are added to my schedule. So our children’s playtime is over, I’m sad. Karl then took my dripping hand and held it tightly.


– Alicia!!Even if the Duke said it is impossible for me, I am not going to lose you nor give you up! I am going to live here in the future with you!


Being told that by Karl caught me off guard, I couldn’t think of anything to say back so I just nodded. 



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