Chapter 4 Part 1. Restless footsteps


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—• Karl’s departure •—


It was the afternoon at the Duke residence’s lawn 5 years after we got engaged, Karl’s voice echoed just like any other day. 


“Alicia, Thank you for waiting.”


As we turned 18, it would be weird for us to keep playing chase like when we were kids, so the lawn was rearranged with all the ropes replaced with a table and seats for us to have tea together. 


“You are late Karl!”


“I’m really, really sorry.”


When I got off from my seat and stood up to welcome Karl, I was suddenly buried in his firm chest. Lately, he has even become taller than me. He engulfed my whole body in his arms, I then realized that Karl had really grown. 


“Wait, Karl!! It’s stuffy.”


“Ah, Sorry. I must have gotten over excited because it has been a while since we met.”


After saying that, he put me down on the chair and set the table. When I heard the sounds of sweet’s wrapping, I raised my hand forward to search for my plate. Noticing me, Karl kindly took my hand and guided it to where the sweet were placed. Everytime I think about it, I just can’t help but fall in love with his kindness.


“Thank you, Karl.”


“It’s nothing.”


We talked while enjoying our sweets. Then suddenly Karl stopped and seemed to gaze at me. 


“Is everything alright Alicia?”


Maybe because we were always together, he could notice right away if something was wrong with me. Maybe deep down I really wanted to get this heaviness out of my chest, if it was him… So I decided to tell him everything.


“I got invited to a tea party by the young lady of maquis Alistair.”


After the engagement party, I have refused all the invitations to tea parties using the fact that I couldn’t see as an excuse. But as the fiance of the Prince,  I couldn’t keep refusing them. So I thought it would be fine to join some gatherings,  and Mommy will also come with me.   


“Now that you mentioned it, the Maquis did say something about his daughter, who is around our age, wanting to be friends with us.”


“Yes! I heard about her and that’s why I decided to accept the invitation! But she secretly arranged for my mother’s seat to be separated from me, and said a lot of malicious things to me when I was completely isolated.”


“What? How dare she? What did she do to you?”-he shouted. 


“It’s not that big of a deal. But she changed the table setting intentionally, then asked me, a blind person, to pass her the sugar and the plate of sweets… It was only that but it seems I was being mocked because I can’t see. So frustrating!”


“That is really mean.”


“She told me she felt sorry for you, Karl. And also saying something like she is more suitable for you. So mean!”


As I was telling him, I remembered how badly I was treated and got really sad that tears started to drop. Karl’s warm hand caressed my head, and moved from his chair to the one next to me, then gently embraced my pitiful-self.


“Never mind what she said. You are the one and only for me Alicia. I can’t not think about marrying someone else but you…  However, It is too cruel, I can’t not leave things like this..”


While caressing my head, Karl said in a low voice, full of (or dripping with) resentment.


“Oh, you don’t need to do anything!”


“Why not? You have been insulted, Alicia!”


Thanks to his hug, I calmed down a little bit and fixed my hair then smiled at him.


“That is because I paid her back!”


“You.. did?”


“She was really mean. So I pretended to have slipped my hand and sprinkled juice all over her!”


People say 18 is the age when you are a half adult and a half child. In a few more months, Karl will be heading to the academy. There is only one school in the country, you can attend it whether you are a noble or a commoner. However, because of how expensive it costs, only some exceptional commoners who received patronage from nobels can register due to their strong magic power. It is also possible for a commoner to be accepted if he has been well taught from a early age.  

It is considered common for a noble to enter the academy when they reached the age, but my entry was denied because I was blind. 

To be honest, that happened at today’s tea party too. I was mocked for that reason, and also the fact that everyone knows I am a burden to Karl. It’s sad but it is the truth. I can’t do anything about being blind, but I tried my best to take care of everything by myself, I even listened to the recorded lessons many times to improve my knowledge. 

But in the end, they still denied me because I am blind. 


“You are going to enter the academy soon. 5 years…”


“Ah, I couldn’t bring myself to leave you behind. I’m worried about you, Alicia.”


“I’m not going to do something dangerous… it’s just, I wish we could go together, I hoped..”


Karl gently stroked my head when he heard me mumble. His hand was so tender that it made me want to cry. 

Everything was absurd to me too in my previous life. There was no limit to human’s greed either. I finally got reincarnated, a new life to begin. 

I want to run.

I want to play. 

I want to learn. 

I want to be with Karl. 

I want to go to school too. 

My greed has increased over time. 

Maybe living is mean like this. 


Looking at the desperate me, Karl kindly called my name with his gentle voice. 

“Everything will be alright, I will always think about you in my heart Alicia. And will never forget to reply to your letters.”

Saying that, Karl then put something in my hand. 


“This is your telecommunication device. Do you know about it?”


“Thank you Karl. Father used that device to talk to me when he was far away.”


“That’s right! It’s a magic device, it doesn’t run by magic so you can comfortably use it.”


“.. a magic device?”


“Yeah,..keeping magic a secret away from you. It seems the Duke house hasn’t changed at all.”


On his comment, I felt a little bit sorry for myself. Karl poked my cheek with his finger.


“Anyway, from now on I need you to learn how to use the device. If not, I won’t be able to go to school.”  (;⌣̀_⌣́)


“I got it! I will tell Mother and Father that you got me this. They might not tell me about the magic part, but they will certainly allow me to use it like my recorder.” (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ


“If that is so, I would be happy! Are you feeling better? A quiet Alicia is on the contrary scary for me.”


I raised my head up and made an angry face.

“That is really rude!”  (╬ Ò︿Ó) 


As I softly punched his chest repeatedly, Karl made a big laugh and pulled me in for a hug.

“A haha! Just like that! I love the usual Alicia the most!”


Whenever I felt blue, just listening to Karl’s voice made me feel relieved and I would regain my confidence.  


“I love you too, Karl.”


Karl gently stroked my hair as I hugged him back.


And then, spring came, Karl entered the academy far, faraway.


—•Karl and his self-conscious•—


In front of Alicia who said she wanted to go to school, Karl clenched his hand then slowly pulled her into his chest. 

Listening to her story from the tea party, he could not believe that his shy, endearing fiance had become more and more adorable.

Karl had become taller lately, as his body became harder from all the training, he couldn’t help but notice Alicia’s delicate shoulder. If he was not careful, he would unconsciously try to hug her imminently. While he feels manlier as time passes, Alicia becomes more feminine at the same time. 


All the childish parts of body got replaced by delicate but curvy lines, her face got more dolicen with a little hint of elegance. Alicia has always been pretty, but she has become more beautiful lately, it is undeniable. People can’t help but gaze at her when they notice her. However, because she can’t see how she looks like herself, Alicia always has anxiety about her own appearance. She still laughs, gets mad, snugs in his arms like she always does before. But right now everything seems like a test for his patience and self control. 


Whenever they are together, Cloud and Kate or other maids will also be nearby so of course he couldn’t do anything. The situation was not easy for him who sees Alicia as a woman now. That’s why it will be difficult for him to spend 5 years in the academy. He couldn’t endure his desire to sneakily smell Alicia when giving her the magic device. 


To be separated from each other until adulthood will be a challenge to him. So if it’s just a kiss… He thought. 

As Karl looked up and made a sign, the standmaid closed her eyes and backed down a few steps.

After checking that no one was around anymore, he looked down at her and gently stroked her hair a few times. Karl grabbed her delicate shoulder and looked straight at her. 


“Alicia, I will certainly do my best. Therefore, can you wait until I return?”


“..I understand.”


Alicia tilted her head and sweetly smiled at him. Karl seemed to lose all his reasoning in front of her. How could you be this adorable!?- He thought, while scratching his head hard. 

~ლ(⁄ ⁄>⁄ 益 ⁄<⁄ ⁄ლ)!!


—•Alicia’s worries•—


Today I joined the tea party with Mother. It has been 3 years since Karl entered the academy.

We could only meet once a year due to his busy schedule, whenever we met, Karl became more of a fine young man. Only me, spending days with nothing to do, looking forward to his return made me feel like being left behind. 


“Have you heard the rumor? Lady Alicia?”


The lady sitting beside me whispered to my ears. 


“What do you mean?”


“Oh my! So you haven’t! Everyone has been talking about it lately.”




“The rumor is Prince Karl has been sharing a passionate love with the Count daughter. And to think that he could do that while having a fiance? That’s quite something. Don’t be deceived by him, lady Alicia~”


The ladies didn’t try to hide the fact that they were making fun of me. 

I couldn’t keep putting up a face, so I used the fan to cover my trembling lips. 

Karl is?

With the Count’s daughter?

How could ..!

The Karl who always worried and took care of me, is throwing me away? …




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