Blind daughter 5.1



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“Thank you Aramic. About finding out the uncontrollable factions’s hideout. I’m counting on you.”


“Leave it to me. It will be easier for me, who is not linked to any groups, an exchange student to move around anyway~

“I owe you this one.”


For two weeks, Karl’s group managed control of all rebellion gangs.


The day Alicia set off


Time flew by in a flash, in the blink of an eye the day of departure came. 


“Alicia, are you really going? Isn’t it dangerous? You know that you will have to sit inside the carriage for a long time until we reach the academy, right? Just thinking about the possibility that you might be attacked  on the way..Father is so worried that he cannot sleep!?” 


At first we all decided to go together, but a sudden unexpected thing happened and daddy couldn’t make it in the end. Because he can’t go, daddy did his best to prevent  me and mommy from going. 


“Dear! Please stop your foolish act! To prevent her from getting tired, we have decided to take the carriage only during daylight and to divide the trip into 4 days total without haste! You also picked the escort knights yourself, changing them over and over again! Please relax!”


“Don’t be so hard on me Anne-Marie..”


As Mommy rebuked him with harsh words, Daddy had an expression of regrets.


“It can’t be helped, can it? To ignore the inspector’s demands and reports, can you call yourself a Duke?


“*sighs* I understand. Hey, make sure to take care of yourself too, Anne-Marie. Without you besides me, day and night will all be the same.”


“I know, I know”


The fuss ended, Daddy gave mommy a passionate hug then moved to me, and held my shoulders tightly.


“Alicia, too. Don’t do anything dangerous! You always take actions while forgetting that you are blind. Be careful on the way, won’t you?


Daddy lectured me for a long time, but in the end he took my hand and left a kiss. At that moment, a warm air flowed in my body, like when a defense magic spell is cast.


“Thank you, father”


We finally bid our farewell, got into the carriage and departed. 

Today, we will move by carriage, and take a break at the prepared villa. We will repeat it for another 3 days until arrival at the academy, then it will be the day of the open campus. We haven’t had any conversation after the last call, but when I think of finally meeting him, my heart keeps pounding non stop. Whatever you say, it has been a year since the last meeting with Karl, and this will be the first time meeting him since I realized my love for him. I am nervous. Not long after we departed from the Duke’s house, I turned to Mommy and asked. 


“Mother, are we not there yet?”


“Come on, Alicia! Haven’t we just departed? There’s no way we are near there yet. We only reached the Imperial capital gateway now.”


I had asked the same question 3 times already, of course she would have reacted like that. I felt ashamed..


“I’m sorry, mother… it’s just going out like this is my first. As I thought, outside the gate will be different, isn’t it?”


“That’s right. It’s dangerous outside, so the carriage will eventually speed up. About the view, a few houses here and there are appearing with a lot of fields on the way. Can you imagine?”


“Yes, maybe..”


I remembered the countryside back in Japan and tilted my head in agreement. Mommy looked at me and smiled. 


“I’m glad. We will reach our villa in 3 hours when the carriage starts to speed up. That’s why please hold back a little longer, Alicia” 




Even though I can’t see, when they speeded up the carriage I can feel it’s movements clearly. I calmed myself, ‘we will be there in no time’, I thought to myself and stretched out my hand to relax. I cannot enjoy the view, so let’s have fun with the shaking carriage, shall I. 

The carriage shaked a lot for a while but then totally stopped. I raised my head because of that sudden movement. 


“Oh, are we there already?”- I asked for confirmation.


“We couldn’t have arrived yet. What is going on?”


She raised her hand and began to talk to herself alone. But it sounded like she was talking with the knights outside. 


“Oh my, is that so? Thank you” 




I couldn’t keep silent and asked her. At that moment, it started to become noisy outside with people’s voices. In the middle of those, a familiar voice could be recognized. 


“Karl? Is that you?”


“Alicia!! You made it to here”


“Is it really you?”


“That’s right! I was worried about you so I decided to come.” 


As Karl’s voice approached closer, the door of the carriage opened. I lost my balance and was about to fall, but the familiar warm hands caught me. 


“Uh-oh, coming out suddenly like this, your heart must be troubled. Are you okay?”


Hearing his voice vibrating on top of my head, his warmth made me want to cry. 2 weeks had already passed, no call happened between us. Wherever I join a tea party, the ladies would always tell me about the unpleasant rumor. Hearing that Karl is deeply in love with the Count’s daughter was enough to give me anxiety all the time. But meeting you here right now, you are still the kind Prince Karl I know. Just like what you always do, gently embracing me in your arms. 


“Your highness?” 


Mom was caught in the middle of the passionate hugs of two lovebirds and could no longer remain silent.


“My apologies, Duchess Anne-Marie. I came because I was concerned about Alicia’s safety. Of course I am happy to see you too.” 


“I’m glad. But it is unfortunate, my husband couldn’t make it so it is only me and Alicia. Now I will be more relaxed knowing you will protect us.” 


“That’s unfortunate. Then please allow us to escort you and Alicia from here on.”


“Us?”- I was surprised. 


“Yes, sorry for the late introductions. You may have known him before, my name is Karlise. The eldest son of the Alaclair Duke house.”


As Karl left my side, I could feel someone else’s presence coming closer to us.


“It’s been awhile, Aunty. For lady Alicia, maybe this is the second time, I believe. We first encountered and greeted each other at the engagement ceremony before, do you remember?”


“Lord Karlise. Indeed it has been awhile. It’s good to see you as well.”


Mommy sounded really happy and had a pleasant talk with him. Now that he mentioned it, the Alaclair house is where Daddy’s sister, my aunt, got married. I remembered his voice from the cenemory and he gave off the same feelings as before too. 


“Of course I remember. It’s been awhile, lord Kaslise. I didn’t expect to meet you again like this. What I mean is I am really happy!”


“Me too. I’m happy to meet my cousin again!” (@^◡^)


When Karlise’s voice stopped, Karl moved my body to head in another direction. 


“This is Erick from Nakahayasu Count house. His sword skill is brilliant so I had him come with me.”


“It is my pleasure to meet you. I’m Erick Nakahayasu.” (`◉-◉)


“My! I’m sure we will be safe if it is the son of Count Nakahayasu. Alicia, he is the Knight captain’s son.”


His voice gave off a rough impression but mommy was really happy with his presence. I wallked up to where his voice was and greeted him. 


“Nice to meet you, I’m Alicia Holsten. I hope we can be on good terms from now on, Lord Erick.”


“It’s my pleasure. To think that I have the honor to protect the Duchess and Princess of Holsten, I could never be happier.” – Even when he says that his voice has no emotion, I can hear his feet strongly stepped down making a big sound. (・_・ヾ


“Let’s depart right away. According to my report you are going to spend the night at the guest villa. I will leave the Duchess in your hand, Karlise. Erick, can you check the condition of the road ahead?” 


“I understand. Aunty, shall we go? This way, please.” 


“Oh, thank you, dear.”


“Hey! Who is the escort captain? I want to confirm something!” 


“Hah! It’s me, sir!” 


When everything started to move forward, Karl turned over and kindly escorted me. 


“I’m happy to see you, Alicia.”


He said and hugged me once more. His embrace seemed to make me becoemore flushed than usual. 


“K..Karl, I..I’m glad that you are fine as always.”


“But this is the first time for us to meet outside. Are you nervous?” 


“Th..that’s right! I have never stepped outside the Imperial before. My heart seemed like it wanted to jump out of my chest.” 


“You are lovely as always, my only princess.”




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