Chapter 7 Part 2




Mommy gave me her permission to go search for the criminal. 


I was confident because I made a stamp on that person. Last time, when I did it on Karl my magic lasted for a week, so until I return home there is no way the stamp will disappear. The stamp heats up just if I touch it a little, so I assumed Karl and his friend would notice it by its light. 


I felt like a detective. 


“Alicia honey, I must leave for a moment. Even if I gave you my permission, I still need to inform your father about what happened to you today. How about taking a break for now? Until you receive permission from a teacher, be patient my dear.”


Mommy put me to bed, tucked me in and gave me a kiss on my forehead. 


“Yes, mother.”


I pretended to fall asleep. After Mommy left the room, I quickly sat up and called out to Karl who seemed to still be sitting on the sofa inside the room. 




“I’m here. As expected you are not going to sleep. What am I going to do with you, such a reckless girl.”


“That is because I really wanted to catch the criminal as soon as possible!”


At my words, Karl came closer and sat on the side of the bed. 


“I understand, Alicia. And I made a promise to the Duchess, so you can be at ease because I’ll always be by your side.”


“Thank you, Karl.”


“Then, could you tell me what happened today? I apologise because I’m asking you to remember something horrible, but this is something I must know in order to help you. If you don’t want to then it is alright, I understand.”


Alicia tilted her head to one side at Karl’s seriousness. 


“I don’t really mind. What do you want to know? I will tell you as much as I can.”


“Let’s start at the beginning. What did you do after I left?”


“After you left I took my time and enjoyed the snacks Mikhail brought. As there wasn’t water nor tea I became so thirsty from all the snacks I ate, so I asked Kate a favor. Right after she left I heard the door open again so I thought Kate had returned. However, despite how many times I asked, there was no answer… I thought it was strange and asked for the identity of that person. Even though I was sure to feel the presence, I heard nothing in return.”


I held both of my hands tightly, telling myself not to give in to fear. Then I felt Karl’s warm hand on mine, like he was trying to say ‘it’s fine’ to me without saying it out loud. Touched by his comforting gesture, I lowered my head down to cover my happy smile, then continued where I left off. 


“After that, I was pulled down to the floor from the sofa. We both got tangled for a while. Afraid to be hit I raised both of my hands up to my face to guard myself. Oh, I used my magic at that time too.”




“Yes! I grabbed that person’s wrist! And stamped it at once!”


“So you made contact.”


“Yes. But my hand got shaken and the next thing I knew was my hair being grabbed and pulled…I was desperate for someone to come and when the fear got to me, I suddenly heard something like an electrical shock and that person ran away.”


I finally let out a sigh of relief after finishing my story. Hearing my sigh, Karl became a little conflicted. 


“Are you feeling alright?” 


“I’m alright. Kate came back right after that. When I heard her voice all of my fears and worries fled away immediately. She helped me a lot this time.” 


“I’m glad. Is there anything else that you realized?” 


“Oh, I heard the criminal’s voice. Even if it was small, I am sure it belonged to a woman!” 


“A woman…” 


Karl held my hands as a gesture to thank me for what I did.


I no longer felt afraid nor was my body trembling. Maybe it was thanks to Mommy that casted a spell on me while embracing me. Just like when I was little and had to face something difficult, it made me feel like she would always be by my side and comfort me, saying that everything will be alright. 


I sat straight and thought about what I must do. In order to find the criminal,… I remembered a scene from a drama when I was in the hospital ( previous life), the detective was asking around to get more clues on the case. 


“Karl? When it all happened, where was everyone?” 


“Everyone? You mean Erick. They were surely at the cafe to check on any suspicious person at that time. It was the most crowded over there anyway.” 


“Can I go there?” 


“It’s still dangerous right now!” 


“Even if I chose to stay here, that would just suit the criminal. In order to find that person, I need clues!”


“How about Erick doing that? He can report everything back later to you.”


“If he agrees then I will really appreciate his help. However, it would be better for a witness who can identify the criminal to go out there to do the job!” 


“Why do you think like that?” 


Karl couldn’t understand why I was being persistent. 


“The stamp only reacts with my touch. Even with Erick going out asking everyone, he can’t point it out.” 


“You are right. And it would be so unnatural for Erick to find the stamp while asking people and touch their wrist.”


“Yes. It would be very rude for a gentleman to suddenly touch a lady’s hand without their consent when they are not even acquaintances.” 


There were thousands of people here in this academy including the parents who participated in this event. How could I find the stamp without faulting anyone… 


“This is complicated…” 


“For now it would be best to make contact with as many people as possible.” 


“The stamp on the wrist… I’ll discuss the issue with them. Maybe they know the best solution for this.” 


“Yes. Moreover, I want the criminal to be upset at me for enjoying the event, the whole campus event. I want to tell her that even if she assaulted me I am still here, stronger than ever.” 


Hearing me raise my voice, a little amazed, Karl gently gave me a little pat on the head. 


“That seems like you, Alicia. Then let’s go to the cafe after telling everyone about it. Shall we?”


“Thank you”


We finally received permission to go back to the event from the head teacher. Before we went back, Karl briefly summarized the situation and updated him some details with the tasks. 


“Princess, do you have any injuries?”


I smiled at Erick who seemed really concerned about my wellbeing. 


“As you can see I have no injuries. The criminal only pushed me and pulled my hair. But thank you for worrying about me.” 


When I told him I stamped the criminal, Erick seemed to be taken aback by my action but replied back “Hunt the criminal down!” with astonishment. 


“I admire your courage, Princess Alicia. There is no lady who can do something as brave as you did.” ( : ౦ ‸ ౦ : )


In a small voice, Karl seemed to reprimand Erick saying that his words were unnecessary but Erick seemed not to be bothered by his words. 


“Lord (*)Erick, how was the investigation?” 


(*) Erick came from a Knighthood household background but has not yet bestowed the Knight’s title , he will be called Lord Erick for the time being. 


“We are not in a favorable situation to be honest. It is impossible to get our hands on every suspect’s information. Not to mention there is no record for visitors from the outside either.” 


“It’s that so…”


“Are you sure you will be alright going to the cafe after this?”


“There is no need for me to cry about what happened anymore. Yes, I’m going.” 


Erick went silent after that. There were knocks on the door.


“Excuse me” 


The door opened and I could sense that someone had entered the waiting room. 


“Lord Aramic?”


“Yes, I came here right away after I heard the news!”


“Thank you. I’m alright now.”


“Aramic, the reason I called you here is because I need to borrow your wisdom for a moment.” 


“What for?” 


“Alicia decided to go look for the criminal. When she was attacked, she left a stamp which was invisible for normal eyes on that person’s wrist. The stamp only reacts to Alicia’s contact. It will light up when she touches it but we cannot do something so reckless. Do you have any idea?”


After Karl’s please, Aramic’s face lit up with excitement. 


“A stamp.. that lightens up with a touch.. How fascinating! Give me a moment…” ( *`ω´)


“Thank you for your cooperation.”


We gathered and analysed what we had on the stamping spell until now however the doctor arrived and entered the room to check my condition. 


“It seems there is no injury. You can go now.” 


With the doctor’s permission to go, I quickly held out my hand to find Karl’s. Like a normal thing, Karl took my hand, and placed it on his raised arm, in position to escort me. 


“Shall we?” 


“My pleasure.”


~Alicia and the hunt~ 


Mikhail has been waiting near the cafe. 


“Prince Karl! Princess Alicia!”


“Mikhail! How is the situation?”


“I announced the place for the event. Right now we are in the middle of moving guests.”


“Thank you for your hard work. Alicia, can you wait here a little bit?”



There was a mistake I made previously and I apologised for that. 人(_ _*)

Amelia’s family: Count -> Baron


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