Chapter 8 Part 1




“Thank you for your hard work. Alicia, can you wait here a bit? There is a small event that will be held somewhere not far away from here and everybody is going over there right now. You want to show the culprit that you’re having fun, right?”


“I did say that.”


I answered him a little confused, but Karl remained cheerful.


“If that is so, how about we head to the café right now? People are walking around, they will definitely notice your energetic appearance, and that is enough to start a rumor.”


“It’s a great idea! Eh-hm! Karl, would you please show me the way?”


“My pleasure.”


“Thank you! (>w<) Are the others already there too?”


“Aah, Erick and Mikhail have already arrived. I believe that Aramic and Emilia are supposed to be helping around the shop. However, your cousin, Karlise is escorting the Duchess to a different destination right now.”


Finishing speaking, Karl squeezed my hand tightly and led me through the streets.


“His Highness Karl~! Princess Alicia~!”


We walked for a while until Emilia’s cheerful voice could be heard close to us. I naturally smiled at her as she was in high spirits as always. 


“Emilia, how are things going on? You must be busy helping around the store.”


“It’s nothing! Sir Aramic is busy giving guidance to the parents about the upcoming event  so I just help in his stead. But that is not important, how is your body? How misfortunate… To think that the beautiful princess Alicia got harassed, I will not forgive that bad person!!”


I felt touched by Emilia who got angry in my stead. It hasn’t been long since we met, how kind of her to worry about me. I could not help but thank her. 


“Thank you for your kindness, Emilia.”


“Oh my, your face doesn’t look good. As I thought you must have not recovered.”


“Am i…?”


“Please don’t push yourself.”


I could feel her worries were sincere, my heart naturally sweetened by her kindness. At that moment, Karl started to talk with Emilia. 


“Ah, I forgot to ask you, in these 3 hours did you see someone suspicious coming from the waiting room’s direction?”


“I did run back and forth around that area to find you, your Highness. It was something about the event that I needed to discuss with you. However, I don’t think I came across someone like that around that time.”


“I see, thank you. You were looking for me?”


“Oh, yes. But I discussed it with Sir Aramic so everything is fine now. Look at the time, I need to hurry up to help guide everyone. I will have to excuse myself.”


“Ah, thank you again. “


“Princess Alicia, please come over to my class’s booth too. Ours is fun!”


After we bid our goodbye, the light footsteps of Emilia echoed further and further away.


“Lady Emilia’s booth?”


Looking at me, still feeling dazed from Emilia’s kind words, Karl casually answered my question.


“Her class’s booth is roaring in business. If I am not wrong, they are doing archery. Let’s go there after.”




Catching the criminal was my first priority. But it would be a waste if I didn’t enjoy the festival while I was here, that includes visiting the booths. I remembered that one time I went and hung around the festival that was near the hospital in my previous life, it was a memorable day. However, the world I live in right now has its own peculiarities, it’s unfortunate that I can’t see … but how exciting it is to discover things that I have never experienced before.


I had so much fun while Karl showed me around that the thought of finding the criminal was totally forgotten. All the booths were so out of the world that I couldn’t help but be amazed every time. 


“Karl! Where are we going to visit next?”


Escorted by Karl, I couldn’t hold back my excitement. Most of the booths seemed to be similar to those in Japan. 


Of course, there was no Takoyaki or yakisoba among the things they sold, but something like cookies, hot dogs and coffee which I somehow knew or tasted before. We also bought the fried bananas which tasted like fried potatoes before.


“Where should we go next? Ah, ‘bow and arrow’, that must be the booth that Emilia mentioned before. I’ll help you so don’t hesitate and try it out.”


I remembered seeing people do archery once on TV in my previous life. But they were doing it inside the booth so it wouldn’t be that dangerous… Alright, I’m all in it!


“That sounds so much fun! Are you good with it, Karl?”


“I can’t say I’m good but I am not that bad either. If we are talking about archery then Erick and Aramic are the best.”


Right after Karl said that, in order to protect me, Erich who was following us behind with a fair distance voiced out his concerns. 


“ Oi oi, Karl, how could you puff things like that? Aren’t you the best among us?”


“Then, how about we clear things out with a match?”


“Fine with me.”


The two finished their gentlemanly talk and rushed past me right after that. 


“I’ll be back right away, wait there for me a little bit, Alicia!?”


I didn’t have a say in this, did I? It seemed that they already headed further ahead as Karl shouted back in a loud voice. The me whose eyes cannot see, became unable to move. However, right after that, Sir Aramic approached me from nearby. 


“They are acting foolish like always. Princess, allow me to escort you to a safer place.”


“Thank you, Sir. I’m in your care.”


Hearing his ruff voice, with a bitter smile, I took his hand and followed his escort. Maybe because this is the first time I was escorted by someone other than family members and Karl, I felt so nervous being with him. 


I heard him let out a laugh, was it because he noticed my nervousness that I was walking with my hand and my right leg at the same time? He started talking to me.


“Princess Alicia, maybe I’m rude but allow me to ask something. Is your arranged marriage a political one?”


“If you look from the surface then I guess you could say it. But there is another fact that me and Karl are childhood friends.”


“Ah, that makes sense. Because for a normal arranged political marriage, how can I say… They usually treat each other really coldly. But when I saw you two, I thought that the marriage must be based on love rather than what people always say.”


When I heard Sir Aramic said our marriage is based on love, my face became really red due to the heat. I quickly used my hand, and repeatedly fanned myself to cool down. It was true that we are close to each other, and he was my first love. But to think that everyone around me could notice that is embarrassing.


“I didn’t expect… You are quite adorable, princess. Hahaha.”


“Please don’t tease me, sir Aramic. Let…let’s talk about what is more important. Uhm, regarding the problem that I need to check everyone’s wrists before, including those who are not students, do you have any suggestions?”


I clumsily changed the topic, hoping that it would help me avoid any further questions from him. 


Sir Aramic, who couldn’t bring himself to make me more flushed, agreed at the change of subject. Karl truly has a really good friend by his side. Now that I think of it, except Karl, there was no one who could be considered as my friend among the people I know.


At me who suddenly fell into silence, Sir Aramic stopped our walk.


“That’s it! How about doing a charity for my country?”


“A charity?”


“Yes, we can sign it up as a public event. For people who make a donation, isn’t it a form of courtesy that we shake their hand after? People wouldn’t think it’s weird if we do it like that.”


I nodded strongly in approval. What he said was right, it wouldn’t be considered weird and at the same time I could make contact with a lot of people. The criminal would surely make a donation in order to check my condition. If we are doing it, it should be for someone else’s sake.

I imagined the scenario where people rushed in to make donations. 


‘This is the famous academy we’re talking about!’ – I shouted in my head.


No one would refuse a charity as a chance of doing a good deed, especially nobles. Despite the fact that most of the students came from a noble background, I heard that they also accept some exceptional commoners. The school expenses would be too high for them to pay but for sure all of the commoners who studied here received patronage from nobles because of their talents. 


I suddenly remembered that time when I became devastated after receiving the news that the academy refused my entry because I couldn’t see. I’m sure somewhere in this world, someone else was going through the same pain as mine. With this charity, aside from catching the criminal, I could also help those children. And even if I couldn’t find out who the criminal was, I would be satisfied just with it. 


I decided! Let’s do this!


I turned to Sir Aramic and smiled brightly at him. 


“Thank you so much! What a wonderful idea to do a charity! And, I thought,..”


When I was about to further discuss the charity money to Aramic, a bursting sound echoed around. I quickly covered my ears in surprise.




“Ah, don’t worry. That’s the arrow’s sound. Your first time?”


“…That was the sound of…an arrow?”


The busting sound happened a few more times, then I could hear Karl and Sir Eric’s voices coming from the same direction. 


“I lost to Karl as expected!!”


“I must say it was a good match! Would you like to join, Aramic?”


“What foolish thing you two were doing after leaving the princess alone??”


Successfully getting rid of his excitement, Karl returned to his usual calm composure. As for Aramic, he returned to his class’s booth. 


Karl held his breath and dropped a kiss on my hand. 


“I left you alone. I’m sorry, Alicia.”


“I’m alright, Sir Aramic kept me company. More importantly, were the sounds before the arrow’s sound? Can a person like me do it?”


The sounds I just heard were nothing like the bow and arrow’s sound that I know from my previous life.


“The tom boy Alicia will be able to.”


I puffed my cheeks at the words he just said and ate the cotton candy he had just brought me. 


“Come to think of it, Alicia doesn’t feel uncomfortable eating while walking, do you?”


“Is my behavior bad?”


“No, it is important to match with people around you in a public place like this, but there is no way you could see your surroundings. They don’t teach you this in the Duke’s house, aren’t they?”


Noticing the odd feeling from what he said, I realized that my actions which were influenced from my previous life wouldn’t be considered a normal thing for a noble lady to do here. I never understood the differences between the previous world and the present world and just unconsciously did things that people would find  strange for a person who is blind. 


Maybe it would be better if I tell him the truth…


“Uhm, You think so? Do you think I’m strange?”


“Rather than strange, I find it mysterious. Sometimes, I wonder if you are truly blind or not.”


“Is that so…Honestly, I have a secret.”


“A secret?”


Karl, who was incurring to know more, surely would lower his head in curiosity right now. In front of him, I gave him a smile. 


“Yes, and I will tell you next time!”


“? Ah, then I’ll look forward to it.”


Even though his reply was full of confusion, it seemed that it was enough for now


After that, we moved to a different archery booth. Karl held my hand tightly all the way, then raised his voice.


“We are here.”




“Ah ah, If you successfully shoot the target, you will receive a prize!”


“Alright! I’ll do my best!”


“Ah! Princess Alicia! Welcome!!”


I could hear the energetic voice of Emilia welcoming me.


“Lady Emilia, I’ve taken your word and decided to pay your booth a visit.”


“Come in, come in, have a good time. Here, your highness Karl, your bow and arrows.”


Karl took it from Emilia’s hands and handed it over to me. I received it and held it tightly.


“Here. Your bow and arrows.”


“You’re telling me…Eh? Eeeeeeeee? Eeeeeeeeeeeh???”





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