Chapter 9 Part 2




First I have to pass the enrollment test, I accepted her offer to become an auditing student. 


After exiting the rector office, like usual, Karl took my hand and escorted me back.


“Karl, Thank you so much. Honestly, I didn’t think you would come for me. I’m grateful and happy.”


“You firmingly told me that you are going by yourself. However, when I thought about the rector and how strict she is, I couldn’t help but worry about you.”


It was true that I planned to go by myself at first, however I was pressured by the atmosphere around the rector. At that moment, I don’t know if I could have spoken well if I were alone. I stopped and turned to Karl, bowed my head in gratitude.


“I don’t know how to thank you enough. If you hadn’t come, my voice wouldn’t have been recognised.”


“There is no such thing. The donation plan that you thought thoroughly was truly wonderful. I just thought Alicia might not know how much impact you left on us, so I just came and told her about it.”


“Still, thank you. Karl.”


Karl said shyly, “I just did what I thought was right” and changed the subject. 


“By the way, what are you going to do now?”


“Well, passing the examination is my first priority. But I will also continue looking for the criminal. Of course I also want to learn more about magic. In the end, I couldn’t make it to the public session. However it will be a different story if I become an auditor! Just imagine, me being able to take as many classes as I want~”


After all, I can go to school. That’s enough to make me happy!


“Yes, if you become one, you can get into as many classes as you want regardless of your academic ability. And I would be at ease when I know you can take the same classes as me.”


Karl said that and clasped my hand tightly. I smiled and gripped his hands back.


“Yes, I am sure it will be fun with you.”


I hurried back to the room mommy was resting in and told her about what happened and also about me staying  at school to be an auditor. 


“My goddess! It’s dangerous! Are you aware that you haven’t caught the criminal yet?”


As expected, mommy was opposed to the idea. But it didn’t stop me, I told her that I already obtained permission from the academy rector and nothing can take away my wish to study magic. Karl joined me in persuading her. 


When both of us asked, she reluctantly agreed. While saying “I can’t help it” and left the room saying that she will go to the office and ask the rector to change the transfer examination to an oral one.


Certainly, the examination usually takes place in written form. Even if I want to pass the test with a perfect score, how am I supposed to read the questions written on paper?


I appreciated what mommy did and promised to do my best. 


After barely passing the oral examination, my transfer was officially recognised and the date was decided. …I’ll do my best!!


I clenched my hand and was full of motivation. 


~~ A girl named Emilia~~


“Emilia is really a wonderful girl!”


Emilia Fredcécht was the third daughter of a local baron. The Fredcécht family, though low rank, could live comfortably in its own way without any excessive extravagance. 


Growing up in such a house,  she suddenly remembered her past life one day. 


In her past life, she was a normal 27 year old woman, who worked as an office worker in Japan. Her hobby was reading, no, more like she was addicted to it. She read all types of books and web-novels. Among that, she was especially fond of a particular novel about the main character being reborn in a different world.  


The novel was set in middle Europe with high level civilization and magic as a twist, the reincarnated heroine uses the knowledge of Japan and starts her wonderful life. The heroine’s name was “Emilia”, the same name as her, as she was glad that her memory of the previous life was back.


This world is certainly similar to her favorite novel. Not to mention despite the period dresses, there are motorcycles used as horses, and the carriage is in the shape of a pumpkin and floating with the help of magic. It is indeed a strange world of mixed cultures and times but so magical. 


Emilia wondered if she was reborned as the heroine “Emilia”. To be sure, she decided to re-create the first chapter of the novel where the heroine invented ‘trump’ as Triumph in previous life and made a name for herself. 


It started as a trial, but the product did indeed become a hit in this place where only few entertainment exists. Since then, Baron Fredcécht’s wealth and fame built up at once, and received a lot of support from high society nobles. 


The Fredcécht family also took a turn, as they drowned in the power of money, they began to live a life of waste and spend money like water. The once closed, humble and modest family changed completely in a short time. Emilia was devastated, but decided to use her past memories and continued with her inventions to fill  her loneliness. However, each of her achievements were announced as the Fredcécht family’s invention and being used in business without her consent. From there onward, more than enjoying living here, Emilia was eager to make her life the same as in the novel. 


As the heroine of the story, Emilia acts like ‘Emilia’, from her way of thinking, how she walks, and even the way she eats. 


She followed the story line, and her invention rose from ‘trump card’ to a mechanical pencil then camera. Magic exists in this world, so it isn’t that hard to make it if you already have an idea. As a result, her family became richer and she was able to enter the most famous academy of the empire. Emilia felt like she was in heaven at that time. Despite her family making her promise to keep inventing even if she goes there, Emilia was happy. That was because she will meet the characters in the story there. Among them, her favorite was Prince Karl. 


The 5th Prince, Prince Karl was a tragic prince, who was really talented but far in the order of succession to the throne, sold-off to the villain, the Hostaine Duke family as a son-in-law and married his only daughter who was ugly and selfish. From an early age, he was called the useless being of the Royal family, he was told that it was unnecessary for him to do his best in study, with the fiance who was famous for her bad deeds, he couldn’t bring himself to raise his head…


Prince Karl possesed red eyes, black hair that is considered as a royal beauty unique trait. Contrasted with his beautiful face, his subtle build is strong and majestic as a leopard. He always had a straightforward, calm demeanor and his dark red eyes only further enhanced the mystery surrounding him.. His character is like a dark hero in any story. 


The past life of ‘Emilia’ fell deeply for both  his appearance and story-line. 


The main story started when Prince Karl and the villainess broke apart. 


One day, the Duke’s daughter held a grudge against the school for being ‘attacked’. Although she was not seriously injured, she lost her temper and forced a lot of innocent students, one after another, to leave the school. 


The Prince, who witnessed everything, resisted the villainess for the first time. With this accident, he began to rethink his current position and the life that he had given up on. He broke off his political engagement without love, believed in his own abilities, and challenged his brother, who was the Crown prince, to compete for the throne. 


The ‘Emilia’ from the novel, started to fall in love with Prince Karl when he saved her from being unfairly expelled from school. After that, with her past knowledge, and together with his Highness’s friends, created a strong force and pushed Karl to the throne. Of course, for a happy ending, she married him who successfully succeeded to the throne at the end. For the record, the villainess got severely punished, her family and herself lost their noble title and met a tragic end. 


Emilia thought the story had been going correctly according to the plot lines, and everything would unfold at the academy. However, when she entered school, everything had not been going as well as expected. 


Not to mention that the villainess, Duke Holsten’s only daughter, had not even enrolled here.


(Huh? I can’t believe that there aren’t enough characters…)


Moreover, Karl didn’t seem to be dissatisfied with being the fifth prince, nor did he have an outcast atmosphere like described. On the contrary, he declares that he will support the royal family from the standpoint of the Duke, looking after his brother. 


Emilia was at a loss. 


In order to find out his true intention, she used the plots as confidential information and provided it to him. In fact, she tried to get closer to Karl, but the result ended up as being taken in as a candidate for his close aides to support his brother in the future.


( Why? Why? Why doesn’t he fall in love with me?)


She thought this wouldn’t be enough and thought about using the social society to make pressures. She started to spread the rumor about her and Karl throughout the continent, even to the deepest part of the Royal capital. Finally, the villainess, Alicia, appeared. 


Emilia was elated when Karl told her that his fiance was coming. The fireworks went off inside her head. She was excited for the long awaited villainess, but again, she was disappointed. After all, Karl was crazy about Alicia, and she was  blind, which was a  setting that was not in the original story. 


( How useless!)


The most annoying thing was even though the accident happened, Alicia didn’t go off as the original story. Is everything going to peacefully end just like this?


Moreover, in the story, it was ‘Emilia’ who arranged the donation event to attract Karl’s supporters but the villainess took over the role. Alicia was supposed to be a hindrance to the donation event, and her action would highlight her arrogance and selfishness. And everyone would feel sympathy for ‘Emilia’, who took the brunt. The story event ended plainly with Alicia’s boring detective game.  


Alicia said she marked the criminal’s wrist, but nothing happened when she touched Emilia’s. In the first place, the place that she left the mark was not the wrist, but her elbow. 


Emilia couldn’t stop her frustration and resentment towards Alicia, who didn’t follow the story. 


Then Alicia and Karl came to Emilia’s booth and played an archery game. When Alicia called the bow “a gun”, Emilia was shocked. When Karl returned the bow and arrow, Emilia was stunned and speechless. 




In this world, we call it “bow and arrow”.


No matter how you look at it, it was nothing but a bow and arrow. The one who invented this might have been transmigrated, but right now it goes by the name bow and arrow. 


“That’s why the story is so messed up! There is another reincarnator…”


Emilia glared at Alicia who was happily choosing the gift with Karl as she pushed away the bow. Originally, the simulation booth was invented by ‘Emilia’. Of course her idea was based on the shooting booth from previous life, but it didn’t exist in this world, so Emilia received a lot of  praise for this. 


When Emilia opened the booth, among the booths which only sold food which already existed in this world, her booth was the only place that did games, providing people with entertainment. The booth was a success and seeing everyone’s faces brighten up, Emilia was really pleased. 




Emilia looked at Alicia who had received the stuffed toy as a gift. 


“If she’s a reincarnated child, it’s not surprising that the story changed.” 


Emilia enjoyed her life as the heroine of her favorite story, so she doesn’t want to stop. 


Attacking Alicia was a part of the story. Of course in the original story ‘Emilia’ was not the one who did it, but another student who resented the tyranny of the villainess. However in reality, Alicia was not hated by anyone because she doesn’t go to school. So Emilia had no choice but to attack Alicia like the plot. 

There was no guilt because she was overwhelmed by the joy of knowing the story would proceed as it was supposed to. To Emilia, ‘Alicia’ and ‘Karl’ are just characters. So there is no need to be scared of getting hurt. 


Back to the original plot, the villainess got angry and blamed Prince Karl. She made a fuss saying that the accident happened because of the prince’s lack of security. When the prince saw her doing that, he got tired and that was the opportunity for the heroine ‘Emilia’.


“But she’s still trying to change the story? This is my story..! How dare she!?”


Emilia’s position as the heroine of the story was being threatened.


“Gosh! The whole story is a mess! What the hell does she want to do? The villainess, Alicia!”


Now, Emilia wondered what to do with Alicia, who interrupted her story. 


Emilia wants to enter Karl’s love road, but that requires him to resist the villainess due to her evil deeds. She approached Alicia to see what kind of person she was, but it was no good. Just a little bit of good words, she turned out to be so kind that Emilia was in disbelief. 


You can’t call this villainess! 


Or is she acting?


A plot change of story? 


What the hell do you want?


Like replacing the heroine?


One after another, anxiety welled up in Emilia’s heart.


Not to mention, Alicia was not even a student of this school, she was expected to return to the Duchy after the Open Campus event ended. It will be difficult for Emilia to get involved with Alicia outside of school. Until this moment, Emilia was sure that Alicia would not start anything if she leaves. 


(“Because the main story happens at school, I need to somehow do something before she returns!”)


Emilia was having a hard time thinking that this was impossible, up until yesterday when she received good news from Karl.


“Alicia has been admitted to the academy as an auditor! This might be confusing but I’d like to ask for your help.”


Karl bowed to everyone, asking them to support her. 


Emilia cheerfully replied “Yes” but couldn’t stop her face from twisting in an evil smile.


(“Now all the characters are here. I can now finally modify the story as it should be from now on.”)


With this, at last Emilia breathed a sigh of relief. 







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