Chapter 1

* * *

“I like you…”


Yu Gyeom knelt under Hawon and let out a rough breath.


The tears from the overflowing emotions fell, leaving a wet trail, and Hawon’s eyes looking down at him were darker than ever.


“I like you, boss.”


Hawon’s long fingers slowly combed through Yu Gyeom’s hair, which sparkled in the moonlight.


The fingers ran down Yu Gyeom’s pale cheeks, touched his red ears that looked ready to burst, and lifted Yu Gyeom’s chin so his tearful eyes landed on Hawon.


Eyes like glass beads that would crack the moment someone encountered them.


Wrinkles formed on Hawon’s smooth forehead as he faced the image of himself contained entirely within those eyes.


“Even though I know I shouldn’t do this… … Hmph!”


When his lips were blocked with emotions that had been denied, again and again. A cry escaped from his mouth.


Hawon, holding back his cries, pushed Yu Gyeom off.




Their bodies, entangled together as if ready to suck the air from each other’s lungs. They leaned against the walls, separately with recovering breath.


The end of Hawon’s gaze locked onto Yu Gyeom’s lip, shiny with saliva.


The man in the room shined brightly in the darkness, filling the room.


“From the first time, the first moment I saw you.”




“I knew I would love you.”


Words that sounded like a child’s awkward confession tickled Yu Gyeom’s ears.


“I knew it when you raised a gun at me.”


Hawon tilted his head with a languid smile as their shadows overlapped again.


“This is what we will become.”


* * *




The dream ended as if dragged out and evaporated from her unconsciousness.


Bright sunlight poured onto her heavy eyelids. As she blinked her watery eyes, her vision gradually cleared.


It didn’t take long for her to realize that she was lying in a luxurious bed that would take up more than half of the studio she lived in for three years.


Her gaze slowly moved to the back of her hand where a needle was inserted, and then her last memory came rushing in like a tidal wave.




“Miss? Why are you screaming?!”


“Who are you? Is that really a gun?”


“It’s dangerous, miss! Get down from there right now!”


Literally, a scene without any context. She covered her mouth before she started to scream again.


“What the h*ll have you done?!”


To find the cause of this mess, her memory turned to the day before. Before she woke up in this bed.


Twenty-five. She was about to graduate after taking a break from school, and she was busy working on assignments all day that day. So she went on a run earlier in the morning.


“Let’s drink until we die! Cheers!”


To be honest, she went a bit hard with her alcohol that night. Since her memory was blurry, it seems like she had blacked out.


And when she came to her senses, she was lying in a place she had never seen before. Like a princess in an unknown land.


The room, which was easily five times the size of her small but cozy 9 pyeong home, was so large that it was difficult to even call it a “room.”


First, she thought she was in a dream. Then she thought that she had been a victim of human trafficking.


When she got up she accidentally knocked a vase onto the floor, shattering it.


“Miss, what’s going on?!”


It was only when she saw men with guns coming in through the open door that a scream escaped from her mouth.


“Could you please come down from there first? … Miss, please!!”


She stood on the windowsill and held onto the lace curtains, crying and screaming.


Cruel scenes from different noir movies flashed through her mind, and dozens of stories unfolded in her imagination of black suits and guns. And then…


Why did I faint?


She was tearing out her hair with her face down as the memory was cut off at the most important part. She couldn’t remember anything about the night before she passed out, or that night where she ran wild.


An important fact. She knew she had forgotten something very important.


At that moment, there was a knock. She quickly left her bed and headed to the window where she had cried and shouted for her life before.


“Oh my god.”


She had no intention of jumping. However, the scenery outside the window that she hadn’t seen before she passed out, made her heart sink into something she had never known before.


Beyond the large windows filled with sunlight, an endless blue sea was visible behind the exotic buildings. In particular, it made the sea sparkle like jewels and amazed her.


“The windows are locked.”


Then an unfamiliar voice was heard. Her heart dropped.


She was so focused on what was outside that she didn’t even notice the knocking had stopped, and the door opened. When she turned around in surprise, there was a man standing there, looking at her with a tired face.


Although he was wearing the same black suit as the man in her memory before fainting, he had a different vibe from them, perhaps because of his warm appearance.


“Who are you?”


She felt a sense of unfamiliarity in the voice that left her mouth, but her mind wasn’t free enough to think about it.


The man’s brows narrowed as if he was embarrassed by her question, but he seemed to have realized something and continued speaking in a calm voice.


“You might not know, but I’m Jiwoon. You might recognize me if I tell you I’m the boss’s secretary.”


“Jiwoon? Boss? What the…?”


Although the words were spoken in a calm tone, her mind was immediately filled with trillions of question marks. She almost asked what kind of bullsh*t this was, but fortunately that didn’t leave her mouth.


For a moment, she stared into his calm brown eyes. He was patiently waiting for her reaction.


And at that moment, an absurd thought passed through her mind.


“That can’t be possible.”


She shook her head violently for a second.


“If I ever drink again, it would be too soon.”


It was really crazy, so much so that it had to be her imagination.


But even though she knew it made no sense, as if she had found the right piece to the wrong puzzle. Things from this incomprehensible development began to form together in her mind.


This doesn’t make sense.


It shouldn’t be like this.


“Jiwoon, are you good at shooting a gun? Pretending to be just a secretary, but you’re actually really good at shooting?”


“What are you…?”


The face of the man named Jiwoon was strangely twisted.


The cool look in his eyes made her feel confident that she would get hurt if she went any further.


“There’s a bulletproof vest under your jacket.”


However, once a question arose, the words that should have remained close came out in a rush.


“And you carry two guns?”


“Lady Yeon-byeol.”


She could feel her face becoming pale at the name that came out of Jiwoon’s mouth.


Even without hearing any more answers, his already stiff face told her that it was all true.


Jiwoon took long strides towards her.


She was so preoccupied with the thoughts in her head and how they made her feel like she was going to explode, that she couldn’t even think about avoiding him.


“How did you know that?”


It was only after a dark shadow filled his eyes that she realized that he was close enough to catch her breath as she raised her head.


“My name is Yeon-byeol? Cha Yeon-byeol?”


“What on earth are you saying now?”


Jiwoon. Cha Yeon-byeol.


“Baek Hawon.”


It occurred to her.


Memories that she was cut off came rushing back in.


When she got home, she fell into her bed and scrolled through her phone. And like a habit, she went to a web novel page.


“Wow, it’s really insane. It’s crazy!”


“No! Don’t die! How will I live if you die?”


During the days of her youth that seemed like a treadmill, she was half-crazed about romance novels that bordered on fantasy.


She read, then read again, taking her time and then kept going. It was her only pleasure in life.


She read it that day too.


“Miss? Where are you going now?”


She forcibly removed the IV from her hand and ran past Jiwoon out of the room.




On the surface, it was a financial company that was centered in mainland China, Hong Kong. With branches in Macau, Singapore, and Taiwan, and recently expanded into Russia and Europe. But the company was just a signboard on a scale comparable to that of a large corporation.


In reality, it was an organization that had been passed down for several generations with a tight grip on the underground world, from casinos to drug rings and weapon dealing.


Their home base was on an island that was removed from any map.


This building, located in the center of the island and where the boss Baek Hawon and other executives lived, was called ‘The Square.’ Alongside being a storage for secret information, it was also difficult to understand its physical structure.


It was the same for the original ‘Cha Yeon-byeol’, who was Baek Hawon’s sibling in name only.


“I need to see for myself.”


She ran along the paths, remembering what she had read in the novel.


The marble floor sparkled as sunlight poured down like a waterfall between the tall stone pillars, reminiscent of a Roman temple. As she walked down the hallway, it looked exactly as she had imagined, her heart tightened.


The boss had two offices.


One was an officially known place on the first floor, and the other was a room known only to those trusted by Baek Hwon where he spent most of his time.




Jiwoon shouted from behind her, it would stop her from walking.


Blood dripped from the back of her hand, it would not stop bleeding. Staining the white marble.


<Black hair with a blue tinge that looks like the night sky. Black eyes of unknown depth. A sharp nose that looks like it was carved by strong waves.>


<No one could have imagined that the leader of Baekcheon, who was known as a cruel and merciless devil, would have such a beautiful appearance.>


She remembered those sentences in the novel she had read and repeated them over ten times to herself.


She was out of breath. Blood was flowing dizzyingly from the back of her hand where the needle was forcibly pulled out. But she couldn’t stop, she had to check.


So she could understand.


As she walked, she stopped in front of a plain white door that could have been mistaken for a wall. 


“It shouldn’t be.”


She hoped it was just a dream.


But the cold touch of the door handle was enough to wake her from her dream, and she let out a trembling breath and turned the handle.


She slowly closed her eyes and opened them, she had no choice but to cover her mouth with both hands.




The moment she saw the face standing right in front of her, in the same space, she could no longer deny it.


This is the world in the novel she read.


It was just like she had imagined and drawn in her dreams.


No, it was more than that. To the extent that it was an understatement to describe it as simply beautiful in the novel.


He’s crazy handsome.


At first, she was thrilled to see a face that seemed as if God had sculpted every part.




Then she saw the gun pointed at her, which she had missed because her eyes were drawn to his face, but the most important thing she had forgotten came to mind.


“How did you find this place?”


The voice that met her was so cold that she felt chills. His cool eyes flashed quietly like a wild beast ready to devour its prey.


The gun, loaded and ready to be fired at the touch of a finger, was not withdrawn despite the eye contact.


She came to her senses, as if splashed with cold water.


She did not possess the heroine of the novel she was reading, like the heroines in common romantic fantasy novels.


She was not a villainess who would capture the heart of the male lead.


She was not a supporting role who could change her fate and take the place of the female protagonist.


“There is no way Jiwoon would have told you where this was. Are you acting like a rat now?”


Baek Hawon cocked his head and let out a bitter laugh.


The name of this now possessed body is Cha Yeon-byeol.


The first villainess who dies during the main characters’ first meeting.


The title of this novel is ‘The Boss’ Man.’


It is not a romantic fantasy featuring a prince.


It was an insane noir BL novel.


  1.     1 pyeong is approximately 3.3 square metres


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