Chapter 11

* * *

It was clear that the voice came from Yu Gyeom, over the sound of exploding fireworks.


At first glance, it seemed like an earnest confession of love, but she knew very well that wasn’t what Yu Gyeom meant.


Yu Gyeom grew up without anyone who truly loved him, so his obsession with his affection for her seemed excessive.


Even if it was just fake, that didn’t matter.


In the first place, Yu Gyeom wasn’t interested in who a companion was, to the point that he forgot their names after they broke up.


He just wanted to forget the terrible loneliness he felt for a moment.


‘It’s okay to lie, so can’t you just tell me that you still like me?’


Like a habit where his body reacted before his thoughts, he craved affection.


‘Will you do it? Or not.’


It was just a joke-like whisper.


She felt strength enter the hand holding her’s, as if urging her to answer.


However, as she was unable to come up with an answer, a blood red patch on his sweater caught her eye.


“Blood! You’re bleeding!”


Without realizing it, she stretched out her hand and lightly touched the sweater, a groan escaped from his clenched teeth.


Now she saw that his lips were dry and pale, and his face was drenched in a cold sweat.


She quickly looked for the door, but only then realized the wall could not be opened from the inside, sealed without a crack.


“The door…”


Yu Gyeom burst out laughing at her embarrassed muttering.


“You’re surprisingly naive.”


Yu Gyeom passed by her while she was frozen in disbelief of what she was hearing, and headed towards the bookshelf. The moment he took out a book, the wall moved easily.


“I was surprised because I thought you saw through me.”


Are you saying you’re bored?


Yu Gyeom shook the book and laughed as he looked at her with eyes expressing words he couldn’t say out loud.


“Romeo and Juliet, do you like it?”


* * *


“Sit anywhere.”


Fortunately, the area beyond the wall she carefully walked through was not a blood-soaked dungeon or anything similar.


The wide open, circular space was filled with soft beige-toned furniture that resembled Yu Gyeom. It was much larger than her room in Baekcheon.


More than half of the walls surrounding the circular space were made of glass, so the night view of the city was visible. It was beautiful, but she didn’t have any interest left for the fantasy-like scenery.


She sat down on a nearby sofa, watching Yu Gyeom’s expression, then carefully put the Romeo and Juliet book in her hand down on a table.


The cover, once red, had become faded and pale. As if someone had read it until it was worn this out.


Could it be that Yu Gyeom was the one who read it? This classic romance?


“Oh gosh”


She was startled by Yu Gyeom, who suddenly took off his sweater and visibly flinched and trembled.


There was a distance between them, but the room was not divided and was more open concept, so she could clearly see him standing in front of the closet.


But before she could feel embarrassed, she unconsciously held her breath at the sight of the scars covering Yu Gyeom’s back. So many that they could be described as dense.


The most noticeable thing was the long scar that looked like it came from a whip, but his entire body was a mess. Including small scars that looked like he had been hit by a bullet or a knife.


She wondered if there’s anyone on this floor without a scar, but his marks were really bad. It took her breath away how those scars seemed to reflect the path Yu Gyeom had taken.


Yu Gyeom picked up a bandage on the table next to the bed and walked towards her.


She didn’t know where to place her gaze on his clearly exposed torso, so she kept her eyes focused on the marble floor. The sofa shook as if Yu Gyeom sat right next to her.


There are plenty of seats, so why sit here?


She let out a silent cry and just shook her head for no reason.


“I can’t reach.”


The bandage was held out in front of her.


She didn’t understand what he meant so she just stared at the bandage.


“Can you change the bandages?”


It wasn’t until she heard his low voice that she raised her head, seeing his face and the bloodied bandage before she understood.


When she reluctantly accepted the bandage, the corners of Yu Gyeom’s mouth gently turned up.


She questioned why she might have been changing her kidnapper’s bandages, but then she remembered her situation as a whole and moved her hand toward him.


When she carefully removed the bandage covering his waist she revealed a deep, bleeding wound.


“Have you been to the hospital?”




“You didn’t go?”


“There are so many people who would be happy to know that I’m hurt.”


Her body stiffened at the words that struck her while she was defenseless.


Yu Gyeom’s smiling face came into my field of vision.


“Is… Is the princess like that too?”


“Oh, no!”


Yu Gyeom laughed, probably because her extreme reaction was funny, so she tightened the bandage while she pouted her lips hoping it wouldn’t be noticeable.




“Does it hurt? My mistake.”


“I was wondering when you would be worried about my injury.”


Yu Gyeom’s complaints flowed through one ear and out the other as she wrapped him in several layers of bandages. The moment she raised her head after carefully fixing his new wrappings, she was immediately speechless at the face she saw.


Yu Gyeom was looking at her with his chin resting on the sofa, as if wondering if she was complaining, but his face was full of smiles.


A face that sparkled without any sense of reality that still didn’t feel real.


“It’s done.”


“Thank you, princess.”


The smile was so vivid that it made her eyes close, and it was only then that she realized she had not paid attention to something before.


“Why do you keep calling me princess?”


“Why, you like it?”


“No, not at all. It’s just annoyi- a little bothersome.”


When she tried to correct herself to be polite, Yu Gyeom burst into laughter and reached for her, brushing away her falling hair.


Cold fingertips brushed across her cheek. At that gesture, she unconsciously took in a trembling breath.


“Just speak informally. It sounds better.”


“Then why don’t you speak informally too?”


“It’s a habit.”


“I guess calling a woman princess is also a habit?”


The gently folded corners of his eyes drooped heavily.


“That’s not it.”


She frowned at the confusing words.


Bang-! A harsh roar was heard along with nervous footsteps.


“Yu Gyeom!”


Before she could even be startled by the loud voice, a new face came into view.


The man with curly poodle-like hair and angry eyebrows heaved several breaths as if he had rushed over.


The man, shaking off his disheveled clothes, looked at her and raised his sharp eyes.


“Y-you …”


Yu Gyeom smiled softly at the man who stuttered.




In fact, she had a rough guess as to who he was from the moment he first appeared. As for Lee Chan, she clearly remembered him because he had a major role in the original work.


He was the person closest to Yu Gyeom, the one who helped him the most in driving out all of the Yu bloodline and taking over Utopia.


“Is that all you have to say to me now? Were you so busy flirting with women that you can’t even see the end of your nose?”


His habit of spitting out harsh words without hesitation was exactly like what she read in the original.


“What’s going on here?”


Even Yu Gyeom’s face, which did not stop his friend, remained the same.


“Father told you to see him.”


When you say father, do you mean the boss of Utopia?


Unlike Baekcheon, who called Baek Hawon the boss. In Utopia, all the members called the boss ‘father’.


“Ah. By the way, who is that woman?”






Lee Chan and Cha Yeon-byeol shouted at Yu Gyeom in unison, and Lee Chan looked at her with surprised, rabbit-like eyes.


He had a fiery personality that would attack like a mad dog whenever he wanted, but he was also a genius, whose mind worked faster than anyone else.


It wasn’t for nothing that Yu Gyeom had reached the top in Utopia without any familial support.


Although Chan was not an easy opponent, Yeon-byeol knew exactly what he wanted. If she acted appropriately to gain a certain level of favor with him without going too far, everything could be easier.


As she smiled warmly at Lee Chan, Lee Chan’s eyebrows narrowed.


“Not princess… … .”


Without losing her smile towards Lee Chan, she whispered to Yu Gyeom through gritted teeth, and Yu Gyeom smiled with a nod. With his eyes still fixed on her, he spoke softly.


“I brought her from Baekcheon.”


Lee Chan’s mouth dropped at Yu Gyeom’s words. Lee Chan covered his open mouth with his hand and shook his head as if he was fed up.


“You always do questionable things, but this time you picked up something strange?”


Lee Chan blatantly pointed his finger at her.


Something strange. It wasn’t completely wrong, but it was annoying to hear that while being pointed at.


She was willing to correct this misunderstanding.


“He didn’t pick up something strange, he picked up something amazing.”


“… what?”


“I’m Baek Hawon’s younger sister.”


“Who is Baek Hawon…?”


Lee Chan’s face slowly turned serious as he spoke. And his eyes widened as if he finally realized.


“Yu Gyeom is not here right now.”


“I want to see my little brother. Do I need your permission? Do you want to die?”


At that moment, a loud conversation from outside the room broke the silence.


Yu Gyeom stood up as he turned his eyes anxiously, wondering what kind of situation this was as the voices got louder and louder, as if demanding his attention.


“Lee Chan, princess, please.”




When Yu Gyeom saw that Lee Chan couldn’t understand what he was saying, he cursed quietly.


She couldn’t believe her ears when she clearly heard that murmur.


“No matter what Yu Hwa does, she can’t enter without permission!”


Amid the commotion outside, a familiar name caught her ear.


Yu Hwa?


Yu Hwa was one of Yu Gyeom’s half-siblings. Among them, she hated and tormented Yu Gyeom the most. She was the current successor to Utopia.


When she finally thought of that damn name.


Swish.  In the blink of an eye, her wrist was grabbed and pulled.


She was standing defenseless, helplessly dragged along. When she came to her senses, she felt a soft bed behind her back.


Soon Yu Gyeom’s face hovered over her, and her mind was filled with questions.




“Little brother!!”


A voice, louder than the sound of the door being smashed, resonated nearby.


Yu Gyeom froze for a moment, made eye contact with her, then smiled lazily. Curling the corners of his mouth.


“What are you doing? No…”




His gaze gently took her breath away.


“I’m going to kiss you now.”


The corners of his mouth were dark. That distantly beautiful smile made her feel like time was passing slowly.


No, wait a minute.


What did he just say?


She was embarrassed and quickly grabbed his arm, and Yu Gyeom held her hand tightly.


“Don’t be surprised.”


Laughter scattered into the air, and the distance between them was closed in an instant.


His eyes enveloped her and got too close to bear, so she ended up closing her eyes tightly.


Before she had time to mentally prepare, their hot lips met, and her breath was swallowed.

——♦ ⋄· 🜲· ⋄ ♦——

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