Chapter 13

* * * 

Everything was red. Hair that resembled moonlight, a shirt that should have been white, even the slender fingertips brushing away wet hair.


She couldn’t take her eyes off the shirt especially, so soaked with blood that she believed it was originally red.


She took a deep breath and stepped back.


Is that all blood? Are you hurt?




Her mind felt dizzy, as if her reasoning stalled.


You can’t die.


The moment the thousands of thoughts swelling and exploding in her head reached that point, she knew.


Strangely enough, it was fear tightening in her chest.


The emotions she felt while reading the novel were uncontrollable and engulfed her. The day she dies is just around the corner, but she was being stupid.


However, the emotions that piled up each time she turned a page were not something that could be erased in an instant.


Doesn’t everyone have one? 


Like a movie, novel, or celebrity impressive enough to inspire change in some part of someone’s life.


This novel is that for me. Yu Gyeom was like that for me.


The chapter, ending with Yu Gyeom’s death, flashed before her eyes.


“Are you sick?”


At that time, a cold hand covered her forehead.


Yu Gyeom, once standing in front of the door at a distance just a moment ago, now suddenly looking down at her from so close.


“I knew it was a problem Lee Chan and you got along so well.”




“Oh sorry. I forgot my hands were dirty.”


Yu Gyeom smiled and withdrew his hand. His fingers, once white as fresh snow undisturbed, were stained red.


Looking up close at Yu Gyeom’s disfigured appearance, still covered in blood, was even more terrifying.


“Are you hurt?”


Because her voice was shaking, the ends of her words cracked. Without realizing it, she stretched her hand towards Yu Gyeom, but she couldn’t reach him.


She became anxious when she didn’t get an answer right away.


The eyes that met each other shook slightly, but only for a moment.


Yu Gyeom let out something between a sigh and a laugh, slowly lowering his head to press his forehead against hers.


She felt his hot breath in the cold air.


“I don’t have a fever.”


The soft, low sound was clearly transmitted through their touching skin.


She was reflected in those eyes.


When she saw that, she felt a little strange, and her shaken mind began to calm down.


You’re not hurt.


It wasn’t Yu Gyeom’s blood that soaked the shirt red.


In another sense, it felt like her heart was being squeezed.


When she pushed Yu Gyeom’s shoulder, Yu Gyeom obediently stepped back.


The hand that touched Yu Gyeom was unpleasantly wet and red. Her mind went cold because it felt like the blood she was about to shed.


Yu Gyeom, who killed Cha Yeon-byeol.


You are destined to kill me.


“There’s no way I could have been doing well.”


Reality as opposed to fiction, was cruel. That cruelty drove her to the edge.


Yu Gyeom returned and this was an opportunity. A chance to change her fate so that he doesn’t kill her.


“You didn’t come.”


She carefully chose words that would shake Yu Gyeom.


As she was not the main character, she had no choice at the edge of this cliff.


The fact that she was here was enough to know that even if the path was twisted, it would not deviate from the overall framework of the original plot.


She was scared because Yu Gyeom didn’t come to see her.


Every time she woke up, she would wonder if it would be the last day of the construction festival. She really felt like she would die if that day came without her doing anything.


“I waited.”


She looked up at Yu Gyeom and smiled.


She didn’t want the kind of love that made him jump in front of a bullet.


Just enough not to kill her. Just enough to worry about her even if he had to kill her.


I hope that I have steeped into your heart that much.


A soft, faint smile appeared on Yu Gyeom’s face as he listened to her in silence.


“… Why does it seem like that isn’t a lie?”


It seemed like she had misheard his whisper that was almost like a laugh.


* * *


Crack, click.


Whenever she felt anxious, she chewed on her fingernails. For the first time, she realized that an environment that has changed so much can quickly create habits that did not exist before.


Yu Gyeom said he had to take a shower and disappeared, that was already 20 minutes ago.


As she listened to the sound of the water that could stop at any moment, she was consumed by it.


“What do I do? How should…”


She wanted to think it was an opportunity, but when she actually met Yu Gyeom, she started to feel scared.


Strategy is Yu Gyeom’s specialty, so what can I do? What if I say the wrong thing and hasten my death date?


As she leaned her forehead against the glass window, she cooled down. The cold temperature reminded her of a moment ago.


Their faces pressed together at the top of their foreheads, his eyes sparkled up close, the corners of his mouth softly curved.


And when the sound of water finally stopped, she pounded her head with her fist.


What are you going to do if you can’t do it? I have to just cry and hang on.


It was already a dead end from the moment she met Yu Gyeom. There was no other option.




As soon as she ran to the sofa and sat down, the door opened and Yu Gyeom slowly walked out through the hazy fog.


Water droplets fell from the tips of his wet hair and flowed down his white skin. The uniquely languid yet dangerous atmosphere became even more tense.


Yu Gyeom looked at her with wet eyes and smiled.


“Did you wait for me?”


That laugh was truly foul.


When Yu Gyeom sat down on the sofa in front of her and bent over, the tightly closed shower gown opened slightly.


She quickly turned her gaze to his chest visible through the opening.


“I heard you waited. Please take a look.”


However, when she finally made eye contact with the gaze that was looking at her, she heard a soft but irresistible voice.


There was nothing that could be read from the eyes that had completely erased his emotions and desires.


She sat with her legs crossed and smiled softly, covering half of her mouth with her hand supporting her chin.


“Yes, I waited.”


Making up a laugh was quite easy if you were imitating Yu Gyeom.


“Why did the princess wait for me?”


She became even more desperate when she thought of Yu Gyeom’s real face, always smiling but dead on the inside, just like the face looking at her right now.


“How can I sleep and relax when I can’t see the person holding the noose?”




“I stayed like a puppy waiting for its owner.”


Yu Gyeom let out a small exclamation as he arched the corners of his eyes and smiled lightly.


It was a moment that Yu Gyeom’s laughter, as he leaned back deeply on the sofa as if he was going to fall, showed a hint of playfulness.


“For a puppy, she sleeps pretty well, right?”


Crooked. The arm that was holding her chin slipped to her leg.


“I guess throwing pillows is a sleeping habit.”


Yu Gyeom mentioned her sleeping habits that she had not been able to fix for 25 years. she was speechless at the unexpected answer.


“You slept so comfortably in my bed that I slept in.”


Yu Gyeom pointed exactly to the wall she was wandering around. The back of her head tingled as if she had been hit with a hammer.


This bastard Lee Chan… !


There was no way Lee Chan, who was by her side for almost 24 hours a day, didn’t know. 


Even though you knew, you pretended not to know and got annoyed with me?


She had a strong desire to immediately find Lee Chan and grab him by the collar, but she could still feel Yu Gyeom’s eyes fixated on her. He was the priority right now.


“Don’t you know that what you see isn’t everything? Look at the dark circles I still have from all my nightmares.”


It was the moment when she slyly pointed under her eyes and laughed.


Just like a snake moving to hunt its prey, Yu Gyeom got up from his seat and approached her in a motion so fast and fluid it gave her goosebumps.


It was only when the water droplets that flowed through his silver hair and onto her cheek that she noticed him.




Yu Gyeom swept the area around her eyes with his thumb.


It was a gentle touch, as if touching a glass bead, but a strong sensation rose up the back of her neck.


“It’s a bit troublesome if you are hurt.”


For a moment, she felt like her life was in danger. The eyes looking down at her shined like a knife ready to stab her.


She used to trust her intuition to a certain extent, but right now she was desperately hoping that she was wrong.


If she wasn’t, then everything she said and did up to this point was digging her own grave.


“You should come when I’m awake.”


She held Yu Gyeom’s wrist of the hand covering her face, and smiled sweetly with the corners of her eyes folded.


For a very brief moment, Yu Gyeom’s eyebrows narrowed slightly.


Well, what kind of crazy person would say something like this to their kidnapper?


But I needed to.


A chance to whisper sweet words to Yu Gyeom using what she knew. Time to capture him so he can’t kill her.


“If possible, every day. Like I said, I get anxious and can’t sleep if I don’t see the person holding my life in their hands.”




“It would be difficult if I died while suffering from such a mental illness.”


The languid eyes containing the flickering light gradually took on a darker color. She felt like she was being sucked in.


A moment of silence followed, and what broke it was a low burst of laughter.


“It’s difficult.”


As Yu Gyeom’s body leaned a little more towards her, a large shadow completely engulfed her.


She backed away as he approached, and eventually her back hit the back of the sofa.


Yu Gyeom grabbed the back of the sofa she was leaning against with one hand. The cold fingers that were cupping her chin, lightly brushed her lips.


“But do you know what you are talking about?”


The face that turned away from the light was covered in darkness, but only his sparkling eyes were clear.


Instead of looking up at Yu Gyeom with scared eyes, she smiled.


“I mean, you and I both have to survive in hell.”


‘Come with me. To my hell.’


Just like Yu Gyeom whispered to her and smiled.

——♦ ⋄· 🜲· ⋄ ♦——

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