Chapter 14

* * * 

Yu Gyeom came out of the room and wiped the smile off his face as soon as he was out of sight of the men guarding the door.


The moonlight coming in from the window shone on his frozen face, oblivious to his pace getting faster.


He didn’t know why the more steps he took, the more out of breath he became.


He was nauseous, filled with emotions he had never felt before. If he were to simply define it, it was a feeling closer to unpleasantness.


Her eyes, looking straight at him, seemed to have been engraved in his memory.


The moment he turned the corner while tightening his tie, he collided with a person coming from the opposite direction and his body leaned backwards, unable to handle the walking speed.


“Ahh? Uhhhh?!”


The hand that was fluttering in the air fell backwards, the other still holding his collar tightly.


“Eww… What kind of bastard…!”


Rubbing his numb tailbone, he raised his head and looked at Yu Gyeom’s face, and his eyes widened in embarrassment.


His mouth, unable to finish his sentence, shut.




Yu Gyeom, who was looking at him with downcast eyes, wrapped his hand around his collar.


“Where are you going?”


It was a friendly voice, but it had an edge to it.


An ordinary person might not have noticed, but Lee Chan had been preparing his meals for 27 years. Perhaps he noticed even before the owner of the voice.


The reason was probably that woman.


She was definitely a woman worthy of the title of Baek Hawon’s younger sister.


“Woah. Has it been three days? Suddenly, you brought Baek Hawon’s younger sister here and left her in my care, and I couldn’t even catch a glimpse of you. So I thought there was something wrong. Hey. Haha. Hahahahaha.”


Words that were sly but not natural, came out with his true feelings in mind. Lee Chan smiled brightly and pulled on the hand that was being held.


Yu Gyeom obediently let go of the hand and curled the corners of his mouth.


As he was looking at something familiar, the complexity from before felt like a dream that would be forgotten once he woke up.


Yeah, something familiar. That would be it.


The number of people who extended a sympathetic hand were already beyond familiar and tiresome.


Utopia’s beautiful illegitimate child. It was a name that made you want to have met him at least once. Everyone was attracted by that name and became close to him, but then everyone left because of that same name.


This time will be no different.


“Have you met Cha Yeon-byeol? Is this the only time since the first day?”


Yu Gyeom walked in the direction he had originally gone, and Lee Chan quickly followed.


Utopia’s building was shuttered off, but the hallway on the 56th floor where Yu Gyeom’s room was located was entirely made of glass, so the scenery below was visible.


The night sky, which shone as if you could reach it if you just stretched out your hand, resembled hair blowing in the wind. The eyes that captured Yu Gyeom were also a similar color.


When the memories overlapped, he felt like he was looking at the night sea that day, not the sky.


To be exact, looking down at the sea at night.


“We met.”


Yu Gyeom answered briefly, a cold smile spread across his lips.


It was the first time he had seen her since the day he brought her here.


It’s a lie to say he noticed her sleeping habits.


Some of her reactions were expected and some were not.


He knew she would be embarrassed, but he never thought she would be so bold.


“By the way, do you know what I just heard?”


Even though he lowered his voice out of caution for their surroundings, Lee Chan was very excited.


It wasn’t uncommon for him to get excited and go overboard, so Yu Gyeom didn’t pay much attention and entered the room with his fingerprint on a device installed on the door.


Their outstretched legs passed the long conference table and stopped in front of the wall.


When the blackout curtains that stretched from the high ceiling completely covering the walls were removed, a dizzying mess of notes and photos were revealed.


“You know the smuggling that Yu Hwa worked on for months? She took great care to get them in right away without going through an intermediary route.”


“How could I not know what father was expecting?”


Yu Gyeom answered indifferently and reached his hand toward a photo on the wall.


A photo of a person who did not exist in the plan was stuck in a corner out of sight.


“Baekcheon intercepted it.”


Baekcheon. After hearing those words, Yu Gyeom withdrew his hand before he could reach the photo and turned his head to Lee Chan.




It was definitely something he didn’t expect.


Baekcheon and Utopia have always been on bad terms since the beginning.


The person whom the second leader of Utopia trusted the most, betrayed him and left. founding the organization known as Baekcheon.


From then on, Baekcheon grew at an incredible rate, and at some point surpassed Utopia.


That is why Utopia’s hatred of the organization has been passed down for generations.


However, the one mainly affected was Utopia, and it was rare for Baekcheon to interfere directly.


“Something is strange. We did steal something from the cruise ship that day, but has this been the only time you’ve messed with Baekcheon like that? I’ve never seen such blatant punishment before.”


There was only one reason that could be easily guessed.


“Looks like I picked up something big.”


The difference. The Princess of Baekcheon.


Yu Gyeom, who thought about the name, burst out laughing, the meaning of which not even he could understand.


“I really might have to go see her every day.”


It became clear that he would suffer many losses if he missed out on what he could gain by using her. So there was no reason to avoid something that wasn’t even difficult.


A request that was thought to be so absurd, suddenly became a reality.


But what is this ambiguous feeling?


He had obtained a usable card, but it felt like he was holding sand in his hands.


“I thought it would be a good idea to give it a try and contact Baekcheon in three days.”


Lee Chan smiled brightly. That smile, which could seem evil, would come to mind when he thought about what he would achieve by turning his brain on.


Before he knew it, Yu Gyeom was holding the photo he had been looking at earlier. The light illuminated the face of a woman wearing a gorgeous white dress stained red .


“But there’s no need to be nice to her, right? You can just lock the room and have a few goons watch it. Do I really need to personally monitor her in your room?!”


Lee Chan’s eyes sparkled as he strongly added what he wanted to say most.


Yu Gyeom looked at the face in the photo and touched the sparkling piercings in his ears.


“You may have grown up well, but if you act rough for no reason and an unexpected situation arises. Wouldn’t that make you even more tired? Even if it’s a little annoying, it’s definitely better to take the safe route.”


Lee Chan narrowed his eyes as if counting the number of possible unexpected situations. After thinking for a moment, he ended up randomly stroking his hair.


“I see. Her personality isn’t normal, but if you touch her for no reason…”


Yu Gyeom let out a low laugh. And slowly, he attached the photo above the name that was at the center of all the notes and photos.


Her closed, expressionless lips touched his fingertips.


* * *


It had been 5 days since she came to Utopia. Hostage life was monotonous. Yesterday there was a variable called Yu Gyeom, but today started the same as yesterday.


“Hey!! Start waking up now! It’s already 2 o’clock!?”


She opened her eyes in surprise at Lee Chan’s impolite wake-up call.


Unlike last night when there was thunder and lightning, the sunlight that filled the large space was so dazzling that it could melt her.


She frowned and swiped her sweat-soaked hair. Her whole body was drenched in sweat.


She didn’t remember exactly, but she was sure she had a nightmare today as well.


It was like this every time she slept. It may not be an empty statement to say that if she continued like this, she would develop a mental illness.


“Ugh… Water…”


She groaned with her face buried in her hands, and Lee Chan clicked his tongue. But when she heard footsteps, it looked like he was going to grumble and bring it to her again today.


He also had a really unique personality.


She knew that he was a person who can laugh and then change his attitude in an instant to point a gun. But for now, she was trusting that it would be okay.


Lee Chan was surprisingly tolerant of the weak. Although he was merciless when it interfered with his goals.


She hoped that Lee Chan would think of her kindly as he had been for the past few days, just looking for Yu Gyeom without thinking.


“Come to your senses.”


As soon as she emptied the cold water in the cup Lee Chan brought her, her mind became much clearer.


Lee Chan, looking at the full-length mirror attached to the closet, was wearing a neat, plain black suit. Even the curly poodle hair was quite calm.


In his hand was a strange black mask.


“What’s this?”


Taking advantage of Lee Chan’s preoccupation with his image in the mirror, she quickly stretched out her hand and snatched the mask from Lee Chan’s hand.


The black mask was without any special decorations and was large enough to completely cover an entire face, so it would have been difficult to tell who was wearing it.


“Is collecting masks your hobby?”


When Lee Chan covered his face with the mask and laughed, he then had an uncharacteristically serious expression on his face. Then, as if something suddenly occurred to him, his eyes widened and he ran to the long table next to the sofa.


“Isn’t this better after all?”


Lee Chan, who had been carefully looking at the table for a while, picked up a unicorn-like mask with rainbow-colored feathers on both sides.


What is that? 


She suppressed her laughter and nodded her head roughly.


As she was covering herself with a blanket on the bed, she saw a table full of colorful masks. She got interested and left the bed to Lee Chan’s side.


“Are you going to a masquerade ball?”


There were various different types of masks than what she had seen from a distance. If she focused on what was the strangest part of this, it would be difficult to determine a ranking.


“The original rule was to wear a mask and attend. It’s an event that takes place once every five years, and its purpose is to discover talented children who have been ignored. If an executive-level person comes up to you, can you seriously showcase yourself?”


“That’s an incredibly detailed tradition.”


“How is it? Does it obscure my good looks? Is it still not enough?”


Lee Chan looked at her while wearing the unicorn mask. The mask’s presence was so large that it seemed difficult to recognize his identity.


But she thought he was the only one who could pull it off. 


But isn’t this openly announcing that you are insane?


“I think this would suit you better.”


She picked up a red see-through mask, smiling like a child playing an obvious prank.


A hand reached out from behind her and wrapped around her hand without even pretending to acknowledge it. The hand was surprisingly cold, with blue veins showing under the skin, which was whiter than the sunlight.




A tickling breath reached her ear.


“Do you really think this will suit Lee Chan?”


The voice that quietly came from behind her ear gave her goosebumps all the way up from her toes.




When she looked back, covering her ears with both hands, Yu Gyeom laughed and squinted his eyes lazily.

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