Chapter 15

* * *  

Come to think of it, it was her first time seeing him in broad daylight.


Yu Gyeom was wearing a flowing, loose-fitting white silk shirt, resembling sunlight itself.


This was especially true of his hair that was long enough to pass over his eyelashes.


She thought it was the color of melted moonlight. But now, it seemed like it was going to melt and break apart in the afternoon sunlight.


“Is this something you like too?”


Yu Gyeom took the mask from her hand and held it over his face. The mask she thought was funny, while superimposed on this face seemed mesmerizing and fatal.


Lips as red as the lace on the mask twisted dazzlingly.


Yu Gyeom looked at her as if urging her to answer. The eyes visible behind the mask were beautifully curved.


“Why are you so surprised?”


She blinked her wide eyes and slowly lowered her hands to cover her ears. She wasn’t aware of her stupidly open mouth yet.


In her imagination, Yu Gyeom is still the main character in a dark noir novel, so she unconsciously associated him with the moon. Which can only be seen at night.


While standing under the sunlight that swept over him like waves, he looked even more unreal.


“You asked me to come by every day.”




“You said you had to see me.”


Apparently that was exactly 12 hours ago.


She didn’t have time to think or any cards to play, so she just decided to say that in a panic. First, if it wasn’t this method, she would have had to find another method, so she decided if she was going to fail, it was better to be quick.


But she never thought he would come this soon, and in the middle of the day no less.


“… I didn’t know if you would really come.”


When she answered honestly, Yu Gyeom stretched his hand towards her with his usual smile. His hand tucked a flowing hair behind her ear, gentle but cold.


“I guess it wasn’t a lie when you said you got along well with your brother?”


The words he spat out were more surprising than how he was standing in front of her right now.


“They warned me explicitly. If you touch her, you’ll die.”


For a moment, she was dazed, like a program encountering an error.


Baekcheon? Baek Hawon said that?


That can’t be possible.


“I heard your brother cares about you a lot.”


First, she calmly smiled, as if she knew this would happen. recalling her relationship with Baek Hawon once again, and the answer came right away.


Needless to say, the relationship between Cha Yeon-byeol and Baek Hawon got worse after she possessed this body, not better.


In that case, she thought Yu Gyeom and Lee Chan were under the illusion that Baek Hawon was angry because she was kidnapped.


For her, this was news that made her want to clap with joy.


Yu Gyeom tied the red string of the mask behind his head.


The red color contrasted with the pale white skin was particularly vivid.


“Do you think I’ll look pretty like this?”


She almost lost confidence at the smile that spread brightly across his face, like a flower blooming in spring, even though she knew it wasn’t sincere.


She thought that if this continues, she might end up enthralled by him first.


* * *


“Aren’t you crazy?”


Thud. Thud. Lee Chan screamed and hit his head on the desk.


“I was late. I was late again!”


She looked at Lee Chan with pity as he pounded his fist on the desk from anger.


WARNING appeared in red letters on the computer screen. The phrase floating around.


“How can you escape when you were clearly caught in a trap?”


It seemed like someone was trying to access Lee Chan’s laptop server. Moreover, it looks like they got away without leaving a single trace.


Lee Chan mainly used his genius inteligence to enter enemy internet servers and steal information.


In particular, the method of intentionally placing a trap in cyberspace with false information to induce attacks from hackers and then analyzing them to defend against later was so unique that it aroused admiration.


It was quite an amazing sight to see. That he, who had come all the way to Utopia with his talent, had an opponent he could not catch.


“Then I don’t know if they will really break through.”


While he was laughing at and teasing Lee Chan, Yu Gyeom pulled out a wooden block and their tower fell down.


“Ah! I win!”


Every day or night, Yu Gyeom stopped by his room once a day and stayed for up to two hours at most to play a game with her.


In the game, she was making an outrageous request to see if Yu Gyeom would really show his true face to her. Under the condition that the winner asks a question and the loser answers honestly.


But yesterday, the day before, and up to today. Yu Gyeom has never won.


“You’re not losing on purpose, are you?”


“No way.”


She looked into Yu Gyeom’s eyes with suspicion, but there was nothing she could read. She leaned her face on her knees and thought about what to ask.


In a nutshell, it was similar to a fan meeting, but she was bitter about not being able to ask what she wanted to ask comfortably.


The founding ceremony was already halfway over, and every moment was precious to her as it could not be taken back.


A question she could ask was a pretty big opportunity.


She didn’t know if Yu Gyeom was really answering honestly, but it still had meaning in itself.


However, it was not possible to ask explicit questions openly.


“… Save this one for later?”


“Okay, then.”


After thinking about it, she looked at Yu Gyeom and asked, and he smiled and nodded.


Yu Gyeom stood up, rubbing the red and dark marks around his eyes.


Even though they talked lightly and laughed while playing the game, she couldn’t believe what she saw.


There was no way Cha Yeon-byeol was playing games like this with Yu Gyeom in the original story, but she wasn’t sure if anything would change because of this.


“Sleep well, princess.”


Yu Gyeom called out to her in a soft voice.


She told him several times not to call her that because it would make her cringe to the point of killing her, but it was no use in the end, so she had given up.


Lee Chan also cleaned up the messy desk and stood up, as if he wanted to go out with Yu Gyeom.


“Stay here.”


Lee Chan held the laptop carefully with both hands and looked at him intently before saying.


It was something he used to say harshly every time he left her alone. There was a lot of rebellion today.


“Okay, okay.”


He smiled brightly and even waved his hand.


Lee Chan turned around with a suspicious look on his face and followed Yu Gyeom out of the room.


The empty space was filled with silence. In an instant, her rebellious spirit melted away, leaving only lethargy.


The extremely peaceful and comfortable environment made her forget that she was still kidnapped.


Yu Gyeom’s way of dealing with people was to soothe the other person, scold them, whisper sweet words, and eventually get them to do what he wanted.


It must have been intentional. She hoped that she would remain calm and be satisfied with her current situation where she was lacking in nothing.




After Yu Gyeom and Lee Chan left, she laid on the sofa for quite some time, staring at the ceiling and rolling her eyes.


Whenever she was alone, she searched over the space, and now she could clearly see the structure if she just closed her eyes.


It occurred to her that maybe she knew where everything was here better than she did in her own room in the world she used to live in.


Given the meticulous personalities of Lee Chan and Yu Gyeom, it was expected, but there was nothing that could be of help.


“Should I get some sleep…?”


She couldn’t sleep properly for several days, so she was very tired.


As she was crawling towards the bed, something caught at her feet.




It was the unicorn mask that made her laugh every time she saw it. When she was about to take a step forward while picking up the mask she heard something.


At the sound of someone breaking the silence, she turned her head and looked at the door.


What is it?


The silence that followed was somehow more ominous. The air surrounding her became sharp, as if something was about to happen.


If it were Yu Gyeom or Lee Chan, there’s no way they would hesitate like this. She cautiously approached the door and listened closely.


“Female? There’s a woman? Is it the girl he has hung out with once or twice?”


“I don’t think she’s that kind of woman. Yu Gyeom owns the room and is quiet, but the fact that Lee Chan comes every morning and leaves at night is also suspicious.”


It was a voice she had heard before.


Yu Hwa, and who else ?


“I haven’t heard anything like this in three months. I’ve never seen her come in or go out, but I’m pretty sure it’s related to Baekcheon. It wasn’t just items that were taken.”


“You prepared well, right?”


“Yes. It looked like he was going to join the poker game in the basement as planned.”


“Damn. Why is the door locked again? Give me the keys.”


“I don’t have any, just wait…”


There was no time to eavesdrop anymore. She quickly ran and started looking for a place to hide.


Due to the open layout, once the door was opened, she couldn’t avoid their sight unless she became invisible.


There was only one place where she could completely hide, the secret space she first woke up in.


Please, please!


Objects hit by her fingertips fell to the floor, but she had no time to pay attention. It’s something that can leave her alone, but at the same time, it’s a loophole.


That’s boring.


She had been putting it off for a while, but in the end, there was only one thing that came to mind.


As she desperately scanned the books, her eyes fell on the title she was looking for.


She finally found it. Romeo and Juliet.


In desperation, she took the book out of the bookshelf and waited for the wall to open.




She tried putting the book back in and out to see if something was wrong, but nothing happened.


… Agh! Not now.


Isn’t this the book? This is driving me crazy.


She was racking her brain and threw the book.


The corner of the book hit something on the picture on the wall and fell.




She hit it so hard that the picture seemed like it was going to fall, but there was a rattling sound and the wall opposite the bookshelf spun like a revolving door.


At the same time, the door was opened roughly with the sound of a key being engaged.

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