Chapter 16

* * *  

I’m screwed.


Even if she ran like this, the wall was too far to push through and then return to its original state.


She was standing where they could see her straight through the door.


‘Is it the girl he hung out with once or twice?’


In a split second, Yu Hwa’s words came to mind.


She picked up the unicorn mask off the floor and put it on her face.


Then she unbuttoned a couple of buttons on her shirt with one hand and messed up her hair with the other.


“… Sweetie?”


She smiled brightly and called out in a high-pitched voice. 


It’s okay, act natural. I feel very natural now.


“Are you here already?”


She muttered her pronunciation out of fear that her voice would tremble.


“I prepared a gift.”


She walked with unsteady steps and leaned against the wall. The moment she pushed the wall back to its original state, their eyes met.


She was overwhelmed by the look in Yu Hwa’s eyes and felt her body stiffen.


She expected that she would be a formidable person since she rose to the position of successor to this organization despite being born a woman.


Overflowing desire was revealed in the pitch-black eyes.


She was tall, easily over 170cm, and stood out even more in the top-down suit.


“What is that?”


A scar that split through her lips vertically caught Cha Yeon-byeol attention.


Because of Yu Hwa’s considerable beauty that matched her name so well. It was bothersome to deal with people looking down on her due to her appearance, so she intentionally left the scar.


She was a person closer to a fire than a flower.


Cha Yeon-Byeol’s heart was pounding like it was going to explode, but she smiled even wider like a lunatic.


Yu Hwa stroked her short hair and nodded to the man who followed her.


The man’s face turned pale as he looked her up and down with shaking eyes.


Cha Yeon-Byeol walked as if she was about to fall and leaned against the man.


“I went through all this trouble to wear a mask for my sweetie… ”




“Will you play with me instead?”


She grabbed the arm of the horrified man who was trying to pull her away and she giggled like a schoolgirl.


A cold hand grabbed her wrist and pulled it away as if they were throwing her. The force was so strong that she thought her wrist would break.


She landed on the floor and let out a short moan. On that day, Yu Hwa looked down with cold eyes and patted her hand on her jacket.


“Get out.”


If she didn’t leave immediately, she had a feeling she would be killed in the cruelest way possible.


She stood up and smiled, trying hard to keep the corners of her mouth from lowering.


She patted the man on the shoulder and smiled once more, then passed by and walked toward the open door.


Her back felt cold, but she tried to ignore it and walked naturally. But when she got to the door, her breath rushed out of her.


She was relieved that she didn’t scream. Three men were dead from bullet wounds in front of the door. The sound she heard earlier seemed to have been gunfire with a silencer.


When she saw the thick blood pooled on the floor, she felt sick but walked away calmly.


Before she could take two steps, a low voice stopped her.


“Wait a moment.”


Tap, tap. The sound of shoe heels hitting the floor mixing with laughter was eerie.


She couldn’t even breathe while freezing in place.


“What were you doing alone?”




“In my brother’s room, where even I can’t enter as I please.”


She was caught. The moment she had that intuition, she immediately started running.


She heard footsteps following fiercely behind her. She ran faster, trying not to stop.


She was fortunate that the hallway curved in a circle. If it had stretched out in a straight line, she would have been shot already.




The sound of a gunshot behind her brought her to her senses.


Can I get out of the building like this?


Wearing a unicorn mask in the middle of winter, wearing a thin dress shirt and nothing proving I belong here?


If someone catches her wandering around the first floor or the person guarding the front door catches her, she can’t answer any questions, or really do anything.


So it ends like this without any control.


In Utopia, there was no way Baek Hawon’s younger sister would be treated well.


She had to find Yu Gyeom.


Yu Gyeom and Lee Chan won’t kill her; at least not until they meet Baek Hawon.


But how?


If the man she overheard was correct, he said they were participating in a poker game in the basement.


She didn’t know exactly how many floors this building had, but she was at least on the 50th floor.


If running into someone was inevitable regardless, it seemed better to run to the elevator.


The elevator was coming down from a higher floor, but instead of waiting for it, she ran to the stairs next to it.


When she turned down the second flight of stairs, she realized that Yu Hwa was no longer following her.


She was planning to run until she lost Yu Hwa, so she decided to stay put and wait for the elevator on that floor.


She tidied up her tangled hair and meticulously put her unicorn mask back on.


The rainbow-colored feathers really bothered her, but she couldn’t take them off because it was clear that the worst would happen if anyone recognized Cha Yeon-byeol’s face.




The elevator door opened smoothly. Inside the elevator, two men dressed in black suits were talking loudly in Chinese.


She quickly got on board before their eyes turned to her and pressed the button for the basement. She also didn’t forget to stand at the front so she could flee to another floor at any time.


She felt relieved that she didn’t have to trust her instincts and choose another floor, and was able to choose the basement immediately.


The high-speed elevator was stuffy and clogged on all sides as it descended. She raised her eyes and watched the decreasing number and the men behind her reflected in the door.


Do you think that leisurely riding the elevator means I belong here? They didn’t even look at me once.


She was very fortunate, but now she began to worry about what would happen next.


The two men got off on the third floor and she arrived at the basement level after a few more seconds.


She swallowed her saliva. The elevator door opened with a ding. Beyond the opening was an empty hallway.


She carefully left the elevator, fastened the buttons on her shirt all the way up to her neck. The short, narrow hallway was dark and damp.


Cheers beyond the walls echoed throughout the hallway. It seemed like she had come to the right place.


She hoped Yu Gyeom or Lee Chan were there.


She prayed earnestly and grabbed the doorknob.




For a moment, she felt like bright red flames were rising before her eyes.


A blast rang out as if it were tearing her eardrums, and only then did she realize that the explosion was real.


* * *


The situation quickly fit together like a puzzle in her head.


‘You prepared well for that, right?’


‘Yes. It looked like he was going to join the poker game in the basement as planned.’


Yu Hwa didn’t enter while Yu Gyeom and Lee Chan were away for a moment. It was all planned out.


It was not easy to move in the opposite direction with people moving like a swarm of ants.


After much effort, she finally got inside the door.


There was a bar lined with liquor bottles in the center of the first floor and along the railings of the second level, and the cards and chips spread out on each table were reminiscent of a casino.


The lights, which had been turned on to a minimum for ambiance, flickered. The crazy music sounded like a club.


Several small explosions followed in succession, and the flames grew bigger.


She didn’t know if her head hurt because of the smoke filling the room or the strong blasts.


She took off her mask and threw it away, breaking it.


Then took a random jacket hanging on a chair to cover her nose and mouth.


Unlike the short and narrow hallway, this space beyond the door was so large that the structure was immediately visible due to the high ceiling.


There were a lot of people, but the only exit was the elevator she took and the narrow stairs next to it.


In short, these were the worst conditions for a rapid evacuation.


Although the extent of the fire was not severe, it became even more chaotic as the evacuation was delayed.


This was a trap aimed precisely at Yu Gyeom.




Someone grabbed her arm and she looked up in surprise.


“Cha Yeon-byeol?”


It was Lee Chan, almost screaming her name.


Lee Chan checked her face as the jacket was dislodged, then grimaced as if he couldn’t believe it.


“Why are you here?”


“What about Yu Gyeom? Aren’t you together?”


“I don’t know? I was on the second floor. He hasn’t left already?”


Yu Gyeom was really here. Even Lee Chan doesn’t know anything.


She started to get impatient.


If you stayed in this place with no ventilation, it was more likely you would suffocate before being engulfed in the flames.


She shook off Lee Chan’s hand off her.


But before she could take a single step, Lee Chan caught her again.


“Are you crazy? Are you out of your mind right now? What are you going to do in there?”


The hand holding her wrist was so strong she couldn’t move it.


She hesitated because she didn’t want to say something she couldn’t explain. But Lee Chan seemed to have no intention of letting her go.


Yu Gyeom has trauma from fire.


If he was trapped in flames that would engulf his surroundings, he would fall into a state of panic and become unable to move on his own.


That’s why she was sure that Yu Gyeom was in there, but she couldn’t tell Lee Chan, who seemed unaware of this fact.


In the end, she grabbed Lee Chan’s collar hard and pulled so that their faces were close to each other.

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