Chapter 2

* * *

She couldn’t believe it.


To be honest, the idea of possessing a female protagonist or a villain in a novel is so familiar. If she was in that situation, she could choose how to deal with it according to the genre.


But a BL novel.


What the h*ll can I do when two handsome men are in love and I’m stuck in the middle…?!


This isn’t real.


It wasn’t even a refreshing casual film, it was a noir film with bloody gunfights in every episode.


She couldn’t believe that the gun was pointed at her heart. Even when she thought about it again, she tightly closed her eyes at the dizzying memory.


“Are you acting like a rat now?”


She couldn’t lift a finger because of the murderous intent she was experiencing for the first time.


Given the novel’s setting, it wasn’t that his actions were incomprehensible. Originally, Cha Yeon-byeol was so crazy about Baek Hawon that she acted out to get his attention. 


For Baek Hawon, Cha Yeon-byeol was just a misfortune brought on by the woman who took his late mother’s place. Cha was foolish enough to be greedy for his love.


“Boss, there was a commotion. It seems that the young lady isn’t in her right mind and made a mistake. She just got lucky to find this room.”


If Jiwoon hadn’t stepped in, while she was frozen and unable to utter a single word, she might have actually been shot.


Baekcheon’s young boss was someone who would do it too.


Fortunately, Baek Hawon did not pay any more attention to her and had no further questions. Cha Yeon-byeol’s walk, and yesterday’s mistreatment of their father, was just another small incident to add to the pile.


The gun was removed, and she was led by Jiwoon out of the room. The way back to her room was so confusing that she couldn’t remember it.


“With how pretty you are. You’ll meet another guy.”


No matter how many times she looked at her new reflection in the mirror, it felt awkward.


Her dark hair fell to her waist and fluttered softly every time she moved, shining beautifully as a glittering night sky.


Her sharp, cat-like eyes had an aura that caught anyone’s gaze, and her plump red lips drew dizzying lines where they moved.


She looked like she could seduce any man she wanted, but she didn’t know why she was so hung up on Baek Hawon when he didn’t care about her.




When she touched her throbbing head, she felt a warm sensation.


How great would it be if she could watch and support the love between these two people as she entered her favorite novel?


Unfortunately, this body was destined to die, and soon if things unfolded as they did in the novel she knew.


During Baek Hawon and Yu Gyeom’s first meeting.


“I can’t die here.”


She slapped both her cheeks! She came to her senses when her cold hands connected with herself.


She spread out some paper she found in the corner of a bookshelf in the room and a pen. A specific plan was needed to avoid being dragged along and dying as the novel unfolds.


The name was ‘Project Create a Happy Ending for Everyone!’


The main characters of the novel, Baek Hawon and Yu Gyeom, could be likened to a version of Romeo and Juliet.


Yu Gyeom was the illegitimate son of a prostitute and the head of ‘Utopia.’ Baekcheon’s enemy.


Utopia, tired of always being pushed back by Baekcheon, invaded Baekcheon’s base by exploiting a weakness. Foolishly kidnapping Cha Yeon-byeol from the base they had barely entered.


Baek Hawon headed to Utopia directly to punish their arrogance, which can be considered fortunate or unfortunate.


That’s where the two meet for the first time.


“I didn’t think the leader of Baekcheon would come in person.”


Eyes that curved with soft lines.


Snow-white ears full of sparkling piercings that he fidgeted with out of habit.


The moment Baek Hawon first saw Yu Gyeom, he fell in love. Of course, it took a long time for him to realize that.


But if he gets that far, she will die.


And that too was in the hands of Yu Gyeom, who was her favorite character.


Baek Hawon was so preoccupied with Yu Gyeom that he didn’t care if Cha Yeon-byeol lived or died, and she was never mentioned again. As if she never existed in the first place.


“I can never be kidnapped.”


It was written emphatically under the title.


<Project Create a Happy Ending for Everyone!>


<No. 1. Don’t be kidnapped>


She wrote with so much force that it wouldn’t surprise her if she tore the paper.


<Project to Create a Happy Ending for Everyone!>


<No. 1. Don’t be kidnapped>


<No. 2. Don’t be kidnapped>


<No. 3. Don’t be kidnapped>


“I am the most precious thing… My life is so precious.”


She finally felt a little relieved. She knew how the novel unfolded, but the kidnapping could be prevented. Right?


It would take a while for their first meeting to go wrong, but their love story would have a sad ending if it went as planned.


In the end, she stayed up all night crying about how Yu Gyeom was shot and killed instead of Baek Hawon. She was plotting to avoid this.


She lives, her favorite character lives, and she kills two birds with one stone! It was the perfect plan!


She folded up the paper with her plan and wondered where she should put it, her mind racing.




Her foot hit something that made a dull noise. She lowered her head and saw a key lying in the corner.


She reached for the key. At that time, her eyes landed on the spot where it seemed to fit on the desk.


“Is it a drawer key?”


The three drawers from the top were unlocked, but there seemed to be no classification criteria.


Red lipstick, black leather gloves, crumpled stationery, a clear bottle full of white pills, and dried rose petals.


“What kind of trash can is this?” She tilted her head and pulled out the last drawer. There was a rattling, but the last drawer would not open.


When she used the key, it turned and opened. But what she saw was completely unexpected.


“A gun?”


The black gun that doesn’t match this room, like it was cut out of a picture.


The moment she held the gun in her hand, she felt as if the heat that had been swirling in her head had suddenly cooled down.


* * *




Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!




As she put down the gun and wiped the sweat from her forehead, she was very excited. The mouth of the man who half-forcibly guided her here opened in surprise.


“It’s ruined. It’s ruined, it’s ruined.”


She couldn’t shoot like this.


She knew that Cha Yeon-byeol grew up sheltered like a precious flower under Baekcheon’s protection.


She had never seen Cha Yeon-byeol shooting in the novel, but she knew there was a gun in her room, and that she grew up in a place like this.


However, since the recoil was still too much for her, it was natural that all the bullets ended up outside the target circle or somewhere unknown.




She eventually collapsed and let out a deep sigh.


What if she was still kidnapped and brought to Utopia?


As the novel unfolded, Baek Hawon comes to save Cha Yeon-byeol. But Cha Yeon-byeol’s safety had always been seen as an inconvenience for him.


He didn’t give it his all, and she died.


Actually, she knew deep down that the best plan to survive a kidnapping is to have Baek Hawon do his best to save her.


“Are you acting like a rat now?”


However, she kept thinking about the cold eyes she saw. So even though she knew it, she didn’t have the confidence to try for it.


She shook her head violently then buried her face in her knees.


Baek Hawon’s and Yu Gyeom’s first meeting followed a common cliché, on the first day of snow.


Looking at the weather, it was clear there was less than a month left.


Plan number one. Don’t get kidnapped.


To survive, plan number two would have to be ‘Without Baek Hawon, I will die’, but the possibility of making that happen within a month was very slim.


“Hello, boss!”


“Boss! What’s going on here? Should I remove everyone?”


At that, the sound of gunfire stopped, and the greetings of loud voices echoed throughout the shooting range. She was startled and raised her head as she looked around.


“What? Baek Hawon?”


She muttered softly, hiding behind a nearby pillar and keeping her eyes focused on the direction she heard the sound come from.


Despite the warmth of the sunlight pouring down from the skylight, Baek Hawon’s face still looked like an ice sculpture.


“Everybody, leave for an hour.”


The shooting range was cleared out at Jiwoon’s word. She had no intention of raising a new death flag and planned to do the same.


But before long, her steps stopped.




A straight angle, with stable posture. The bullet pierced the center of the target with one shot.




She hid behind her pillar again. 


Yes, it would be better to watch and learn from the strongest guy.


She settled back and watched Baek Hawon intently as he was aiming. Perhaps because he was the boss, not a single shot missed the center of the target.


Minutes had passed, and after another gunshot rang out, Baek Hawon lowered the gun and started to walk away. It looked like he was switching guns.


He instead turned towards her.


It was in a moment when she was startled and tried to hide behind the pillar.




An unrealistic situation unfolded before her eyes as if in slow motion.


The gun was pointed at her, and then a gunshot rang out like an explosion as it tore through her eardrums.




She screamed and fell.


Even the hands covering her ears were shaking. It was an unintentional but instinctive reaction.


As she slowly lifted her head, she took a deep breath. She saw a small, plastic bullet rolling across the floor.


“A BB bullet?”


The moment she confirmed it, something hot and bubbling that couldn’t be called relief burst out of her mouth.


It didn’t matter whether it was live ammunition or a toy.


He saw me and shot.


Just as it became clear how that nonsensical sentence was now reality, her rationality wavered.


“Well, well, well.”


The voice that fell above her head was detached, as if a switch had been flipped and all its emotions had been removed. Her fingertips trembled from the creepy dryness.


“I thought you were a rat.”


As if he had stepped on an ant while passing by, he was impassive.


When she met those eyes again, she let out a shaky breath from her own overflowing emotions.


Baek Hawon knelt in front of her, meeting her at eye level and stretched out his hand to her, whispering,


“Why are you so surprised?”


His large hand covered her smaller one. Baek Hawon’s ridicule deepened as he took the gun from her hand, leaving behind a cold chill.


“Isn’t this what you came here for anyway?”




“Even if it means doing something crazy, to try and get my attention? You like this.”


It was not an incomprehensible action.


As he said, if anyone could get Baek Hawon’s attention, it would be Cha Yeon-byeol. The one who abandoned the minimum level of human ethics and did things that went beyond common sense.


But even so, she couldn’t control this bubbling feeling right now.


Did she want this to be the case?


It only took a moment for her resentment at this d*mned situation to grow into anger.


She chewed her lip and raised her head, grabbed Baek Hawon by the collar and pulled him towards her. His body tilted at the unexpected action.


“I’m only going to say this once, so listen carefully, boss.”


A distance that could take your breath away.


If anyone saw this scene, they would think that the lady of this house had finally gone crazy, but her mind was clearer.


“My heart is removed from here.”


As she poked Baek Hawon’s chest, his frown narrowed. She suppressed her overflowing emotions and spit out each word forcefully.


“I’m going to become independent within a week, so please prepare a farewell party.”


Was this just impulsive? No. It was certainly an impulsive decision, but it was a choice filled with desperation and sincerity.


“I think it would be a blessing for the boss too, in its own flashy and extravagant way. Is it possible?”


Let’s just do this.

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