Chapter 3

* * *

“Have I finally gone crazy?”


Jiwoon reflexively took out his gun the moment Cha Yeon-beol grabbed Baek Hawoon by the collar, then began massaging the dark circles under his eyes.


“I’m only going to say this once, so listen carefully, boss.”


She held the boss’s collar tight enough for veins to appear on the back of her white hand, and even poked his chest with her finger.


Just like how Baek Hawon looked confused, Jiwoon also furrowed his brow.


“My heart is removed from here.”




“I’m going to become independent within a week, so please prepare a farewell party.”


Her voice trampled through the room and broke the heavy silence.


In the sunlight, His brown eyes became slightly larger with a vivid glow. It was a small change, but it was an unusual sight for Jiwoon, who could hear the accompanying sound of crickets from other members of the organization.


The existence of Cha Yeon-byeol in Baekcheon could not be defined simply.


A woman who resembled the beloved late wife of Baekcheon’s former boss, brought her daughter.


Although she did not belong to the organization. But if you interpret it another way, she was the second highest position in the organization right after the boss.


The organization members called her “Young Lady” and could not treat her carelessly. Rather than a position created by Cha Yeon-byeol’s birth, her words and actions created her position.


She was a fool and immature. To put it simply, she had an atmosphere that overwhelmed anyone to the point of believing she was some kind of executive position of the organization.


She spoke of her love for the boss like a crazy person.


Whether it was an animal or a person. If their gaze lingered on him for long enough, she would crush them and hold up her bloody hands, confessing her love once more to the boss.


The longer this went on, the more Baek Hawon hated her.


Nevertheless, the reason he placed Cha Yeon-byeol under Baekcheon’s protection, was the risk she posed if she was placed elsewhere. Alongside the irreversible will left behind by his former boss and father.


“I think it would be a blessing for the boss too, in its own flashy and extravagant way. Is it possible?”




“Am I going crazy?”


“No, something’s changed.”


Something that was always the same, like the hands of a clock, had shifted. It had changed so much that it was impossible to pinpoint the cause.


And Baek Hawon also felt that change.


Jiwoon noticed right away.


Eyes as black as the abyss filled with a different light.


Baek Hawon just looked down at her with his same insensitive eyes, up until she collapsed into his arms. Her face full of anger and the corners of her mouth curled up.


* * *


“Her fever was over 39 degrees. It’s gone down to 38 degrees, but that’s still dangerous. It looks like her body aches have gotten worse too.”


The line between dreams and reality was blurred. As if the intense heat had melted her sense of reality, she was dizzy and falling asleep somewhere.


“Are you out of your mind? You can’t do this unless you’re crazy.”


When she opened her eyes, a clear voice made her wonder if she had heard it wrong.


It woke her up if nothing else.


She slowly blinked her heavy eyelids, eventually closing them again. Even when she tried to rationalize it, she really thought she had to have heard wrong. Was there anyone who could speak that way to Baek Hawon here?


“How could you leave a child unattended, twice. Of course they would faint.”


“What’s going on here? There is no need for the Do’s[SF1]  heir to come in person.”


“I came to see her. Why? Are you dissatisfied?”


A mechanical, intimidating sound followed. She only heard it a few times, but it was the unforgettable sound of a gun being loaded.


“I’ve heard you raised them well, but I’ve only seen them be selfish.”


“Why are you so unruly when you grew up in a rough environment as well?”


It was impossible to pretend to sleep any longer. Not in this tense atmosphere where it seemed as if anyone could die from so much as a wrong word. 


When she opened her eyes, she saw a painted ceiling that she had become more familiar with. This was Cha Yeon-byeol’s room.


She opened her eyes, but she couldn’t breathe because of the heavy weight pressing down on her body.


She thought about closing her eyes again as helplessness hit her like a wave, but she couldn’t take her eyes off the person who had been by her side.


Their hair was the color of cotton candy.


Bright pink cotton candy.


The fashion was as unique as their hair color. A denim jacket with colorful flower embroidery, red socks, yellow shoes, and bear-shaped earrings dangling over their shoulders.


When she turned her gaze slightly, she saw Baek Hawon, aiming a gun at the Cotton Candy stranger.


That b*stard often goes crazy with a weapon.


“Cotton candy.”


She barely uttered the words.


Fortunately, Cotton Candy seemed to have heard and turned towards her, making eye contact.


At first glance, the boyish charm that was visible went well with the cotton candy hair. It was a face with soft yet firm lines that naturally blended the eccentric fashion into his personality.


“I bet you would look pretty when you smile. Usually, you would look like a villain” but when he looked at her with that expression, her face became blatantly distorted.


“Why has your face become uglier?”




She felt her face crumple.


There’s no way I forgot this guy who had bombed every word he said, is he an extra?


Just by looking at his face, he must be Jo Jooyeon. But Cha Yeon-byeol dies in the beginning of the story, so there was a chance that this could be someone on Cha Yeon-byeol’s side.


“Get the doctor.”


“Yes, boss.”


Baek Hawon glanced at her and holstered his gun. Cotton Candy frowned.


“Isn’t the boss too old-fashioned?”


She became wary of Cotton Candy and as he seemed more interested in her. “It’s hard to see your expression, but do you like it?”


She groaned and tried to get up, but Cotton Candy caught her and helped her sit up against the headboard.


Since she didn’t remember reading about him in the book, she wasn’t even sure what his name was. Considering at some point she read that there was a successor to the Tao family, she thought his last name could be Do.


Baekcheon was led by the Baek family, and five families followed the head and managed the Baekcheon districts. One of them seemed to be Cotton Candy’s family.


“Hey, Cotton Candy.”


“Cotton Candy?”


“What is your name?”


Maybe it was because of the fever, but her mind was clouded and she lost her filter.


Cotton Candy’s frown narrowed.


“What? Have you lost your mind?”


“Dosiyuu, stop this and leave..”


An answer came out of his mouth that she didn’t want to hear.


“Do. si. yuu.” She rolled the three letters around in her mouth, but as expected, nothing came to mind. It’s her first time hearing this name.


Cotton Candy, or rather Dosiyuu, blatantly crumpled his face. But stood up from the bed like he couldn’t go against the boss’s words.


She thought he was leaving the room, but then he turned around and grabbed her shoulder, leaning in so close that she could feel his breath.


Making her hold her breath without even realizing it.


“Tell me anytime.”




“When you want to get out of here, tell me.”


She didn’t say anything in response to his confusing words and looked at him with a blank expression, but Dosiyuu seemed not to have cared and left the room.


“When do you want to get out of here?”


There is no way Cha Yeon-byeol wants to escape from Baekcheon.


Originally, when I entered the novel, it was full of things I didn’t know from the story. Or is it just because I’m a villainess who dies in the first chapter of a BL novel?


She felt like her head was going to explode again. Still, seeing as she was close to Baek Hawon, there seemed to be no possibility of a disguise or false identity. So it was clear that Do-si-yuu was not the villain who killed Yu Gyeom.


She didn’t know for sure what kind of relationship he had with Cha Yeon-byeol, but she felt a little relieved that there was at least one person who was sympathetic to Cha Yeon-byeol.


As the tension eased and she was about to fall back asleep from the drowsiness coming over her. But she made eye contact with Baek Hawon, who she thought had gone out with Do-si-yuu.




His eyebrows twitched and twisted at her words.


She found herself cringing at the unreadable look in his eyes.


Baek Hawon’s face was like the night sea or a swamp. It looked quiet on the outside, but you didn’t know what was inside until you disturbed it.


The moment it was disrupted, it evoked the fear of being sucked in.


“Aren’t you leaving?”


Baek Hawon, who had been standing against the doorframe this whole time, took a step foward. Even if she measured his stride, she didn’t think it could appear more perfect.


“A party.”


One slow step at a time, while she felt a weight created from the aura he possessed. With the arrogance of a predator at the top of the food chain.


“Throw me a farewell party.”


Baek Hawon’s white hand touched a rose on the nearby table in an awkward way. The movement of fiddling with the blood-red petals made her nervous, but she tried to ignore it.


She said she would become independent and move out of Baekcheon. All that while holding Baek Hawon by the collar.


It was clear that she was crazy at that moment, but when she thought about it again, it wasn’t that out of line.


If she left this island, she wouldn’t be kidnapped by Yu Gyeom when he sneaks onto it. Baek Hawon wouldn’t have to go and look for her after she was kidnapped, and wouldn’t later die at the hands of Yu Gyeom after meeting him.


“I can’t even fire a gun, so I don’t want to be part of the organization. I think it’s time to go out and make my own living.”


She thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask Dosiyuu, whom she just met, for help after she gained independence. She didn’t know exactly what their relationship was, but at least they seemed like ‘friends.’


She looked at Baek Hawon and smiled. It seemed like there was a way to live, so the corners of her mouth curled up genuinely.


“The boss also wanted me to disappear from his sight, right?”


At that moment Baek Hawon grabbed the flower, hard enough to make his veins stand out, still expressionless.


The flower broke so easily in his hands, the bright red petals were scratched by its thorns and fell to the floor along with drops of blood.


The sight gave her goosebumps, but she tightly held the blanket to keep it from showing and faced his gaze.


The silence that was weighing her down was too much for her to maintain eye contact, so she opened her mouth.




Baek Hawon gave a cold sneer. 


“Cha Yeon-byeol.”


He came closer, saying her name in a low tone. Red petals scattered like fresh blood as he walked.


The more she tried to suppress her desire to run away, the more it grew.


Baek Hawon was standing right in front of her, stretched out his hand towards her, and she instinctively closed her eyes.


The cool feeling of his fingers touching her cheek was a vivid sensation.


“… Because you keep doing things you’ve never done before.”


She opened her eyes again at his voice.


She was the only thing contained in his black eyes. It was just like his description in the book: black eyes with an unknown depth.


She couldn’t even fathom what kind of abyss they contained.


“I think I understand.”


“For the first time, the moment I first saw you.”


“I knew I would love you.”


As those eyes deepened, the person she saw in the novel came to her mind and overlapped with him.


“You might not know.”


This incomprehensible development and dialogue made her want to cry.


She felt like she just planted a new death flag.

 ——♦ ⋄· 🜲· ⋄ ♦——

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