Chapter 4

* * *

“Cha Yeon-beol.”


Baek Hawon was an obsessive leader.


“Because you keep doing things you shouldn’t do,”


Freaking obsessive.


“I think I understand.”


A person who holds both power and money in one hand and has the power to move them.


In his eyes, there were only two extreme outcomes. One case applied to everyone, and the only other case applied to Yu Gyeom.


“But at the same time, I don’t.”


When she was caught in his eyes, she felt that she was ruined.


She wasn’t Yu Gyeom, so the consequences of this kind of gaze were obvious.


She couldn’t return to her senses after the chill from the cold fingers that were grasping her. He was born with an aura capable of suffocating the people around him.


“This is the doctor, boss.”


At that time, she heard a welcome sound that broke the suffocating silence, and Baek Hawon’s gaze finally left her.


Fortunately, it was her liberation.


Although it was only a temporary measure.


* * *


“Shall I tie my hair up or leave it loose?”


“Um, please leave it loose.”


The party took place exactly a week later. For a week, she locked herself in her room and searched for a way to live.


The woman who introduced herself as Jane came in and out of her room for a week and had her pick out dresses, necklaces, and other things. Every time she did, she was busy looking for something as decent as possible.


The things prepared according to Cha Yeon-byeol’s taste were so extravagant that it hurt her eyes beyond imagination.


“Let’s try this dress on.”


As she held the softly flowing dress in her hands, it sunk in that today was the party.


After today, she will leave Baekcheon as soon as possible.


But how do I wear this?


At first glance, she thought it was just a basic design, but she was confused as to where to put her legs.


As she quickly dressed and left, Jane ran up and straightened her clothes.


“You are so beautiful!”


She almost screamed when she saw her reflection in the mirror.


The light and sleek dress was made with layers of pure white, thin silk and sparkled with tiny jewels.


What could have been a plain look, stood out even more thanks to fresh flowers decorating her waist and chest.


She thought it was already a revealing outfit, but that was only when she saw it from the front. The back was cutout, from her neck to the flower decoration at her waist. Which was quite uncomfortable for her as someone not used to being exposed.


“Is there a problem?”


She thought about changing the dress now, but when she thought of the other dress candidates, she shook her head.


It was hard to see her back because it was covered by long, wavy hair anyways.


Overall, she, or rather Cha Yeon-byeol, was dazzlingly beautiful. The white, sparkly accessories seemed to match the dress and shined even brighter in contrast with her black hair.


At that time, there was a knock, and the door opened, and a familiar face appeared.


“The boss is looking for you.”


It seemed like Jiwoon had come to convey Hawon’s words.




She smiled brightly at Jiwoon, but his face did not change.


“I still have some things to prepare, but will you come with me?”


“I’ll wait outside.”


After Jiwoon left, Jane sat her down in front of the mirror and started looking at various hair accessories.


“Everyone will be surprised to see you.”


Jane said as she attached a white lace ribbon adorned with small jewels to compliment her dress.


“Is that so?”


“Because the atmosphere around you is so different from usual. Not only has your style shifted, but also your behavior seems to have changed as well.”


Jane lifted her red lips and smiled. Cha Yeon-beol also agreed.


Cha Yeon-byeol was far from innocent. She was always thirsty for attention and dressed up extravagantly to get it.


Since she was doing the exact opposite of that with her current style, her appearance today may have looked very different.


‘Because you keep doing things you’ve never done before.’


She remembered Baek Hawon’s observant words, but what was more important was changing the plot.


If she lived like Cha Yeon-byeol did, she would become the first villain to die during the main characters’ first meeting, so she couldn’t stop doing unexpected things now.


“He is waiting in his office on the first floor.”


She nodded her head lightly at Jiwoon’s words, and Jiwoon took the lead. She took a deep, slow breath as she followed him.


I can do it. I can live.


As she went down the curved stairs surrounding the Square’s lobby, she saw a huge white bird-shaped sculpture in the center of the room. It was the symbol of Baekcheon.


At the end of the hallway leading from the sculpture stood a door studded with transparent jewels, bright and dazzling as it caught the sunlight from afar when she walked in.


The men guarding the door opened it when they saw her, as if they had already announced her without needing to knock.




Baek Hawon, who was looking at documents, stopped when she saw her. He froze for a moment, looked at her outfit, then stood up from the chair and walked towards her.


Unlike usual, his hair was neatly tied up and he was dressed in a shiny black suit. He looked just like a prince, so she was dazed for a moment as well. 


It wasn’t until his hand was stretched out in front of her that she came to her senses.


“Can you escort me now?”


“There will be a lot of eyes watching you.”


“Is that a problem for your reputation?”


Well, it seems like he was keeping quiet about his family’s circumstances. Anyone could become an enemy on this floor, and even a small rumor could become a weakness.


So that was why Utopia was stupid enough to capture Cha Yeon-byeol and use her as a hostage.


Even if it was just because of the rumors, it was clear that Cha Yeon-byeol would have been happy to see Hawon act like this. He was destined to die lonely and greedy. 


So she decided to do something different.


“Thank you, Boss.”


Cha Yeon-byeol would constantly call him oppa, so she called him Boss instead.


“But if there is someone else who agrees to serve as an escort?”


“I won’t die.”


“Who is it?”


“Dosiyuu decided to do it. He also needed a partner.”


My new path to survival was Dosiyuu.


It took a while for her to gain information on this ‘new face’ but at least he wasn’t a villain in <Boss’ Man>, it was a situation worth accepting.


“So, you two take care of yourselves and love each other properly!”


She looked at Hawon, who had a cold face without any change in his expression, and only spoke with his eyes.


His first meeting with Yu Gyeom may go wrong, but if the two of them are destined for each other, they will somehow meet and fall in love regardless. She sincerely supported their love.


More than anything, she wanted her favorite character Yu Gyeom to be happy.


However, she expected him to withdraw his extended hand, but Hawon moved in a direction that she had never expected.


“I won’t allow that.”


He took one big step at a time and reached out his outstretched hand to grab hers.


“Even though you look like this, people who don’t know any better might think of you as my younger brother.”


A bitter laugh. It wasn’t out of goodwill.


“Wouldn’t it be a shame if I just entrust you as the successor of the Do Family?”


A force so strong she couldn’t move her hand once it was wrapped by his. His voice, as low as a whisper, had more power than his closed hand.


As expected, it was a good thing she didn’t make her back up plan, ‘I can’t survive without Hawon’


There wasn’t even the slightest positive feeling in his eyes, to the point where she briefly wondered if their relationship was better than she thought. But that disappeared considering his actions.


His obsession and possessiveness for ‘Baekcheon’ were all tangled together.


She was a person who falls into that ‘Baekcheon’ category.


It was nothing more than that.


“You will go down first, Jiwon. I’ll stay behind while you guide the young lady.”


She closed her mouth and grabbed her dress.


Yes, the priority was to get off this d*mn island. There was no need to be stubborn enough and worsen the relationship further.


But she turned around and strengthened her resolve.


When I leave, I will definitely cause trouble for you!


* * *


After Cha Yeon-byeol left, Baek Hawon thought of her as he put on his tie. Instead of the light coming from the large window, a shadow covered him.


His movement was rough as he pulled his tie.


The eyes looking up at him, the lips bitten out of habit, and the warmth he felt from the hand he held.


The sparkling decorations on her pure white dress created the illusion of being the only thing shining in the dark.


Whenever she did something, like making a face of confusion about what she may have done wrong. He wondered if she would flee at any moment.


“You seem to care for the young Lady.”


Baek Hawon stopped moving at Jiwon’s words.


He couldn’t deny it, but his nerves short circuited. He chased after what had changed, customs that had been set up were starting to shake. He didn’t hate Yeon-byeol at first.


‘Yeon-byeol, you have to say hello.’




She was brought in by the former head of Baekcheon, after his beloved wife had passed away.  A woman who resembled his deceased wife.


That woman’s daughter.


Every time Hawon saw them replacing his mother, the only one he loved in his life, he couldn’t control the emotions that rose up within him.


He wanted to erase everything that might unfold before her eyes. Even if he was punished by heaven, he would rather be killed.


He knew that it wasn’t Cha Yeon-byeol’s fault her mother brought her in, she knew nothing and was only young.


That’s why he tried to ignore her.


However, on a day when a thunder storm raged as if it would engulf the island.


The moment Cha Yeon-byeol held him with bleeding hands, scratched by the thorns of roses randomly picked while disturbing his mother’s beloved garden.


‘What on earth do I need to do for you to stop hating me?’


When he read the feelings contained in her gaze as she looked up at him, his hatred for the situation became aimed only at her.


Baek Hawon realized he had a deep hatred that even he could not fathom, so he chose to erase his feelings altogether.


Because he knew that Baekcheon and countless lives were held in his hands. He could no longer have these feelings with no way to deal with them.


Eight years passed like that, and it was a time when he only thought of the path for ‘Baekcheon.’ Suppressing his hatred that surged up every time he saw Cha Yeon-byeol.


‘I’m only going to say this once, so listen carefully, boss.’


Something became strange enough to disturb the emotions he had buried deep for eight years.


His face wanted to contort, to ask ‘what the h*ll? This is out of nowhere.


He recalled the face that stared at the rose he had scattered, looking at the petals that had broken in his hands.


The woman who plucked the thorns as her own hands were torn to shreds.


‘The boss also wanted me to disappear from his sight, right?’


She spat the words out with a face that he had never seen before, saying something so unhumorous. 


The way she looked at him changed. It would be appropriate to say that her whole personality has changed. Every glance, every hand gesture, even the way she smiled.


As if she were someone else.


“You shouldn’t be able to look away.”


So, all of his confused feelings of love and hate for her were overwritten as an unknown emotion arose.


A small and ambiguous feeling that couldn’t be defined as either ire or interest.


That small emotion sprouted small changes.


“Keep an employee on her. One with decent skills.”


“What should I instruct them to do?”


“Report everything they see and hear to me.”


“Then how will she become independent…?”


Baek Hawon was trying to brush his hair out of habit, but he stopped and narrowed his eyes.


He loosened the tie he just adjusted out of frustration as he spoke to Jiwoon in a languid tone.


“Hold off for now.”

——♦ ⋄· 🜲· ⋄ ♦——

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