Chapter 7

* * *

It’s not like she hadn’t pictured this moment before, telling herself to think of the worst-case scenarios first.


But this was a completely unexpected development.


She never once thought that she would see Yu Gyeom smiling leisurely in front of her just a few days before she was supposed to leave Baekcheon.


“How did you know?”


A soft voice tickled her ears.


His light-colored eyes and gentle smile used to make people think he was a gentle person, but she knew better.


“Was there a rat?”


The beauty surrounding him was just a mask to hide his dark truth.


Yu Gyeom was the illegitimate son of his father, the head of Utopia, and a prostitute he had a one-night stand with.


Yu Gyeom.


It was a name given to him to live humbly as an illegitimate child, so it was obvious even without looking at the environment in which he grew up.


He was always thirsty for affection that he had never received, and he might even be a scarier person than Baek Hawon.


A person who covets something he can not have is ugly and shabby. But when he desires something he has never had, he can become infinitely cruel.


Yu Gyeom’s case was the latter.


He was a person who was destined to become cruel to himself.


“You can tell me, okay?”


Yu Gyeom chuckled, brushing away his flowing hair, and she instinctively took a step back.


What do I do?


She thought of Jiwoon guarding the door


If I scream here, will Jiwoon hear me?


“Oh, even if you scream, no one will come.”


It was at that moment when Yu Gyeom spoke as if he had read her thoughts, giving her goosebumps.




With a huge explosion, the cruise ship shook and all the lights went out.


Crazy crazy crazy


She never thought the things she did to change the plot would lead her to the underworld.


It was clear that even if she screamed as Yu Gyeom said, Jiwoon wouldn’t come. The moment the fire went out according to his previous plot, he would have already run into Hawon.


Even if it looks like I have no chance, I have to try to survive.




The moment Yu Gyeom turned his gaze to the sound of another explosion, she threw a handkerchief in his face and jumped up. She felt like she could hear laughter behind her, but she couldn’t stop it.


She ran down the stairs and cried desperately in her heart.


Please, please!!


If she had known this would happen, she would have carried something for self-defense!!




The door was too far away, and as expected, it would have been impossible to distract Yu Gyeom with just a handkerchief. So as soon as she grabbed the door handle, her shoulder was pulled.


She was thrown and hit the door so hard that she let out a groan as the shock shook her whole body.




But it was also at this moment.


“I didn’t know you could hide something like that.”


Yu Gyeom burst out laughing as he looked at the gun stuck to his chest.


She still couldn’t shoot a target, but she was glad she practiced daily at least loading the gun so she would be able to hold a gun properly like in a noir film.


“Will you answer my question?”


It was said that controlling the momentum was important.


Without looking away from his eyes that sparkled like a wild beast, he smiled even wider, as scary as he was.


Yeon-byeol was slightly embarrassed by the corners of Yu Gyeom’s mouth curling up crookedly, but she tried to control her expression by strengthening her hold on the gun.


“You haven’t answered me yet.”


Even when a bullet could pierce his heart, he was still very relaxed, causing her to become more anxious.


I can barely hold a gun, can I even get out of here?


Her thoughts were spinning out of control in her head.




A ray of moonlight brought in by the wind illuminated his face. Her eyes met his, and at that moment, she held her breath, feeling as if her heart had stopped.


She could see the extreme pain written on Yu Gyeom’s face, which was half-hidden in the darkness and let out a broken smile.


It felt as if a large rock had flown into calm water and turned everything into a mess.




Why are your eyes like that?


Like a person pushed to the edge of a cliff.


“I’m really curious.”


It feels like he is about to let go of everything at any moment.


“I don’t even know who my biological father is.”


As if she read about his life countless times, her heartfelt wish for him to be happy poured out.


Her love for him was like a waterfall that couldn’t be stopped, so she had no choice but to be enveloped.


A very unhappy person.


I know better than anyone else what kind of person he is, there’s no way I could pull this trigger.


Perhaps it was because of the sharp wind or his colorless eyes, but her mind felt dry. And the sincerity that came out of that quiet flowed out between her lips without any chance of stopping.


“…just because.”


Because the person she met now was really a person, not just a character in a novel.


She only just realized that she couldn’t think of anything else.


The moment she met his eyes. Beyond the book, her sorrow for his life and her earnest wish for him to be happy came out.


Something no one ever told you. The words I whispered to you countless times.


“Because I liked you.”



* * *


“Because I liked you.”


She spoke, and the words flowed back into her ears.


And at that moment, she came to her senses.


The emotions that were so overwhelming, so much that she couldn’t express them in words,  cooled down in an instant.


I can’t believe it now




Did I say that out loud?


Yu Gyeom, who was always supposed to be smiling as if to tell me that the truth I wanted to deny was real, was looking at her with a stiff face as if he had been hit with a hammer.


The moment she saw those eyes, she had a very clear feeling that she was ruined.


Yu Gyeom’s face, who never showed his emotions, was filled with embarrassment. And he opened his mouth as if trying to say something.


‘No! Don’t say anything!’


She realized that this was not a problem that could be put off by covering her mouth.


I can’t just say you were my favorite in a book.


Yu Gyeom, in a state of mental breakdown, didn’t seem to notice anything like the gun stuck to his chest or her movements.


She quickly found the door handle and opened it.




And just as she was about to jump, the muzzle of the gun was grabbed and the gun fired towards the sky.


She made an instinctive decision to give up the gun and run. The sound of a gunshot seemed trivial to the huge problem she was facing.


“Gasp, gasp!”


Why is there no one!


Even though she was a relay runner from elementary school to high school, she felt like her ankles would break at any moment, perhaps because of the high heels.


There was no time to look back, but the sound of footsteps getting closer was terrifying.


If you’ve come this far, Baekcheon will destroy you. Why are you doing this to me?!


“Baek Hawon!”


She really didn’t want to call his name, but it was the only thing she could think to do. So she screamed so she wouldn’t die.


She didn’t expect him to burst in like a male lead and save her from this crisis. The cliché from common romance novels.


Rather, faithful to the plot, she hoped that the two would fall in love the moment they met.


So that she could disappear as an extra.


She ran with all her might and escaped that terrible hallway.


And the moment she reached the stairs leading to the deck, she had no choice but to stop.


She felt a thick murderous intent.


She never really felt it before, but she knew it instinctively.


The moment his bloodthirsty eyes met her gaze, goosebumps appeared all over her body.




The marble in the room that had once been white and shiny, but was now completely red.


There was blood everywhere, not only on the marble floor but also on the decorations, picture frames, and chandeliers.


And Baek Hawon was standing in the middle of it all.




Baek Hawon quietly uttered and wiped the blood splattered on his face with the back of the hand holding the gun.


His neatly organized hair was soaked with sweat, and his tie had been lost somewhere, so all he had left was his stained shirt. Still, he didn’t lose his composure.


There were no words to describe his appearance.


All she could say is that he was not human.




Jiwoon extended his hand toward her from the bottom of the stairs.


Actually, looking at Baek Hawon’s appearance, she was confused as to who was friend and foe, but for now, she went down the stairs.


Yes, he may be crazy, but he won’t kill me.


Yugybeom wants to!


As she was rushing down the stairs to get out of here, she didn’t even feel it, but her wrist was grabbed tightly.




When she came to her senses, in the blink of an eye, she was trapped in the arms of Yu Gyeom, who was pulling her from behind as if he was hugging her.


She screamed and tried to get away, but the arms that were holding her did not budge.


When Jiwoon pointed the gun at Yu Gyeom, Yu Gyeom pulled her in like a shield and burst out laughing.


“I didn’t know that the head of Baekcheon would use his own hands.”




Isn’t this it?


It wasn’t a line that was said with a mysterious aura that everyone but the two of them knew.


No, Yu Gyeom was ambiguous at first. It was Baek Ha-won who fell in love at …


“Kill him.”


first sight?


The moment she saw Baek Hawon’s face, the plot of the book flew out of her mind.


Everything she was proud of knowing became awkward and her mind went blank.


“But boss, the lady…”


Jiwoon said to Baek Hawon with a puzzled face.


A cold blade touched her neck. The feeling was so horrible that she couldn’t even breathe.


All she had was the same thought in her head.


Cha Yeon-byeol died during their first meeting.


Cha Yeon-byeol died even though she could have lived, because no one wanted her to live.


“Right now,”




“Kill him.”


At Baek Hawon’s words, angry tears and regret rose up within her.


It wasn’t that she didn’t know he was the kind of person to make a split second decision to kill the child of the head of Utopia rather than protect her, but her anger rose.


I wish it was just a dream. I tried to deny the situation, but the cold feeling is too vivid.




The sharp blade penetrated her flesh and she let out a groan.


Jiwoon looked at her without lowering the gun or shooting. Baek Hawon’s face was so dull.


“…Yu Gyeom.”


When she looked at that face, instead of hope, she felt desperate.


The will to never die.


Yu Gyeom’s body trembled slightly at the sound of his name being called.


She felt the knife digging deeper, but she held back a groan and turned her head towards Yu Gyeom.


Tears fell without any effort. In a way, it wasn’t a lie, so the truth came out naturally.


As she looked at Baek Hawon’s face, she thought.


‘I’m not sorry at all.’


It was a shame that she couldn’t hold him by the collar and tell him with a smile like last time.


“I liked you.”


Because there is no prince or family to come save me.


“But this is too much.”


The only way to survive is to steal the boss’ man, right?


She really hoped so.


It’s what made them add love affairs to this crazy noir story, and what ruined the BL romance. And then fate began to twist.


It’s not me, it’s Baek Hawon.


I wish I could say it was because of you.

——♦ ⋄· 🜲· ⋄ ♦——

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