Chapter 8

* * *

“I said I liked you.”


She didn’t know if this choice was the path to a happy ending. But in retrospect, it was indeed the wrong choice.


“But this is too much.”


Still, I don’t want to come all the way here and die at the hands of my favorite character.


Tears flowed down her cheeks and she touched the back of Yu Gyeom’s hand holding the knife, and he looked at him with shaking eyes.


Yu Gyeom was a person who had never received anything resembling affection from others, even from the family members with whom he shared blood.


But still, he was someone who always yearned for affection.


It was an extreme confession, but it was the best she could do.




Fortunately, looking at Yu Gyeom’s face, it seemed like it worked.


Like before when she met Baek Hawon, she was in a critical situation, fleeing for her life.


The knife slowly fell from her neck and she was looking for the right time to escape.




A gunshot rang out and a strong push made her fall to the floor.


The seal reflected on the marble swayed.


When she turned around in surprise, she saw blood pouring out of Yu Gyeom’s arm, staining his white shirt red.


‘Baek Hawon, that crazy guy…!’


Baek Hawon fired with an unwavering face that made it hard to believe that he had just shot someone.


Yu Gyeom held back a groan, but quickly stretched out his other arm and grabbed her wrist tightly.


She could see herself in Yu Gyeom’s eyes during the conflict.


The moment the gun fired, he pushed her away first.


Why are you saving me?


This hand shouldn’t be holding me, it should be holding a gun.


That’s how you live.


“Wake up.”


While she was confused and couldn’t avoid Yu Gyeom’s gaze, she heard a low voice behind her.


The muzzle of the gun stretched out from behind her and was pointed at Yu Gyeom, at that moment, her frozen body moved as if hypnotized.


When she turned around with startled eyes, she saw an unexpected face glaring at Yu Gyeom.




He was panting shallowly with an uncharacteristically fierce face, and perhaps because of his dark hair, he seemed like a different person.


Dosiyuu glanced at her. Seeing his pale face drenched in sweat made her feel strange.


Then her original plan came to mind and she gradually came to her senses.


‘Come to your senses, Cha Yeon-byeol.’


This isn’t a romance where I’m the main character. Even if I try to seduce Yu Gyeom, how long will it take?


Once you’ve avoided being stabbed, it’s time to escape.


“If you don’t want your head pierced, let go of that hand.”


She wondered if the owner of the deep muttering was the same person she had called Cotton Candy.


Unlike when they met to ask for a party partner, his playfully smiling eyes became sharper and his tone of voice was cold.


She looked between Dosiyuu and Yu Gyeom with anxious eyes.


She doesn’t know if Dosiyuu would shoot Yu Gyeom, but looking at the current momentum, he really looks like he wanted to tear him a new one.


However, despite Dosiyu’s harsh warning, Yu Gyeom didn’t seem to have any intention of letting go of his wrist.


Instead he lazily curled the corners of his mouth, tilted his head towards her, and whispered so that only she could hear.


“Would you like me to be a prince too?”




What kind of bullsh*t is this?


She looked up at Yu Gyeom with eyes full of unfiltered thoughts that she could not bear to say out loud. And then.


bang!!! bang-!!


Gunshots rang out, Dosiyu’s arms shook in panic, and Yu Gyeom pulled her into his embrace.


“Don’t let go of me.”




“I have no intention of letting you go, though.”


Without time for anyone to think, more masked people rushed onto the deck and pointed their guns in their direction.


To be exact, everyone except Yu Gyeom and Cha Yeon-byeol.


Yu Gyeom smiled brightly and lifted his arm, still dripping with blood.


Since when did he have a gun?




Baekcheon’s gang members belatedly arrived on the deck, but when they saw that Utopia’s men had already hit the bow, their weapons pointed at Baek Hawon. They hesitated and did not come in any further.


A perfect situation, as if it had been staged.


It went wrong, but like a puzzle, the result was the same in the end.


I’m really going to go crazy.


Realizing the seriousness of the situation, Dosiyuu urgently reached out to her. But Yu Gyeom stepped back, still hugging her.


Before she knew it, Utopia’s members had come closer and pointed guns at Dosiyuu so he could no longer approach.


Seeing Utopia’s members protecting Yu Gyeom, it seemed like they were planning to escape the cruise ship before they were outnumbered.






If things continue like this, I’ll be kidnapped!




As she struggled and tried to hold on with the strength of her toes, Yu Gyeom threw her over his shoulder like a piece of luggage and her world turned upside down.


She hit Yu Gyeom hard on the back with her fist, but he didn’t budge.


“Cha Yeon-byeol!”


In the midst of her hesitation, she heard Dosiyuu’s voice desperately shouting her name.


As expected, it was clear that Dosiyuu was Cha Yeon-byeol’s partner.


But now, what good is all that? It looks like I was still kidnapped.


“Let go of me, you lunatic!!”


No matter how much he screamed and hit Yu Gyeom, he just walked faster. As she raised her head, she saw eyes staring at her as she moved further and further away.




At that time, she paused when she saw Baek Hawon’s face looking at her from the farthest distance.


He wasn’t desperate like Dosiyuu, nor was he embarrassed like the others, he didn’t betray any emotions, but he was frozen and as pale as a sheet of paper.


Seeing that face for the first time made her feel strange.


But without any time to think about him or do anything, his face gradually disappeared from view.


* * *


Even though she could no longer hear Dosiyuu’s voice and she entered a dark and quiet space, she was still resisting.


It wasn’t easy to hang on and move like this, but when she tried to imagine her future, she couldn’t stay still.


She was being kidnapped.


The scale even got bigger.


Honestly, considering her actions so far, she wasn’t sure if Baek Hawon would even come to save her.


She said things to Yu Gyeom that couldn’t be taken back.




When she summarized it, she was in a situation where she couldn’t help but swear more.


It was all ruined, ruined.




As the meaningless struggle continued, Yu Gyeom suddenly lost his balance and stumbled.


Yu Gyeom managed to stop, leaned against the wall, and it was only then that she realized that the path they were passing through was the same hallway she had run away from earlier.


And the path he passed was covered with red blood that was clearly visible even in the dark.


“Oh my God…”


Yu Gyeom let out a rough breath and took a step back.


Once she figured it out, she couldn’t take her eyes off the blood spraying out every time he took a step.


Yu Gyeom, who was still walking without stopping even though he almost stumbled, opened a door and headed towards the same terrace from earlier.


He locked the door with trembling hands, and then put her down and collapsed on the floor.




Yu Gyeom let out a groan and wrinkled his face.


Only then did she notice the bright red blood flowing not only from his arm but also from his side.


When did he get that?


She didn’t know what happened when she looked back on her memories because there wasn’t a moment when her mind was fully focused.


Yu Gyeom coughed up blood and she reflexively tried to reach out to him, but stopped.


This is not the time for me to be like this.


But contrary to what she thought, she couldn’t stop herself.


It was her first time seeing this much blood, and besides, it was her favorite character. She never even liked an idol before.


Her head was sounding the alarm that she was Cha Yeon-byeol and that she was destined to die at the hands of this person, but her heart wasn’t listening.


He may or may not be more handsome than she imagined.


Chewing on her dry lips, she withdrew her hand and stood.


“… why.”


She couldn’t imagine what Yu Gyeom would see if he looked at her right now.


Nevertheless, she continued speaking as if to spew out all her pent-up anger.


She took a step back as she felt eyes entrapping her entire body from her head to toe, but was blocked by the door.


“Why are you doing this?”




“If you were hurt, you should have just escaped.”


Yu Gyeom brushed away his sweat-soaked hair, twisted the corner of his mouth, pressed his hand to his side, which was still bleeding, and slowly stood up.


A low voice came out from between dry, pale lips.


“I heard you liked me.”


Yu Gyeom fixed his gaze on her, suppressed a groan, and aimed his gun at her heart with his other hand.


“Even if you die as a hostage, I have to hear the reason why before I kill you.”




“Would you like to come with me first?”


He spat out the words like a death sentence.


Yu Gyeom closed the distance in an instant and, unable to do anything, grabbed her waist and pulled her close. Making her wrap her arms around his neck.


The gun was still pointed at her, and she couldn’t move because her mind was filled with the scene of him killing Cha Yeon-byeol.


Yu Gyeom slowly walked up to the terrace and tied a rope connected to the terrace railing around his waist.


Only then did she come to her senses.


No, just a moment.


She tried to push Yu Gyeom away, but she was held tightly and couldn’t move.


Yu Gyeom’s hair fluttered in the strong wind, and sparkled in the moonlight more than ever.


The sound of the waves beneath her feet could be heard clearly.




She looked at Yu Gyeom with desperate eyes, but he was soft and sweet, just like poison.


“Come with me.”


He smiled with that grin on his face.


“To my h*ll.”


Her heart was pounding like it was going to explode.


Beyond the brightly smiling face, the moon was so bright that it hurt her eyes.


“Kyaahah ah ah-!!!!”


Riding the strong wind, Yu Gyeom’s body tilted down the railing and began to fall at an incredible speed.


In the end, the fateful development did not change.

——♦ ⋄· 🜲· ⋄ ♦——

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