Chapter 10

‘In fact, instead of kissing me, he might kill me because of this accident.’


[My life is saved just by saying that.]


Everyone looked at Leila’s words strangely. As if they had seen something hideous…


“So, please. Huh? I’ll grant each one of you a wish! So let’s keep it a secret. Don’t you think that it’s okay? You guys are the only ones who need to keep quiet.”






“Kalix, Griffith… I know you guys almost died, but… still, please?”


“…I don’t care.” Kalix answered after some consideration.


“… If you’re saying so,” Griffith agreed.


“I can’t! Did you hit your head with a knife? Just think about it! You just woke up so you’re not thinking.”


“This guy… You’re not going to be quiet?”


Romeo got angry, but Lelia yelled furiously.




Romeo, breathing furiously as before, left the room.


“That idiot… I dare not become his Captain…”


Lelia muttered a little and Oscar grabbed Lelia by the arm to calm her down.


“Oh, my God. Calm down… Well, I’m sorry… Romeo is strange in the first place…”


“Well, I’ll put up with him.”


Kalix, who was listening to their conversation, said, “Hey, the one who just left. Why does he call you ‘Captain’? Why are you pretending to be the boss?”


“I’m not pretending to be the boss here… they just want to do that. They wanted to call me that. What do you want me to do?” Lelia answered curtly.


[Of course I had Romeo to call me that in person…]


Kalix stared at Lelia. Lelia also gave him a sullen look.


For a moment…


No way.


“Kalix, don’t tell me-”


“I’ll call you Captain, too.”


It’s too late now.


Lelia grimaced.


“You said they wanted to call you captain. I want to call you that, so I’ll call you. You don’t have any complaints, do you?




Leila wanted to take back her words from earlier.


It was then when Griffith grinned and said, “So do I.”




[Why on earth… What the hell!]


[This is not what I was expecting…..]


Eventually, Leila has turned four heroes, who would defeat the dragon in the future, into her subordinates.


I can’t say, “Four more…”


The remaining heroes were the people who had never stayed in this temple when they were young. 


Lelia lay back on the bed, wondering what to do. 

[I don’t know anymore… what can I do when they want to call me their captain?]


Once she returned to her home country, she would never see them again. Prince Leo will officially die right after returning home.



When the victims of the incident asked to keep what happened a secret,  the priests wondered what a windfall this was. The high ranking priests visited Lelia, Kalix and Griffith in person and bowed their heads. 


“We will never let this happen again in the future, and we will maintain your safety thoroughly and investigate to find the culprit soon. We will do some investigation.”


Lelia snorted at their words. 


They said that they would investigate thoroughly, but nothing was revealed in the end. It was done by a high ranking priest in agreement with the Emperor of Ascard. 


The only witness at that time was the victim, Kalix Ascard. 


Kalix should’ve known by then who did that to him when he saw a wolf turning into fine sand.


[You were trying to kill a child. You b*****s!]


Before Lelia returns to her home country, she wants to tell Kalix that if he goes back to his home country, he should immediately abandon the throne, go out and become a mercenary. He is someone who can be the best. 


Anyways, there was peace again after the incident. 


Lelia just goofed around in her room for a few days, the priests couldn’t even ask them to attend the prayer and bowed their heads like sinners, no matter what Lelia did. 


If there’s anything uncomfortable…


[Why do these kids keep coming to my room to play?]


All four of them used to gather in her room in the morning. Just as if they were going to work. 

Naturally, they did not attend prayer either, and somehow ended up sleeping separately and being together all day. 


It was for a while…


Soon they ordered a priest to put a bed in Lelia’s room. 


Fortunately, instead of the bedroom with Lelia’s bed, they put the bed in the empty room next to it. 


[Oh my God, it’s so uncomfortable!]

[Crazy people, I’m a woman!]


She couldn’t tell the truth, so she had to keep this secret in her stomach. 


From that day on, strange and uncomfortable cohabitation began with the four elementary school kids… 




Leila wanted to stay away from them even during mealtime. 


Since she woke up early, she hurried to wash up quickly and headed to the dining hall for breakfast. 


“Hmm….” Lelia hummed because she felt good when she was alone, separated from those leeches, who followed her for many days now. 


Lelia entered the dining hall and sat on an empty seat. Even though it was early, some children were eating. 


She sat down and waited a while, soon the servants brought the meal. 


It was a savory soup filled with fresh salad with blanched beef, hot bread, mushrooms and vegetables, and meat.


[I don’t feel like I want to go back and live here my whole life.]


It couldn’t be this good because they provided three full meals a day. In addition, the nutrients were perfectly considered and prepared.


Light breakfast, reassuring lunch, and gorgeous dinner.


Besides, you can come and eat more rice anytime you want. It doesn’t matter if she eats five meals a day.


[I should eat as much as I can here and stay healthy.]

[I didn’t eat a lot when I was young, so I need to eat properly and enough now. I won’t be able to eat properly after I  go back.]


Lelia began to eat a big meal, and thanks to her concentration on food, she could not feel the eyes of the children around her. 


“That’s him…”

“I heard they call her Captain.”

“The Crown Prince of Auraria.”

“He’s so cool…”


The girls looked at Lelia, whispering. And after Lelia finished her meal, she started eating desserts and drinks served by the servant. 



“…” Lelia turned her head in surprise. 


A pretty girl was sitting next to Lelia and smiling. 




Lelia greeted the girl unknowingly, “Hi.”


“The Crown Prince of Auraria, right?”


“Um… Uh…”  Lelia felt nervous for a moment. 


“Are you the royal from the Aurarian Empire?”


When young royals were gathered in the neutral zone of the temple, they calculated the average age of the young royals from each country. And they asked to choose the age at which most children would be taken and send the rest away. 


The Emperor of Auraria screamed when he realized that his son was just the right age. 


‘Those dogs! F****ng dogs!’


But after sending Lelia, he became very calm. Having found a reason and a substitute, the emperor examined the list of royals who would spend time with Lelia. First of all, people who have seen the prince’s face should not be sent. 


Fortunately, as he had overprotected and carried his son in arms since he was young, not many children knew his son’s face. The emperor picked out the children of the lowest ranking aristocrats and sent them with Lelia. 


Knowing that, Lelia avoided the girl’s gaze just in case. She didn’t want to show her face in detail.


[But the crown prince and I have similar hair and eyes…]


It won’t be a big problem later on. In the first place, the emperor and the prince will die if she goes back home safely. 


“I am from the Empire of Nicea. My father is Count Cherndez.”


“Oh, really?”

Knowing that she wasn’t from Auraria, Lelia looked at the girl again with delight.

Lelia smiled brightly, and the girl blushed for a moment. 


“Uh… well, I just wanted to be close to you. They are usually with boys…”


“Oh, they?”


“Yeah, the ones who call you Captain.”



Lelia shrugged her shoulders as if it were nothing. She felt like she has become a great personality. 


[Even though I am an elementary school student.]


Lelia felt a little bit pathetic about herself, who had been upset for a while, but she did not express herself and smiled at her girl. She wanted to maintain a good image in front of the other kids, she didn’t care about the four guys, who were her subordinates. 


A kind of sweet, serious and nice image?


“Hey, but…”

“What? You can ask me anything you want to ask.”


“Did Griffith ever tell you about me?”




“Well, actually… Griffith is my fiance.”




[Oh, that’s what had happened?]


Lelia said after a moment of thought, “I don’t have deep personal conversation with him…Apart from being my friend, I don’t even tend to be humble… ”


It was then that the big door of the dining hall burst open. 




Lelia saw Kalix waving at her from a distance, and the other three. 


[You all are up already, leeches.]


“Let’s talk about it next time. Hello.”


The girl sitting next to Lelia stood up and left in surprise. The girls, who were talking, waiting for their turn, almost cried in the corner. 


“Hey, you. Why did you come here alone? What a surprise to not find you in the room!” Kalix came near and said, smashing Lelia on the back.



[You should either call me Captain or just call me off, just one!]