Chapter 16


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That night when everyone fell asleep, Lelia sat in front of the desk in the bedroom and squeezed her head. She was able to learn about the big events of the future through her memories of the novel. However, while there was a future that she could change, there was also a future that she couldn’t do anything about.


The most important thing is to stop her own death.


The story says that it is not a murder, but an accident that occurs when a person misses his or her footing, so she just needs to be extra careful near the pond. But her own destiny was beyond her control. The prince died and the new emperor ascended the throne.


Then, her friends participate in the expedition to fight against the Dragon.


Also, the damage suffered by Kalix in the battle.


Such things were not something she could stop.


“I wish I had magical abilities like the heroine and the hero… I won’t be able to rescue Kalix…”


The most sacred power in the world, if any, was the power of Mana.


Mana is the energy of Mother Nature, and those with high mana affinity were able to learn and train the mana that exists in nature in their body. There is the Aura Master, also called the Sword Master, who uses mana to strengthen the body and infuses a weapon with aura, which is a form of mana.


There is also the wizard, who uses mana to create a magic formula and perform magic.


[It’s forbidden, but I wish I could at least do alchemy.]


At least so that she doesn’t starve like how she used to. She can make money by selling magic pills.


[It’d be a big deal if I got caught, though…]


Alchemy was nothing but a forbidden magic in this world. It is a type of magic, but was treated as heresy. The reason is because the ultimate purpose of alchemy is to create a ‘sage stone’.


The sage’s stone is said to have the same characteristics as the “divine relic” of the temple, which is said to fulfill all wishes, and the temple judged it as a challenge to the authority of the gods.


Also, elixir, one of the ultimate goals of alchemists, was a problem.


The divine power has the power of healing, but it was not universal. It couldn’t save the dead, regenerate the amputated body, or cure a disease that had progressed for a long time.


However, the elixir of the alchemists was a drug of immortality that made it all possible.


Of course, there was no alchemist who actually made the Sage Stone or Elixir yet. However, the logic itself could not be tolerated in the temple.


Thus, alchemy was treated as a heresy.


However, as in any world, illegal drugs made by alchemists were traded in the underground world. Then, the alchemists who were discovered and accused of practising alchemy were tried in heresy and burned. Just like a witch hunt.


[Give me the ability to do anything.]


Lelia sighed in regret. As she looked beyond her desk and looked at the moon outside the window, her mind became awake.


“By the way, I’m curious about Kalix…’


Perhaps because there are not many days left until she returns to her home country, she was especially concerned about Kalix.


The great sword that Kalix would get in the future was the size of an average human being. It was a treasure sword made by a craftsman, by mixing diamonds, misrills, and legendary minerals. And the jewel in the middle of the sword’s handle was one of the sacred objects the temple was looking for.


As special as the sword is, of course it would have great power.


It was the power to get rid of the dragon’s wrath.


In the battle against the Dragon, Kalix was the main player in dealing the final blow. Just before his sword stabbed the dragon, it made its final attack. Kalix stabs the dragon, blocking the attack with his whole body, and the dragon collapses. As a result, Kalix had burns all over his body. After the fall of the dragon, Griffith infuses Kalix with divine power to restore the melting bones and flesh, but….


There was only one thing that he couldn’t restore, his eyes.


Kalix will no longer be able to see through the end of the battle with the dragon.


[I can’t help but get curious…]


She didn’t know, but as long as she knew, she couldn’t help but be curious every time she saw Kalix. The only way to defend against the dragon’s wrath was to accept its movement with his whole body.


From what she read in the novel, the attack could not be avoided in any other way.


There was a scene where Kalix comforted his colleagues, saying, ‘Even if I knew it in advance, I couldn’t help it’ in a very resolute appearance.


[If it wasn’t for the damage, he would have had the throne…]


The Ascard Empire of that period was very devastated by the tyranny of the emperor. Kalix’s uncle, the Emperor, was terrified that the Dragon Slayer Army would return after being defeated.


So he hired powerful magicians to build a new castle to stop the dragon, and even the young people were mobilized in the labor field all day long.


However, the army won the war, and the Ascard empire hoped that Kalix would return and drive away the tyrant.


However, the symbol of the Ascard imperial family was their golden eyes, the celestial eye that can see through everything. Despite suffering from tyranny, the people were terrified of Kalix when they heard that he went blind.


They said, “He was cursed by the dragon.”


Kalix finds the eyes cursed by the mad dragon offensive, and then goes blindfolded. 


However, the heroine, Juliana, gives words of consolation to him about his eyes.


“Kalix, I don’t think you’re cursed. Your eyes saved everyone in the world, it won’t make sense if it was cursed then, don’t you think?”


From that day on, Kalix also became a fish in Julianna’s fishing grounds .


[It doesn’t matter if he’s a fish or not.]


Kalix literally lost everything after the battle with the dragon.


Oscar, the semi-immortal emperor, Griffith, who gained the power to the Holy throne, Romeo, who built the first tower and became the owner of it.


And the rest of the main characters.


Among them, Kalix was the one who had an unfortunate future waiting for him.


Unlike others who were praised as heroes, Kalix leaves the world behind again, turning his back on everything.


Naturally, as if he never wanted anything in return.


Even in the story, he lost his arm.


[He doesn’t have one arm, he also loses his eye sight, he has no family, no friends, nothing… he’s had nothing left basically…]


He doesn’t even get the love of the heroine.


Lelia felt sorry whenever she saw Karix laughing like a fool, even though she was worried about others, even though she was waiting for a future where she might starve to death.


“Ah, I don’t know, I don’t know! Let’s just worry about me.” Lelia decided to forget her thoughts about Kalix and worry about her own future.


[…Should I just RUN away from the Imperial Palace after the rebellion happens?]


[That’s not a bad idea either. Of course, as it is difficult to secretly enter the Imperial Palace, it is difficult to exit…]


[Is it possible if I secretly go out on the day of the rebellion?]


[No. It is too dangerous. There will be soldiers all over the castle, but if I don’t escape, I might die.]


[But if I just stay quiet, I may have to get married by being used for national marriages or dedicated to meritorious subjects.]


It was even worse.


[Or should I ask Juliana to help me? By kneeling in front of her?]


Oh, come to think of it, that’s not a bad idea.


Emperor Perseus, his sons Cedric and Damien won’t do anything in front of Juliana. 


[Besides, Juliana is nice, so if I say I’m hungry, she might give me her food.]


But this is not a safe way either.


Emperor Perseus, Cedric and Damien have great hatred for her. She was more likely to be assassinated before she even approached Uriana.


[I’d rather go there…]


The site of the Imperial Fortress was incredibly large, and there was a wide forest, but when you go inside, you will see a small hut where the forest keeper stays.


However, it was not a shelter for the forest keeper, but a secret hideout for the former deceased wife of Emperor Perseus. She was a wizard, who would secretly craft magic tools in a secret place that Perseus had arranged for her.


It is a place filled with memories of the two.


[Even though Emperor Perseus took Yurina later…]


Emperor Perseus also looked at Juliana, the wizard’s child, and recalled his deceased wife. So he goes there together with Juliana, shows her the things her wife had made, and gives the secret place as a gift.


According to Lelia’s memory, there seemed to be quite a bit of magical tools in that secret place.


[There was also emergency food that was magically preserved, maybe?]


Food is the most pressing thing for her. 


The thing that worries her the most when she gets home is that she will starve to death.


She was not at all favorable to the current emperor, or Perseus, who would become the future emperor. 


Especially after Perseus became emperor, it became more ambiguous.


Although there are only a few maids that are assigned to Lelia from the beginning, they do also sometimes show affection for no reason and they are hated by the new emperor.


[And Cedric, and Damien even threatened them…]


[All right, I’ll look for a way to live.]


[I will take over the secret hut.]


[I must steal food carefully so as to not to encounter Emperor Perseus.]


Lelia laughed brazenly, went back to bed, and hugged a little rabbit doll by her bedside.


She was relieved that she didn’t have to feel lonely because of this doll when she returned to her home country and was alone again.