Chapter 20

“The Royal Highness, the Crown Prince… the criminal…”


“Your Majesty himself has caught the culprit. The man is believed to be in prison.”


“I can’t believe they are going easy on him.”


Lelia, who was hiding and listening to the stories of her servants, was startled and covered her mouth with both hands.


She rushed to the tower as if she were fleeing.


 [Prince Leo must be dead already…!]


Upon returning to the tower, Lelia went to the desk. There was a pile of letters that were exchanged with her friends. 


“What should I do? I can’t believe he’s already dead.”


Lelia wandered around the desk nervously.


[Is there any way to tell the kids something…?]


They would be sad when they would hear the news that Prince Leo died like this. 




Lelia sat down at the desk and agonized for hours. No matter how hard she tried to think about it, she couldn’t think of a good way.


[If I tell the truth myself, I’ll die. But if I can make someone else notice…]


Lelia recalled two of her four friends who might be quick-witted. Griffith and Romeo weren’t as dull as the other two, so they might notice.




Lelia sat at her desk all day without getting a wink of sleep.


And at dawn.


Suddenly, a tremendous noise came from outside the window.


Boom! Boom!


There was a noise of something exploding and a horn.


Surprised by the sound, she looked out the window. Smoke was rising from the castle. There was also a burning flame.


“Is it possible that Emperor Perseus has already entered?”


Then it was clear that soldiers would rush toward this tower where Lelia was located.


Lelia made up her mind, took out a new piece of paper, and grabbed a fountain pen. She didn’t have time to think more.


She came up with  lots of sentences in her head but ended up writing only one word.


Lelia Auraria


Her real name.


She was sure someone would notice. At least one person would.


After removing the fountain pen’s magical stone, Lelia hid it securely under the wooden floor with the letter. Then she went into the closet, curled up, and covered her ears.


She pretended to be mature in front of her friends, but in the end, Lelia was only ten years old. It was difficult to think normally because of the shooting noise coming from outside. Her heart pounded violently.


The sound of soldiers fighting continued for two days.




While covering her ears, she trembled in fear, and waited all day. 


Suddenly, the sound ceased, and servants and knights came to see the tower where Lelia lived for the first time.


When they realized Lelia’s identity, they left.


And a few days later…


An attendant accompanied Lelia to the main castle.


‘Is Emperor Perseus looking for me?’


Lelia followed him, trying not to cause any trouble. It was hard to walk, perhaps because she didn’t eat, and she had been hiding in the wardrobe for a long time.


The road to the main castle was a mess. Traces of combat were seen everywhere, and there was a smell of burning bodies.


Fortunately, the stench disappeared when she entered the building. Lelia looked around the luxurious interior. It was the first time she came to the main castle except for the time that she couldn’t remember.


She entered the main castle, went up the stairs, and passed through the golden-painted corridor.




When the servant who walked earlier stopped walking, Lelia also stopped.


“Is she the one?”


Someone pointed to Lelia and asked. Lelia instinctively stopped breathing. Her throat has tightened.


As she looked up between the gaps in the servants, she saw two boys taller than her.


‘Of all things, at this time…’


If Lelia’s prediction was correct. No, it was obvious. Those two were the two sons of Emperor Perseus.




These are the elite brothers who care too much for Juliana.


In addition, they were extremely disgusted with Lelia.


“Get out of the way so I can see her face.”

At the words, the servant, who was standing in front of Lelia, stepped aside. Lelia clenched her fists and looked at them.


She didn’t want to hide or run away. She didn’t do anything wrong.


“Look at her being so confident. Hey, I heard your mom bullied my mom so much before she died…Are you so brazen like your mother?”


The speaker was Damien, the younger of the twin brothers.




Lelia had nothing to say. It was also mentioned in the story that Princess Iris bullied Perseus’ wife.


“Your Highness, if you have anything to say, please put it off. Now, first to your Majesty…”




The restless servant snapped his lips at Cedric’s words. Now the two were, in name and reality, princes of the Aurarian Empire.


He could not treat those who would be the future of the empire recklessly.


Cedric took one step closer to Lelia. 


“Leria Auraria… On the day you were born, my brother died as soon as he got out of his mother’s womb.”




“I can’t believe my brother is dead and you live like this. Isn’t it too unfair?”


Lelia was listening without saying anything. Mian also helped Himoto.


“Yes! Your mother, Princess Iris and Lydios teamed up and tormented my mother to death! My mother passed away as soon as she had a stillborn baby… The murderer’s daughter!”


Cedric and Damien gnashed their teeth and glared at Lelia.


Even though they were young, they had bright eyes. When Lelia hesitated without answering, they became even more angry.


It was then.




A cheerful, lively voice was heard from a distance.


Damien and Cedric turned their heads in astonishment at the voice. There, Juliana was coming waving her hand.


Juliana in a pretty yellow dress with pigtails looked cute and lovely.


“What are you doing here? Are you playing without Juli?”


“No way! Oh, nothing! Let’s go, Uriana!”


Damien glanced at Lelia with an expression that something dirty might get on his sister, and covered her face.


And Cedric blocked the front once again.


“What are you looking at? You dirty thing…”


Cedric looked at Lelia and said smugly. Then he followed Damian and Juliana.


“…Let’s go.”


The attendant, who barely sighed, said to the knight standing behind Yurina. Lelia followed her attendant and began walking again.


Thanks to the novel’s content, Lelia had expected this to some extent… but Cedric and Damien’s first impressions were really the worst.


The place where she arrived after a long walk was in front of a huge door. The servant knocked and opened the door.


As if it were the emperor’s office, the interior was large and splendid, but there was a businesslike atmosphere.


The big Mahogany desk was the first to be seen. A man who was sitting with his chin resting in front of the desk also caught her eyes.


‘Emperor Perseus…’


Lelia quickly straightened her back as the attendant patted her on the back and walked briskly in front of him.


“…You’re Lelia.”


His voice was as low and cold as a cold winter.


The true master of the throne. He caused a blood bath and regained the throne, but he had a justification for that. He is cold and calm, and there is no mercy in his hand…


A loving father who is infinitely weak and shows his wounds to his adopted daughter, Juliana.


Lelia raised her head and looked straight at him. The clear blue eyes stared at her like a beast.


His eyes were filled with hatred that he wanted to chew and swallow her up.




Lelia looked at him with her fists clenched.


[He’s my biological father…]


[T/N: WHAT?!]