Chapter 15

The relationship between the five children had strengthened in the last two years. Now, naturally, no one would feel uncomfortable even if they were called ‘friends’. They spent holidays together, prayed for New Year’s wishes together, celebrated each other’s birthdays, and made quite a few memories.


In the meantime, Lelia forgot all about the novel and her previous life and was perfectly assimilated to them and had fun.


Then one day, a letter came from the emperor of her home country.


‘Don’t forget your duty and be quiet.’


It was a warning message that her secret might leak out. Even though she knew she couldn’t say it anyway, she felt anxious. Lelia had forgotten about the Emperor and Crown Prince Leo, and as soon as she saw the message, she came to her senses.


Not long after returning home, there will be a revolt.


After that, Perseus, the new emperor, will ascend the throne…


What would that mean for Prince Leo? 


Officially, it meant that Prince Leo would die. His chances of survival were close to zero. Just before the rebellion, the emperor almost died due to poison from a spiteful servant.


When she remembered that fact, her eyes went dark and her friend’s faces came to her mind. The faces of her friends who would feel despair at the news of her death…


[Do I have to tell you the truth?]


But the moment she speaks, she will die. The magic placed on her was very powerful because it was written on a national scale. It could not be solved by divine power easily.


Only then did Lelia see her situation objectively. She found herself to be in a funny situation. 


[I don’t know how I forgot…]


She fell too deep into the joy of having friends. Forgetting that she was just a fake.


Lelia, agonizing over it, came to the conclusion that she would rather not get closer with her friends before it was too late.


So she was going to say something mean and hurtful to her friends on purpose…


“What’s the matter? You’ve been talking a lot lately? Do you have a knife against your mouth?”


“What? What’s wrong with you? You have to tell me!”


“I don’t know what you mean, Leo, but I can see you’re doing this on purpose.”


“Yes, Leo. We’ll help you. Right? Problems are to be shared with friends… Leo, you told us that.”


In their turns, Romeo, Kalix, Griffith and Oscar held her and said so… 


Suddenly, her sorrow exploded, and without her knowing, she started crying like a child.


But she couldn’t even be honest.


[I’ll be very sad when these guys hear about me later. What should I do if my group misses me and because of the shock gets hurt?]


So she cried for a long time, and after she stopped crying, she told her story metaphorically. Except for her real identity.


“Guys… If I ever die, don’t be sad. Got it?”


“What bullshit is this?”


Romeo took out his handkerchief with a heartbroken look on his face and wiped Lelia’s face gently.


“He’s a real coward, by the way. Hey! Although the Dragon Slaying expedition is dangerous, you’re protected by this brother.” Kalix tapped Lelia on the shoulder and said.


After returning home, the five promised to meet again near the Dragon’s Tomb.


Lelia made the promise in the spur of the moment, but she had laid the groundwork to backout, saying she might not go.


“I told you before! I may not go on the expedition. Before that, I could die…” she said.


“… Is there someone that is aiming for you?” Griffith asked in a serious tone. Lelia replied that he was right.


“Yes, there are people who are looking for the throne that I will take over… Because I am weak, that’s why my father overprotects me.”


“Leo, you can’t die.” Oscar grabbed Lelia’s hand and shedded tears. Lelia started to cry when he cried. Oscar, the crybaby, always starts to cry when someone else cries.


Lelia wiped away Oscar’s tears and said.


“So… don’t be too disappointed if I can’t go with you on the Dragon expedition. You guys must come back from a good fight.”


“Why are you talking about it, when it’s years from now anyway?”


Lelia ignored Kalix’s words and looked at each person in the face clearly.


She is crying now, but… Oscar Hraesvelg will become a semi-immortal existence by obtaining a sealed magic sword from the distant past.


He was a one-armed berserker, but he was a mercenary king. Kalix Ascad, who freely wields a great sword that no one could hold with his two arms.


Griffith Nicaea, who will become the master of the Kreuz holy sword by blooming more powerful divine powers than the successive Kreuz’s successors.


Romeo Rosebell, who will be the first dragon wizard to build a tower by earning the heart of a dragon.


Lelia was nothing and she was proud that she could be their friend. Lelia cried, overwhelmed by her feelings.


“You will all be a great historical star! So even if I’m not in this world… Oh, my God.”


So she cried again for a while. Her friends comforted her with an expression of incomprehensibility.




“I was crazy… Ahhhhhh!”

When Lelia recalled her memories of that day, she wanted to die of shame.


Anyway, she laid the groundwork roughly, so the guys wouldn’t be very sad either. Maybe.


There is only half a year left before returning home. Her memories of the children she met during her time here will keep her alive for the rest of her life.


She will never meet them in her future life.


[It’s not too late, so let’s make more memories.]


She made up her mind so she decided to spend the rest of her time more precious.


Knock Knock


“Leo, are you stuck in a room and crying again?”


“Leo… Do not cry!”


“Just let him cry.”


“Anyway, that crybaby cub!”


At the sound coming from outside the door, Lelia shouted, “Argh!”


Every day was painful because she was teased so much after that incident.


[They don’t even know this sister is deeply hurt!]


[Still, I can’t be stuck in my room anymore today.]


“It’s my birthday, so I’ll let you go.”


Today was Griffith Nicaea’s birthday.


Lelia came out the door with her pre-written letter, which was on her desk.


The gifts that they gave to celebrate each other’s birthdays were fixed in letters every time. It was not easy to get out of the temple, so they couldn’t help it.


“Leo, did you really cry? Your eyes are red…” Oscar asked anxiously. Now Oscar doesn’t stutter like before. He’s kind of slow to talk though. In addition, the frequency of seizures was decreasing. There hadn’t been a seizure in recent months, and now he falls asleep holding his doll even on rainy or thundering days.


“I didn’t cry. It’s okay.”


After answering Oscar kindly, Lelia handed the letter to Griffith who was sitting on the sofa.


“Happy birthday, Griffith.”


“Thank you.” Griffith took the letter and pointed to a stack of letters on one side.


“There’s been a lot of letters for you, too.”


“…that’s it, right?”


Those were the letters from the girls in the temple.


To be honest, the four guys were really good looking even in Lelia’s eyes. She couldn’t wait to see how they will grow in the future. Among them, however, the most popular was Lelia.


[Pathetic people…]


Lelia grinned inwardly. These guys are good-looking and not popular with girls at all. It’s because of their cold and unkind personality.


Lelia, on the other hand, was very kind to the girls. She smiled with a pretty look, which elicited a good response.


“That women attracting b****rd…”


Kalix blamed Lelia for that, but Lelia didn’t mind.


“Oh, by the way, you said it’s your friend’s birthday tomorrow, right?”




Lelia paused at Romeo’s question.


In fact, Lelia told them and always celebrated a fake birthday. She heard about the crown prince’s birthday before coming here, so there was no problem.


But her real birthday was on a different day.


So Lelia said it was her precious person’s birthday and asked them to celebrate it with her. And her real birthday was a day apart from Griffith’s.


“Whose birthday is it anyway? Is she your hidden girlfriend?”


When asked by Griffith, Lelia shrugged.


“What’s wrong with a girlfriend? Anyway, let’s say it’s a dear friend.”


“More… than us?”


Oscar blinked and asked.


“It can’t be… Well, maybe it is. We’ve known each other since we were very young. But there’s no need to be upset. Oscar, you’re a dear friend to me.”




Lelia patted Oscar on the head and reached for a snack on the table.


[I don’t want to go back.]


Once she gets home, this sweet dessert and delicious meal will be all over. The thought made her feel suddenly depressed.


She didn’t want to live hungry again like she used to.


[I need to make a plan.]


Lelia decided to make memories with the children for the rest of her time, while thoroughly planning what to do when she returns home.