Chapter 2 - Part 1

After that day, the emperor warned Lelia again and again.

“You should never be caught being a woman. Do you understand?”

“Yes, yes, Your Majesty.”

Lelia, who ate delicious food for the first time, nodded at whatever the emperor said.

The crown prince visited her from time to time and kicked her, and hit her, but she endured the pain. The emperor even ordered people to cut her hair short, just like the prince. But it didn’t matter to Lelia.

‘What’s the point of having good food?’

Thus, Lelia came to the sacred neutral territory disguised as a prince.

Thanks to the pattern on her palm, none of the priests doubted that Lelia was not the Crown Prince. But the fact that she is a woman would be even more doubtful.

On the surface, she had to pretend to be ten years old, the age of Prince Leo, but in reality, Lelia was seven years old.

It wasn’t a time for her secondary sexual characteristics to appear, so it didn’t matter.

Fortunately, the royal family was as careful as possible in the territory. Moreover, Lelia’s present status is not just a member of the Royal family, but a crown prince. She was able to use a room; gorgeous, large size and even had a shower. Nevertheless, the emperor tried to send a knight disguised as a maid in case of danger, but it was impossible to do so, because it was prohibited inside the territory. 

The principle of the territory was,

“Since the five empires believed in the territory and entrusted with precious future leaders, we will educate them so that they can become as independent and wonderful adults as possible. So the servants will not be taking care of them.”

In other words, it means that they will let them live on their own.

Still, there were no servants to look after her, and most of the work was done by the lower priests and the servants of the temple.

The emperor was anxious about the fact that he could not send his servants separately.

What if they find out that she’s a girl?

The territory, that da*n place!

However, despite numerous attempts, he couldn’t insist any more.

But he needed assurance. The emperor cast a magic spell on Lelia.

It was safe to say that there were no cases where the identity of the child could be revealed by others.

“I don’t think anyone will try to sneak a peek at the crown prince’s naked body.”

What if an assassin shows up and kills a child, who turns out to be a girl?

That’s a good thing.

His son’s will be saved, and the temple won’t dare protest. 

They can’t get away from those accusations of not being able to keep security, so it’s like cutting corners when you’re dealing with a problem.

The main problem was Lelia’s mouth.

He had to prevent Lelia, who was still young, from revealing her identity or writing it down.

Therefore, the emperor used the magic spell of golden words.


Lelia bit her lips, thinking of the face of the Emperor, Lydios, who sent her here.

If you reveal yourself and break the restrictions of a golden spell, you will spit blood and die. 

Golden magic spell was usually a formidable spell, used on a spy on an important mission, but the emperor did not care.


Lelia took a shower and changed into a white robe. All young members of the imperial family and nobility wear this white robe during their stay at the temple. Many children complained about this, but Lelia was rather satisfied. Because the fabric was much better than the old and worn-out ones she wore before.

‘How have I been here in the original novel?’

In the original work, Lelia came here instead of the crown prince.

However, not much content was mentioned in the story. The hero and the heroine didn’t come here.

In short, it’s not the main stage of the main characters. Therefore, she didn’t understand the secret story that wasn’t in the original. In the original story, the story is mentioned in a slightly different way.

Later on, the hero hears the story this time from his friends.

The main supporting characters in the novel are the main characters who defeated the dragon, in other words, the men who are obsessed with the heroine. 

In the original story, the hero, who participated in the Royal team, hears about the events that happened here in the sacred neutral territory.

Have I ever talked about myself in that conversation?

Not at all.

Lelia had an expendable part in this novel, a small, less important and a very unfortunate fate.

I can never die like that.

Lelia thought hard, biting her lips. 

First of all, you’ve been here for three years… Be careful not to die after you return to home country

Here you go!

Avoid going near all the ponds, and let’s not walk around at all!

“You lost your footing and died. You’re not stupid, you are just…”

It was rather fortunate. 

How terrible would it be to be assassinated by someone?

She sometimes got involved with the heroine of the original story… She can avoid that!

Lelia sorted out her thoughts and left the room for the dining hall.

It was just time to eat.

Come to think of it, I’m starving to death.

The royal family and nobles gathered here were like little priests. The living standards are completely different because they are children of important status. When she stood in front of the hall, the servants of the dining hall opened the door.

There were dozens of large wooden tables inside. Lelia went to an empty seat and sat down.

Soon the servants prepared the meal.