Chapter 2 - Part 2

“Hey, are you okay?”

As she was about to start eating, Lelia turned her head to where the clear voice was heard from her side.

He was a pretty boy with blond hair. He was sitting next to her Lelia and smiling

“You must have come back to your senses?”

“…Uh, uh?”

“You don’t remember? I was the one who saved you… You almost fell into the water.” 

“…Oh, um, thank you.”

Lelia laughed awkwardly. 

The child, who is only ten years old, boasted tremendous beauty.

But his mouth was a little rough. 

Anyway, he wasn’t the one Lelia wanted to be close with. He’s the main character of the original story

“Just a thank you for everything?”

‘But was this his personality normally like this?’

His name was Romeo Rosebelle, Prince of the Rosebelle Empire.

In the original story, he was one of the main characters in the battle ground that came back after defeating the Dragon and fell in love with the heroine at first sight.

‘He had a very sweet and elegant personality…’ 

Lelia just gazed at him with her eyes stiff.

“Don’t just look at me, but talk. Is there a hole in your mouth?”

Sweetness… grace…?

I don’t think he has it at all….

“…Thank you so much.”

Lelia greeted lightly.

“Yes. Thanks? That’s the end? You said you were the crown prince? But does it end with just saying thank you?”

“…Do you want anything from me?”

“Of course. When the priests come looking for me during the prayer time, tell them I went to your room and fell asleep. They are not supposed to wake me up.”

“I’m usually a brat, and you’re a prince, so they’ll believe you. How is it?’ 

“I understood.”

“That’s a pretty good conversation we had.”

Romeo grinned and began the meal the servant brought him. At least the way he ate looked elegant.

I don’t think his personality is that bad.

Most of the children gathered here were about the same age, between the ages of nine and eleven. Of course, she is seven years old pretending to be ten years old, but there are always children who grow slower, no matter how well they eat.

Fortunately, there were quite a few small children here that were similar to her. Furthermore, Lelia’s official status, Prince Leo, had an image of being weak from an early age, so no one suspected her.

I’m going to eat a lot when I’m here!

The best thing about coming here was eating.

It is clear that she will not be able to eat properly when she will return to her home country. As the novel unfolds, the emperor will change, and soon after she returns home, but Lelia’s life will not change.

Then, Romeo talked to her again.

“Do you have a pattern on your palm, too?”

The children here forgot their status in their home country and were all living like friends. Of course, it was forced by the temple. Fighting is forbidden, and we have to talk to each other.

The priests were very well aware of how to get close to the children quickly. Eating together, running around, playing various games.

The children tried to get along with each other as much as possible because they had to pray all day long if they got caught arguing.

Basically, they were children who learned manners well, so there was no major trouble.

But why is he so aggressive? First of all, the way he talks.

“I’m curious about Auralia’s pattern. Can you show me?”


Lelia opened her palms to show the pattern. Romeo was interested in comparing it to his palm pattern.

At that moment, the entrance to the restaurant became noisy.

As one child entered, the eyes of the children sitting at some tables turned towards him. 

Romeo looked there and muttered to himself.

“I don’t like him.” 


The man Romeo said was a man whom Lelia knew. 

Griffith Nicaea, the youngest prince of the Nicaean Empire.

He was one of the leaders of the group that defeated the Dragon and became the strongest knight in history.

He also fell in love with the heroine. 

She had talked to him before. He was a cold but calm and neat kid.

In addition, he was very handsome. Even though he was young, he still attracted the children’s attention.

“And I hate him, too. He’s pathetic and stupid.”

Romeo pointed to one side with the tip of his chin.

A very small silver-haired child was eating slowly.


Oscar Hraesvelg.

‘That’s him!’

Silver hair with red eyes. She couldn’t help but recognize him.

When she saw that little boy, she felt strange. He was a big guy in the original. 

So this is what he looked like as a child…

He looked so vulnerable now, but he was set to become an emperor who was later called a psychopath by the readers.

“You’re ten years old and you’re smaller than me. That’s a good thing.”

Lelia felt relieved hearing this.


Lelia followed Romeo’s gaze once again. He was a boy with dark skin color and rebellious eyes. His personality looked dirty even when she looked at him.

Calix Ascard.

The nephew of the Emperor of the Ascard Empire. 

And he is one who makes the biggest sacrifice after killing the Dragon. All the people Romeo dislikes, were the main characters of the Dragon Slaying Team and the ones who would fall in love with the heroine.

‘What’s with this kid? Is he looking for competition around the heroine?’

Lelia looked at Romeo with a trembling face.

Would he believe that those guys who he said he didn’t like, become friends in the future and who will be more precious to him than anyone else?’