Chapter 6

‘He is 10 years old… why is he so small?’

Is it because of his dad? Maybe.

Lelia felt sorry for Oscar.

In fact, the youngest of the children who came to the temple is officially 9 years old. Lelia is actually seven years old, so both Romeo and Oscar are like Lelia’s older brothers.

However, Oscar felt like a younger brother to Lelia.

[I think I need to protect him.]

There was a strong desire to act like a sister for no reason. Although Lelia had the memories of her previous life, which made her think maturely, there is still a limit to a seven-year-old’s body. After all, Lelia, who wanted to be an elder sister to Oscar, is still a kid, and she couldn’t help it.

[It isn’t like you would kill me, would you? I have to be as good as I can.]

Without knowing what Lelia was thinking, Oscar grinned with tears hanging from the corner of his yes, threatening to fall anytime.

“I thought you hated me too… ”

The smile was so clear and beautiful that Lelia paused for a moment. It was like a winter fairy.

“Huh, do you hate me… is that it?” When Lelia gave no answer, Oscar asked nervously.

“No? No way! I don’t hate you at all.”

Oscar smiled shyly at her answer.

[Yes, as long as you like it…]

[But right now, can I do this?]

Lelia blinked blankly for a moment.

[I don’t know what’s going to happen to them, but…]

Somehow, she made two of the heroes who would defeat the Dragon in the future her subordinates.

[Well… it’s up to you two.]

It’s going to be alright…

After that day, Lelia started having Oscar on her left and Romeo on her right as subordinates. The other children glanced curiously as the two called Lelia “Captain.”

The priests called Oscar and Romeo and asked, “Did Prince Leo of Auraria ever hit you two?” and… they were in trouble.

Fortunately, Lelia quickly cleared herself of injustice. This was because the two children proved Lelia’s innocence.

Peaceful days like these passed quickly, and the specific activity that Lelia was avoiding all this time is approaching. In particular, the temple’s intention for the children’s friendship to deepen, and it was this ‘special activity’ that was part of their plans and efforts. However, this activity is a bit problematic.

[You morons! Morons! Why are you doing this to the kids?]

‘There is an activity to defeat the demons that are trying to invade your minds,’ the priest explained the activity.

In short, the fear towards the devil must be eliminated.

[It’s to test one’s courage, isn’t it?]

Although she was irritated, Lelia could not even grumble because she had to stay quiet. In addition, all the kids had to accept it quietly. This can’t be done alone.

[There is no way I will come back if I go ahead…]

This is all happening with the permission of the guardians. No matter who she was, the opinion of a ten-year old did not matter as long as the emperor allowed it.

The children were excited when they said that they’d be able to fight the devil.

They were in lower grades of elementary school.

[Clearly, in the novel…]

Lelia wasn’t as excited as the other children, but just took the news calmly. However, she was contemplating an incident she had read in the original story.

That night…

“Captain,are there really no demons?” Asked Romeo, who was standing on the right of Lelia, anxiously looking at the darkening sky.


“Really? So the priests are lying?”

“Just… Well… They are not lying. They believe that there are demons. But I don’t think there are any… If you don’t have one, then there isn’t. So just don’t be scared and think that you have one inside you.”

“…Will it come true if I think about it?”

“Romeo, that’s how the world is. You can only see things with your eyes. Everything will work out. If you think about it that way, it generally works. I’m going to fail! If you think like that then, that is what will happen.”

“Of course, there are times when it’s different, but it’s easier to think about it like this. So, you should choose the one that makes you feel comfortable.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Romeo’s eyes looked as if they were telling her not to say such a foolish thing. Lelia shook her head at his words.

[It’s too much of an adult’s words.]

She must have explained it to him in a too matured way. When Lelia was immersed in her own thoughts, Oscar, who was standing on the left, said, “I’m not afraid of demons. Uh, I don’t think so.”

“You too, right? Did you hear that, Romeo?”

Romeo looked at Oscar with his eyebrows furrowed.

‘Even a coward like that doesn’t fear the devil, then I don’t have to fear it either.’ Romeo thought.

But there was another reason why Oscar doesn’t believe in demons.

And that is because he knows something even scarier than the devil. His own father.

“Come on, we’re going in pairs, so you two go together tomorrow.”

“Then what about the captain?”

“Me? Of course I’ll go alone.”

Lelia’s confident words made the two open their eyes wide.

“Are you sure you don’t mind?”

“Of course, so don’t mind it either.”

Lelia patted the two on their back.

“Captain, aren’t you afraid of the dark?”

“Why? Are you scared of the dark? I’m not scared at all.”

When Lelia answered with confidence, Oscar felt relieved. But Romeo didn’t believe it easily. He squinted at Lelia.

“Children, there are more scary things in the world than the dark nights.”

[Like being hungry…]

[For how long I have stayed in that deserted tower, I cannot be afraid of such darkness alone.]

The biggest fear of Lelia is hunger.

“Anyway, you two should go together.”


“Yes, Captain.”

The two answered Lelia helplessly.

It was a good opportunity for these two to get a little closer.

[I don’t know if I can do it tomorrow.]

The probability of not progressing was higher. Nevertheless, this activity will not disappear completely. The priests will only be more careful.

Lelia’s turn was tomorrow.

She went there to watch the other group depart today.

[First of all, we have to prevent accidents that will happen today.]

Among those in the group starting today, Lelia knew some people.

One of them was Kalix Ascard.

Leila looked at Kalex from afar.

“Captain, let’s go back now that we’re done looking.”

“I have something to tell the priests, so you go ahead. You can go play in my room.”

“Well, I see,” Romeo said, sticking his chin out at Oscar. Oscar, who hesitated for a while, followed him.
He glanced sideways at Lelia and was relieved by her words that she would be back soon.

Lelia stood in the corner with a serious look on her face and approached the temple.

In fact, the courage test prepared by the believers has always been a tradition when young believers enter the temple.

Their logic was ‘To get rid of the fear of the demons, we must erase the fear of darkness.’ That’s why they ask us to climb the mountain late at night.

That mountain is the small one behind the temple. In fact, it was a small mountain but is still a great distance for the children to climb. Therefore, the priests marked the destination somewhere lower around the middle.

They have to reach a small hut somewhere in the middle, lit a candle, which was a ritual to purify the demon, and come back.

Those who left for the activity, were always in a group of two.

It is a big deal for the priests who teach the young children at the temple because the children can develop friendship and cooperation between the two and eliminate their fear of the devil.

The mountain path is very narrow, but there is nothing dangerous along the way. It was a mountain where the priests climbed every day, and only small animals such as rabbits and squirrels roamed around.

But not tonight. Lelia knew about it.

Tonight, someone will deliberately make a beast appear to harm a child.


“Oh, His Majesty Prince Leo. What can I do for you? Your turn should be tomorrow.”

“I came here to have a look in advance. By the way, is there anything really dangerous out there?”

“No, of course not. That is the mountain where the priests climb every day. Don’t worry too much.” The priest answered as he found Lelia cowardly and cute. Lelia bit her lips.

There must have been a secret agreement between a high-ranking official and someone about what will happen tonight.

[What should I do then?]

[No one would believe if I say that a beast will appear tonight.]

Rather, it is highly likely that I’ll be noticed by those who planned it. Then the emperor, who sent me, might know.

Lelia is stuck in a dilemma. She wanted to solve this problem smartly and maturely. But being in a seven-year-old body, she couldn’t think of anything.

Perhaps that’s why she couldn’t think of any solution. It was just frustrating.

[How can I prevent this?!]

Frankly speaking, she can just ignore it. No matter what happens to the characters in the novel, Lelia should just worry about her life and let the story flow as it was written in the novel.


How can she watch a child’s life be taken without the child knowing about it?

Lelia twitched her lips impatiently, put her hand in the pocket and fiddled around with what she had stolen.

It was a whistle used by the priests.

It can’t be helped.

There is nothing that she can do. Let’s just bump into each other.

The sky became dark, and it was the last group’s turn. The last people to go were Kalix and Griffith. Both of them will be heroes after defeating the Dragon.

Lelia followed the last group after they departed, secretly following them, hiding from the priests.