Chapter 3

He’ll probably never believe it. Rather, he was likely to grab her by the collar, telling her not to talk nonsense. Lelia shook her head. It’s none of her business anyway. The Dragon gets killed, and at least four of them do not lose their lives. They had nothing to do with her. Actually, they’re not inferior to the original hero. However, the original actor had a unique buff. He knew the original heroine when they were young. The heroine is looking forward to the hero’s return from the Dragon Slaying mission. And after the man returns, she confesses her feelings and shares her love. 


Looking at those two people, the heroine’s step-dad and brothers get angry.


In the original story, the heroine was showered with infinite love from her father and step-brothers.

And the background of the novel was the Auralia Empire, the home country of Lelia. The heroine’s father is the real emperor who regains the throne, the brother of the wicked emperor who had sent Lelia here. The present emperor believes his brother and his sons are dead, but they were actually alive. Perhaps they are preparing and planning hard to regain the throne now. His name is Perseus Auralia. A legitimate heir and a true emperor who will regain the throne in the future. Perseus’ daughter, who was born after he remarried a family member who sought the throne and helped him in the rebellion, was the original heroine. She was a lovely person. She had a bright, lovely smile that made everyone around her happy. Perseus was the one who suffered from grief and guilt when his wife died with the newborn.

It is the heroine, Julianna, who opens and heals his broken heart.

Eventually, Perseus loves and spoils Julianna with love and care. 

He loved his daughter, Julianna, to the point where he wanted to dedicate an entire empire to her. 

Lelia made up her mind.

Yes, she will die soon after Perseus regains the throne. She will have to be extra careful. 

Perseus is also annoyed by the existence of Lelia. She’s the daughter of his dead sister. She deserves to be treated well, but… that wasn’t the case. Perseus hated his sister, who hated and persecuted his wife in the past. Even though she was the daughter of the hateful sister, Lelia couldn’t look nice in front of him.


When I get back to my home country, I’m ready to go into exile.


Even if she continues to stay in Hwang seong, because she survived anyway, she will starve to death. She was sick and tired of starving now.

When she was in the Hwang Seong Fortress, she used to be so hungry that she even ate soil.

To be honest… she can do anything if she’s given food to eat. This is why she is now acting like a prince at the command of the emperor.


I’m worried about Emperor Perseus, but… It doesn’t matter.


Lelia, who had been lost in thought for a while, was surprised for a moment…. Romeo’s face was right in front of her.

“What, what’s wrong?”

“It’s amazing how stupid you are. So what about you? You don’t like them, do you?”

“…well, what?”

There’s no particular reason why she would not like them. Of course, it’s not good.

Romeo’s eyebrows furrowed at Lelia’s reaction.

“You’re my friend. If you’re my friend, you should hate the kids I hate. Don’t you have common sense? Should I tell you?”


They’ll be your colleagues later. You all are going to compete for one woman. You’re even gonna get dumped. It’s annoying…


“I’m fine,” Lelia reluctantly answered and laughed inwardly.


And since when have we been friends? Thank you for pulling me out of the water, but please refrain from my friend.


Her own goal is to remain as quiet as possible in this temple, unnoticed by anyone, and then return to her home country.


There are four main characters who will kill the light dragon in the future, and they have nothing to do with her. 


I don’t know anything! Leave me alone, please!

I’ll never get involved with them!

That’s right. That’s right.

Why are you bothering me? This guy…

I’m so curious. I’m going crazy.

I’ll never get involved with you guys!

She had made a firm commitment earlier and this happened today.



Lelia watched the children gather and whisper, where a little boy with silver hair was grabbing his hair in distress.

Oscar Hraesvelg was shaking, as if he had a seizure. And the kids were just watching it from afar. To be honest, Lelia could just ignore him or call a priest. But if she doesn’t help him now, Oscar will suffer from it forever. 


I don’t know. Let’s not bother.

Let’s not bother…


In fact, if she hadn’t recalled my past life, she could have ignored it comfortably, like those kids, all scared and whispering. 

However, Lelia was able to think maturely as she had memories of her previous life. She was at a level where she can think more maturely than her peers. Even so, she couldn’t ignore the poor little child who was trembling. 


She didn’t know what to do!




Lelia, unable to stand, passed through the crowd of children.

“What are you guys doing?” Hurry up and call the priests!”

Lelia shouted at the children she was watching, and then quickly took off the hat and white robe off Oscar. She quickly untied the button on the inner garment that clamped his neck, and then wrapped her hands around his cheek, “Oscar Hraesvelg, wake up! Everything you see is an illusion. Calm down… It’s safe here, and you’re safe. Don’t listen to what they say to you!”


“Look into my eyes. Listen to me, Oscar!”

Oscar’s eyes loosely opened. 

When he was younger, he saw dozens of people getting slashed to death. After that, he sometimes suffered from the illusion of bloodshed.

It’s an illusion of bloody bodies screaming for help. Maybe it’s the trauma that makes him mad when he sees blood, and runs.

Lelia continued to talk, so that his pupils would return to their place.


“Everything they say is bullsh*t, Oscar. You’re safe. Everything you see is an illusion, I mean…”, the words that Oscar heard…


Lelia remembers the scene where Oscar, who became an adult, calmly spoke of his wounds in the original story.


‘Do you know why your eyes are red? It’s because the blood of the dead in front of your eyes splashed on your eyes. Otherwise, there’s no way that your eyes are so ugly in this imperial family. You’re a monster. You are a monster!’

Oscar grew up hearing this from his biological father, the emperor. 

Lelia thought it was ridiculous.


He killed people in front of his son, he’s crazy!’


The emperor was a psychopath who killed Oscar’s mother. The brazen voice of the emperor haunted Oscar for life. He was the only red-eyed child in the Hraesvelg’s royal family.

His eyes were the curse and shackles that plagued Oscar her whole life.

But the words from the heroine, “Your eyes are so beautiful” helped Oscar to forget his traumatic childhood. 

When she read it in the novel, she thought it was just a story…

But in fact, she couldn’t ignore the Oscar, who was trembling in front of her. 

Unlike in the original story, Oscar now was too small, thin, and young.

She never imagined that he would have had such a traumatic childhood… The reason why she couldn’t just ignore and leave him. 



Lelia held Oscar’s slender shoulders firmly. She then made contact with his eyes, and continued to talk to him. 

“You’re okay.”

Finally, it worked.

His rough breath gradually calmed down, and his pupils came back.

“What’s the matter?”

“Prince Oscar, your Grace!”

The priests who appeared at the children’s call quickly, observed Oscar.

The priests casted a spell on Oscar, but it was not a disease cured by spells.

But it will help Oscar calm down a bit…

Lelia looked at the priests holding Oscar and breathed a sigh of relief.

Oscar, who was in the priest’s arms and looked at Lelia, blinking slowly. 

“Do you know secret magic?”

Romeo looked at the children around him and whispered in Lelia’s ears. 

‘I want to hit this one.’

Lelia stood up, clenching her fists. As she took her steps to go somewhere else, she felt like Romeo was following her. 

“Why are you following me?”

“I thought I’d change my belief”

“I don’t believe in heresy.”

“Then what was that? What kind of magic did you use?”

Romeo squinted his eyes and asked suspiciously.

“I just calmed him down. It’s a simple seizure.”

“Isn’t he possessed by the devil?”

The perception of ordinary people was like that. Perhaps the emperor who sent Oscar here knows what names and biased opinions and views Oscar will get here. They’ll let it pass once or twice, but if he gets multiple seizures in these three years… They will doubt Oscar here, that he might have been possessed by an evil soul. Besides, there are dozens of witnesses, and all are from royal families and nobles. 


Oscar’s father wants to make another prince his successor instead of his son, so he is trying to lower Oscar’s reputation by every means. 

However, Oscar eventually kills his father and becomes the emperor in the story. 


Honestly, I should have been a teacher.


Lelia spoke casually to Romeo, “There is no devil. I’m just surprised to see something this shocking. You have nightmares, too, right? That’s what it is.”

“Who has nightmares with their eyes open?”

“…there are people.”

“You insist because there’s no logic! The Prince of Auralia is a bit of a low level.”