Chapter 10 Part 1. Elemental Island



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This dungeon was quite lucky for both citizens and hunters.


It was not anywhere else, but right in front of the association. Thanks to that, as soon as the alarm rang, several hunters in the vicinity immediately jumped out.


“Did you hear that? It was a Goblin Rider.”


“Is it an E-class? Or D-class? Anyway I’m going to make some money.”


Monsters that pop out upon the creation of dungeons is a disaster for some, but for others they are bags of money.


All profits are given to the first person who kills it first.


Many of the hunters who came like that, however, had no choice but to suck their fingers.


Dozens of Goblin Riders sticking out of their roots. All of them had already become shabby corpses and scattered on the asphalt.


A man stood tall in the middle of the bodies.


It was Do-joon.


“What, it’s over?”


“He must have killed them all by himself.”


“Oh, my God, I’ve walked in vain.”


Hunters, who had been galloping around, clicked their tongues at the sight.


It was fortunate that there were no casualties, but apart from them, they ran hard, and it was not fun because they earned no money.


After one or two of them left with only a sense of disappointment, Do-joon and Lee Ji-ah were the only ones left on the scene, and were the first ones to go out and help the police stretch the barricades.


One of them approached Dojun.


“Thank you for your help with security, Hunter! As a result, there were very few casualties or property damage.”


“I just did what I should do.”


Do-joon was trying to scratch his head for no reason, but he stopped. As his hands were completely drenched in blood.


Of course, it was the blood of Goblin Riders, not him.


It looked dirty with blood and dust from killing dangerous monsters. However, Do-joon’s attitude, which was neither annoying nor grumpy, impressed the police.


He spoke with a look of goodwill.


“What’s your name and affiliation? If you tell me, I’ll contact your guild or association.”


“Oh, it’s okay. My manager is here.”


Just in time, Lee Ji-ah came closer. The still gleaming look on her face was unbelievable.


“I see. I guess that was an unnecessary intrusion.”


“No, thank you for your consideration.”


Lee Ji-ah muttered blankly when Do-joon and a police officer exchanged warm words of blessing.


“No, it’s not.”




Lee Ji-ah spoke to the police officer who asked as if he did not hear.


“He’s an awakener, but he’s not a hunter. Do-joon doesn’t have a Hunter license yet.”




Now the police officer had a similar expression like Lee Ji-ah.


Although he was an awakened person, he was not a Hunter. That means he was still a regular person.


Although Goblin Rider was a low-level monster who goes back and forth between D and E classes, it was not something a normal-level Awakener could deal with.


“I’m an aspiring student. I’m going to get a license soon.”


“You seem to have just awakened. And yet, I can’t believe you’re this good.…. That’s great.”


The police stared at Do-joon with a mixture of envy and admiration. Maybe he thought he had awakened a tremendous skill.


It was obvious that he was mistaken about something, but Do-joon did not bother to explain.


“I look forward to seeing you again next time.”


The police officer went back to his colleagues after saying good-bye. It was not about withdrawing. They’ll keep the barricades around the roots for a while to keep a watch on what was happening.


Meanwhile, unlike him, Lee Ji-ah was still full of questions.


Knowing that Do-joon’s awakening skill was potion production and that he had already lived as a producer and collector for six years, she couldn’t understand it as simply as the police officer.


‘What the hell is going on? Is he someone else?’


It only raised more questions as such.


To that extent, the impression of Do-joon in her memory and Do-joon now were different.


To Lee Ji-ah, Do-joon was the man drinking tea at a quiet general store. It was never the impression of wielding an axe and plucking a monster’s head.


“Miss Jia?”


“Yes? Oh, yes.”


“Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere…….”


“No, I’m fine.”


But if she looked at him now, it was the usual Do-joon.


Maybe because he was getting old or because he had a child, but compared to his immature colleagues, he still felt the leeway of an adult.


Except, of course, that he was drenched in blood and wielding a strange looking axe.


“As I said earlier, please schedule a Hunter exam.”


“A Hunter exam?”


“I was lucky to find a skill rune in the dungeon.”




Lee Ji-ah asked with her eyes big as a lantern. Do-joon nodded his head.


“It’s a physical reinforcement skill, and it looks pretty useful. So, I thought I’d quit my job as a collector and turn into a hunter.”


He intended to hide his ability to copy. He had already finished thinking about it.


Considering his abilities, even if he registers as an ordinary Enhanced Hunter, he won’t be caught.


“I see.”


It was only then that Ji-ah’s doubts were resolved.


Skill Rune.


A very rare item that occasionally drops when you catch a monster. Depending on the value of the engraved skill, it is difficult to obtain even with hundreds of millions of dollars.


It was surprising that he got the expensive item and used it instead of selling it, but Lee Ji-ah did not ask in detail.


Because it was clear what might have happened when he disappeared as a dungeon refugee.


For her part, it was still a bit uncomfortable to pry into it.


“Then please contact me when you have a schedule.”




“Take care of those goblin corpses, please.”


“Yes, I’ll contact the company.”


All the work at the association was finally done.


After saying goodbye to the nodding Lee Ji-ah, Do-joon got into his parked car.


* * *


Next day.


Yesterday and today, Do-joon was busy walking around for the identity verification test he had heard from Lee Ji-ah. Not all tests have been done, and it will take some time for the results to come out.


After finishing the work outside, Do-joon returned to the store. The nameplate in front of the door remained unchanged from ‘close’.


He took two items out of his pocket and laid them out on the table.




[Key to the Labyrinth: Tier 2 Elemental Island]


Both were items obtained as rewards in the first labyrinth. He took it out to check because he suddenly thought of something.


Do-joon just reached out to grab the key.




Ji Yi-ing-


The cell phone vibrated. When he picked it up, it was a call from Lee Ji-ah.




– Mr. Do-joon, this is Jia. I’m calling you because of the Hunter test you mentioned yesterday.


“You got something about it right away.”


Do-joon turned the phone that was on his right ear and received it with his left ear.


– Absolutely. More than that, I don’t know if you know, but there’s one in every half year.


The test for issuing a Hunter license was held twice a year, in spring and autumn.


Up to this point, even Do-joon roughly knows this. What he was curious about was the detailed information about the schedule.


– The nearest test is next month…….


“Then please register me with it.”


– Oh, but that’s…….”


Questions arose over Do-joon’s face as Lee Ji-ah paused.